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Suggestions: "Become a fan" 2012-05-04 19:42:56 Reply

This has been bugging me for some time now, and with the new system of simply becoming a fan of someone, rather than adding them to a favourites list, it might be more appropriate to implement something like this.

I like to see who is following me, so I can check through their work, if I have the time, and see how they contribute to the site, and, if they've done good work, follow them back. However, the problem I find is that the fan list is sorted alphabetically. I have 340 odd fans. I had 339 yesterday. I want to see who this new fan is, and what they have contributed to this site. Unfortunately, I haven't memorised the usernames and profiles of all 339 other fans, so I don't know who the new person is.

My suggestion is this.


a) List fans in order of most recent first, this is a simple idea.

b) Receive a notification when someone becomes a fan of you. Now, I can see this being a problem if you are a popular artist, and receive many new fans per day, so I propose either having an option to turn off notifications of this kind, or to add them all into a single notification if no other notifications are received between them. So, for example, if person A decides to become a fan, then person B also decides to become a fan, then person C makes a new blog post, you would receive 2 notifications:

-Person C made a new post!
-2 People became your fan!

Clicking on the second notification would take you to your fan page and highlight the new fans.

However, if person A became a fan, then person C made a blog post, then person B became a fan, you would get 3 notifications:

-Person B became your fan!
-Person C made a new post!
-Person A became your fan!

And clicking would take you to the respective person's page.

There is a third option:

c) Add an icon or highlight to new fans since you last looked at the page, simply to differentiate those who are new from those who aren't.

Any of these would be nice to see implemented. Personally, option c) would probably be easier to implement, and less complex on the whole than option b), and option a) is more a workaround than a solution.

Opinions on these?

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