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Re-education Camps In United States

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Response to Re-education Camps In United States 2012-05-08 19:28:34 Reply

At 5/8/12 07:17 PM, morefngdbs wrote:
At 5/8/12 06:55 PM, Tony-DarkGrave wrote: yeah you will be at our mercy soon enough!

But I am still hopeful.

As I wrote in the Throw the US Constitution away.
The Chinese are buying & selling to Austrailia in each others currencies. They have deals with other countries to use their currency,
As per that link Iran & them are using renminbi for oil purchases.

If China can pull it off good bye world reserve currency status of the Fed reserve note !
if these guys renig

And if these guy's follow suit, & elect a left leaning Gov

And the French just have, if they refuse to continue with austerity measures....the Euro could go BOOM !

So where will that leave you...with the Fed invested for trillions in Euope in paper contracts....not worth the paper they are printed on !

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Response to Re-education Camps In United States 2012-05-09 00:35:23 Reply

While it's true that governments are capable of doing despicable things that doesn't mean Alex Jones is right.

In fact since most of his conspiracies are not even physically possible the only conspiracy here is who is giving Alex Jones all his resources and media attention and what they are trying to distract the public from.