Alex Day - Forever Yours

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Alex Day - Forever Yours 2011-12-18 11:06:46

Some of you might of heard of the popular Youtuber, Nerimon, or by his real name Alex Day.

Basically, he's trying to get his song Forever Yours to number 1 for Christmas week in the iTunes chart in the UK and as many other countries as possible to raise money for charity.

In the UK it is currently at #4 in the UK in just 16 hours. And is rising up in counties such as the US, Aus, Norway, etc.

Not only is this to raise money for charity, but also to beat the mainstream commercial media that is Justin Bieber, Flo Rider, Rhinanna, etc.

100% of profits go to charity. This isn't an advert, I just thought it'd be cool to inform you guys of what an awesome community of people can do. The whole thing has been made possible by a 21 year old who felt like making a song, and actually manged to get up into the charts, very quickly.

Alex Day - Forever Yours

Response to Alex Day - Forever Yours 2011-12-18 11:23:51

At 12/18/11 11:20 AM, Rummy0 wrote: This is WHAT every single one of his songs are like.

Usually, I would agree. The majority of his songs I REALLY dislike.

But for some reason, I really like this song. Give it a listen before you judge it.

And it's not about wither you like it or not, It's about helping people that are not as well off as us, and about conquering mainstream media, but the first is more important.

I think you should buy it for that reason...