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a stupid idea 2012-05-03 15:43:22 Reply

so I came up with this idea, it involves a prohibition era setting New York style city. one change. Alcohol isn't prohibited. fun and laughter is. The underworld isn't ruled by a mob of power hungry crime bosses who push drugs and alcohol while extorting the locals. it's run by clowns, clowns who fight for turf. how do clowns fight? the way only a clown can.

Danny, a clown is running down the street, being chased by 3 other clowns. Danny makes a wrong turn into a dead end alley. the other 3 clowns follow him into the alley. Terrified, Danny slowly turns around to see the other clowns blocking his only way out of the alley. The lead clown steps forward, with a big grin on his face. "It's nothing personal Danny. It's just business. Do him." the other 2 clowns pull seltzer bottles from beneath their oversized coats and blast Danny to the ground. Afterwards, one of the clowns produces a pie from beneath his hat and slams it in Danny's face, then walks off.

Soon, the cops show up to investigate the shenanigans. however, all they find it stale seltzer water and a messy pie pan...

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