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Halo Flash Game Updated

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Halo Flash Game Updated 2012-05-02 15:50:46 Reply

Current things completed:
-Player HUD is completed
--Basic programming for functionality
-Player models and enemies are completed
--Fully animated for all current gameplay features
-Menus are finished
--No working programming here
-First level fully designed

Current Work-in-Progresses:

--Writer has been hired and is working hard on the story
---Keeping in close contact with them
--Musician is currently working on pieces that fit well into the theme of the game

Currently Required:

-AS3 Programmer(s)
--AI for enemies
--Working options menus
---Sound, quality, character look

I am very serious about getting this done and I am currently working on what I can day and night but I seriously need a programmer to help out because my knowledge of AS3 is laughable. If any programmers are interested in helping out reply here or PM me.

PS I plan on working out money arrangements depending on expertise and effort put into the project and once we have all the project members on board.

I'm an animator but also a fast learner and I'm highly ambitious.