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Response to Then & Now 2012-06-13 13:36:55

Majora's Mask was great and all, but it got really frustrating. It's a lot more aggravating than OoT was.

Goldeneye is still awesome, but I think Perfect Dark is significantly better.

And I disagree on the first Sonic game. Yeah, it didn't have the spin charging thing, but it's still a great game. I think Sonic 3 is still the best one, though.

A lot of 2d side scrolling games are just as good as they were when they were new. Metal Slug, Shinobi 3, the first 3 Sonic games, Sonic and Knuckles, Contra 3, Mario 3, Super Mario World, etc. Lots of top down perspective games are still just as good, also, like Total Carnage.

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Response to Then & Now 2012-06-16 04:22:26

At 6/15/12 06:40 PM, MikeyS9607 wrote:
There's a continue feature. Get 50/100 rings in the special stage. You'll hear a jingle. Congrats.

I'm not that good acing the levels man and getting emeralds not even on the GBA sonic advance games.

Sound: taking the nostalgia out of it the sound effects are appropriate when controlling sonic and destroying stuff. Nothing really to call out on this one except Egg man's exploding sounds like a train puffin smoke.
The game is not luck based. It's SKILL BASED.

feels more luck based to me at moment it feels like at any moment a surprise trap can fuck up your good run.

or develop enough memorization to reach the ending.
Get out. Sonic 1 is JESUS compared to Sonic 06. Unleashed, debatable. This game is still better in my books. Colors I haven't played., but it is supposed to be kick ass.

XD, Yeah I admit that was a bit of a stretch, Ill take original sonic over sonic 06's platforming any day.

Yes, there is a speed cap, people argue the Sonic Games are better without a deep story, the graphics still look very nice today, they hadn't come up with characters, and like deep story, some people hate the extra characters. Not me personally, but still. Platforming? This game probably has the most focus on platforming of any Sonic game. Also, find me someone who doesn't know green hill. The instruments in this game sound great.

I agree the music iscool.


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Response to Then & Now 2012-06-16 13:37:29

Well Mikey and I had a little agreement. I said if he would cover Final Fantasy VII in this thread, I would do Final Fantasy VI. So here we go.

Final Fantasy VI
Developer: Square
System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Role-Playing Game
Year: 1995

Well where to start with this one. First off Final Fantasy IV already hit a pretty good success here, so a nice successor was not too far way. What we got was nothing short of perfection. The characters and story is what works really well here. The story is pretty simple. The game steps out of it's traditional medieval setting and into a more modern take, a steampunk setting. Pretty much it's technology vs. magic. I know that is an understatement and a very blunt way of putting it, but that's the best way I can say it without spoiling it.

I can't tell you much about the characters and the story, because shedding any sort of light will spoil the game. I can't even tell you about the main character for two reasons. One doing so would spoil the very beginning of the game and two there is no main character in Final Fantasy VI. Some would argue that the beginning of the game does show you the main character, but with everyone's back stories and stories throughout the game, makes it to where there is no real one main character.

One character I can talk about is that of Kefka, which is going to be my rebuttal to Mikey's FFVII post. Also SPOILERS AHEAD! TURN BACK NOW! Yes Kefka does destroy the world, he fucked it up badly, in other words he did bring it to an end. The world doesn't have to blow up for it to and end... the happy ending of it being reversed does disappoint me though, and that's not really a big spoiler. When Sephiroth kills off a character it has two different meanings. One if you were emotionally involved with this character, then it was a really sad moment. For me though, it was more of a shock. A character that you played as, worked on leveling up, and battled with was gone. For good. Not coming back.

With Final Fantasy VI, the world did end. Which was a shock at that time to. Mainly because you would always stop the villain before they actually destroyed the world. However here, you were too late. I will tell you, this pissed me off. No matter how hard I fought, I lost.

The graphics are great, not as great as Chrono Trigger, but still great. The music is also amazing and stands as some of the best music on the Super Nintendo... and that's saying something. All in all Final Fantasy VI was a true staple in the Final Fantasy series.

Looking back on this game, it has aged quite well. The graphics still look really great, the music is still outstanding, the story is still amazing and overall it still stands tall. However unlike Chrono Trigger, it's not as perfect as it used to be. The battle system is very basic when stood up with other games.

The characters although still engaging, when stood up with others they do fairly good at some times better than the more modern characters. A good example would be Final Fantasy VI characters are more engaging than Skyrim, but not as engaging as Mass Effect's characters (let the hatred commence).

