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A letter to anyone 2012-04-07 23:09:27 Reply

The thoughts that I have on rainy days are usually the thoughts that change my life. I have always loved music, and the patter of water on my window keep the beat to an otherwise tuneless day. When I listen to the beat, my thoughts create a chorus. When I have created the chorus, then comes the verses. Except the verses don't end. The verses build on each other, destroy one another, and morph in ways until the chorus belongs nowhere. When my chorus belongs nowhere, I put it in Nowhere. There it stays, until my verses stop their growing, or, at least slow it. Then comes the chorus. Then comes the song.

The reason I tell you this is because most people think that a rainy day brings us down. So they are brought down. I just want to tell you that thinking that is wrong. The rain enlightens us.