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At 10/17/11 05:12 PM, TomFulp wrote:
I feel bad that I haven't even posted the last two lists I made... I start doubting that people are checking them out but that shouldn't stop me.

It hasn't stopped me from doing it and I know for sure no one looks at my blog, lol! It's just as well, I guess. If they did I might have to start fixing up every page to look nice like my treasure hunt page and that is a lot of work on top of all the NG collecting I already do. I did it for a year but after that I just got bogged down by the work.

One might think I would take a look at it since I am big on the whole list making thing but I honestly don't check out your blog Tom. I'm so occupied with looking through it all myself, that I don't check yours. I did take a couple looks when you first started posting on the front page but nothing since.

How does Tom's Friday broadcast work again? Is it just a list. scrolled back a few pages on Tom's blog and forum posts bud didn't see references to it.

Hey, you know what would be cool? The Best of the Month list! I save them all on my blog every month but there should be a special page for it. It's a great list for people the top submissions of the month. Anyone that wants to sample what NG has to offer would find those lists a great place to start. It should have... A collection page!

Collecting NG's undiscovered gems has been a hobby of mine since 2005. I am curently posting them on my blog.

Feel free to check them out and tell me what you think.

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Not really as relevant as it once was, but I still always get a crack out of this parody.


Response to Treasure Hunt 2011 2011-10-18 15:46:15

I'm not impressed with the way things are going here.

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as someone who enjoyed the golden sun games i thought this was a decent enough flash

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At 10/18/11 10:27 AM, smithaxe1 wrote: am i doing it right?

Nope. They have to have not been frontpaged, which essentially means under 20k views. All of those have over 20,000 views apiece.

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Can I nominate my own creation?
Under Fighting Game Category? :]


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Darth Vader is a Holocaust victim

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http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/57 6425 - november (orphan cat)

thx for sing to illicit

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2011 2011-10-19 12:49:23

This game technically qualifies because it has less than 20,000 views and isn't on the front page (yet). :P

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Its simple and short but to be honest it made me laugh my ass off. I believe it to be well worth it.


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Response to Treasure Hunt 2011 2011-10-20 15:28:33

Here's my treasure hunt find for me:


Writing songs for cigarettes and credit would be cool.

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At 10/13/11 03:24 PM, TomFulp wrote:


With almost 200,000 games and movies on Newgrounds, some great ones have flown under the radar. Can you find them?

NEW RULE FOR 2011: Do not suggest any submission predating 2007. Only submissions from 2007-2011 will be considered.

A submission is considered undiscovered if:

1) It isn't part of a collection.
2) It has never been front paged, in which case it likely has less than 20,000 views.

One way to find them is to search for random words and browse the results. The best submissions don't always have a high score or many views. While combing the site, add submissions to your FAVORITES list to keep track!

Respond to this post with the best of your findings. Simply paste the URL in a line by itself, or paste a list of URLs if you consider them contenders.

Submissions will compete in two categories: BEST MOVIE and BEST GAME. The winner in each category wins $200 for the person who discovered it. The prize for the gem itself? BEING NOTICED!

You have TWO WEEKS to respond to this thread with your gem. Deadline is Friday, October 28th.

Please cross-check previous finalists to see if your gem has been featured:

2010 - Platformers and Run 'n Guns
2010 - Skill Games, Shooters and Assorted Wackiness
2010 - Puzzle, Fighting, Strategy, Sim and Adventure Games
2010 - Comedy - Parody
2010 - Comedy - Original
2010 - Naughty and Weird
2010 - Music Videos
2010 - Action and Series
2010 - Other Movies
2009 - General Comedy
2009 - Quirky
2009 - Twisted
2009 - Experimental / WTF
2009 - Parodies
2009 - Nerdy, Dirty
2009 - Action & Drama Movies
2009 - Music Videos
2009 - Action Games
2009 - Experimental & Retro Games
2009 - Skill Games
2008 - Disturbing, Funny, Experimental, FBF, Action, Music Vids, Cocks
2008 - Games
2008 - Series
2008 - Other
2007 - All
2006 - All (these already predate the 2007 cut-off)


Response to Treasure Hunt 2011 2011-10-20 18:44:37

I found one particular guy/gal who I think should get more attention.
RIKIMARU-AZLAR is his name. Here's some of his stuff:



Also here's some more stuff from other artists:

Sorry for all those links, but damn, there are so many gems out there, it's hard to find them all. Maybe if the new search engine, ehem, comes out it'll be easier in the future, who knows.