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Need Voice Actor 2012-04-09 20:41:56 Reply

Need a voice actor for a thing im doing called Square:Inside The Box
The voice would be for the main character Square-meter

> I would prefer a voice like a childish man
> Has to be a guy
> Ive never used a voice actor, so i prefer someone with experience
> Has to speak English(duh!)
> This is probably a one-time thing, and you will say alot of things,so make time

This is for pure fun.But i will use API, So if this gets popular,then any revenue i make goes to you,all of it.
but mostly this is for fun so yea.

PM Me if your interested

Oh here is the character

Need Voice Actor

Gaze into my chocolate eyes...

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Response to Need Voice Actor 2012-04-22 20:52:43 Reply

well.that character dose have swag..But he dosent look like a fun guy...he looks kinda ..square... no i guesse this job is not for me..but if you have something small i would be glad to help(for free) (duh!)