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Festival of Multimedia Art

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Festival of Multimedia Art 2012-03-16 17:38:22 Reply

Annual Open International Festival of Multimedia Art "Multimatograf-8"
"Multimatograf is a non-commercial festival and we invite creators from everywhere to share a message with the world using multimedia technologies.
The organizing committee accepts the works in absolutely different genres. We don't pay much attention to the technical parameters of the work (of course, it must be at least not irritating to watch). What we want to see (and have seen a lot and hope to see even more) is the idea, creative approach, deep message! So if you got something interesting and want your work to find its viewers - welcome to the festival! It doesn't matter how weird or insane your work can be, it always has its audience. That's our principle.
Festival nominations:
- Cartoon
- Video art
- Music video
- Short Film
- Wild (for those cool weird works which don't fit in the other four).

Festival program: master-classes, seminars, work screening, awarding ceremony, gala-concert, after-party, hangouts with other participants, festival guests, animators, organizers, and a lot of fun! All the events are free for participants.

Eligible participants: studios, independent authors, informal groups, everybody over 14 years old.

Venue: Vologda, ancient city in the northwestern part of Russia.

Starts: Apr 27, 2012 - Ends: Apr 29, 2012
Submission Deadline: Apr 08, 2012

Festival of Multimedia Art