The only character that is still just as engaging is Kefka. Although not as much backstory as Sephiroth, with Sephiroth you sympathize. With Kefka you pity. Kefka doesn't have a lot of story to him, which does make him more mysterious as well, and in my opinion means less is more. It's why to this day people are still trying to figure out Link's character.

All in all what can be said. What was set in stone is still just as good, it has been outclassed though. This game would be the framework for Final Fantasy VII though, that much is obvious. One thing I will say though is this. Final Fantasy VI's graphics have aged better than Final Fantasy VII's. If there were a game that needed an HD remake it would be Final Fantasy VII. There really isn't much else to be said about this game. What was here was still good, but when matched up with games we have today... it kind of steps back a bit.

Final Score
Now: 8.5/10

Response to Then & Now 2012-06-18 16:04:20

At 6/18/12 03:47 PM, MikeyS9607 wrote: Nice. Also, FF6 came out in 1994, but other than that your look was good. Personally I prefer 7. Sure the field models aren't the best but I still think it's an extremely enjoyable adventure. I feel the same way with other RPGs like FF1-3 on Famicom/NES.
(Though the FF1 PSP remake is very good).

I go with the release date in my country which would be the North American release date. Therefore 1995. I know it was released before that year in Japan. I personally prefer 6 over 7. Mainly because I do like 6's story and it's villain better. However to each is their own. I'm just thankful that you're one who has agreed that 7 hasn't aged as well as a lot of Final Fantasy fans care to admit.

I found 4 to be a different story though, as I feel that is my favorite after 7.
I prefer 4's ATB over 6's as it seems to go to your turn faster, even when there are like 2 characters in your party.

Yeah 4 is pretty damn good. A fascinating intricate villain, great characters, a fun story, and as you stated a great battle system. It does get swallowed by the success of VI and VII though. However all three of these games ain't got nothing on Chrono Trigger though in my opinion.

Response to Then & Now 2012-06-18 16:26:43

At 6/18/12 04:16 PM, tyler2513 wrote: I think 007 has done a fine job at basically revolutionizing console FPS' and making a change for the better. It really mastered the James Bond music tracks and set some very time consuming multi player stages. While I like the library the best it's also one of the lesser known stages. I think it is clearly one of the more memorable and greatest First Person Shooters of all time as well as more history changing than almost any shooter could be today. Other than the character designs I think it's aged fine enough, and that old games can be just as good/even better than games we play today because of the way they change history and change people's lives just in an older time.

Yes we should remember Goldeneye 007 for what impact it had. The goal of this thread is to ask, would this game still hold up well if it was released nowadays against its competition and side-by-side with it. Goldeneye 007 would not be able to stand up with the other FPS games in today's time. It hasn't aged well to the point to where it could play with the bigger games.

Response to Then & Now 2013-04-12 20:34:20

It has been a while since I have done another one of these. However I feel that more people could join in with this discussion. Which old games have aged well and which ones haven't. How were they back then and how do they stand up in today's time? Let's take a look at the one game that made gamers who were into Call of Duty, Halo, and anything else with blood, violence, and guns, just melt away when playing it.

Animal Crossing
Developer: Nintendo, HAL Laboratory
System: Nintendo Gamecube / Nintendo 64
Genre: Life Simulation
Year: 2001

Now I know this game was originally released in Japan under the title "Animal Forest" for the Nintendo 64 and then ported to the Nintendo Gamecube. I am going to be talking strictly about the Nintendo Gamecube version, since it's the one we got. Well it's a life simulation game, much like The Sims. However with The Sims you're playing as God among a group of... well Sims. With Animal Crossing, you're one of the villagers interacting with everyone in your town. All your neighbors are animals with their own personalities and traits.

The goal is to expand your house so you can put furniture into it, go fishing, catch insects, dig up fossils, celebrate holidays. It truly is an expansive game and you can literally just kill hours upon hours playing it. I would say that it is nothing more than a 100% Completion Game, but that would mean there is a lack of gameplay and knowledge, which isn't the case. Catching certain insects and fish requires knowing what time they will be out and about, which season, and which month in that season, and even depending on the weather. Some of these fish and insects can be nearly impossible to catch (Bees anyone?). With enough patience though you will catch what you need to.

You can also garden, make your own clothes, umbrellas, carpet, and wallpaper. Beautify your town and visit other friends towns with the use of their Memory Card and yours.

The funny thing about this game is that it has outclassed itself, which is what a good sequel should do. Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk have both added new features to this series that adds even more time to this game. If choosing the best one, that would be Animal Crossing: Wild World, since it is portable and you can have more fun with your house if you're the only one playing.

Let's look at the original though. Does it still hold up? Well to a certain degree it does. Like I said, the other Animal Crossing games do outclass it, but compared to some of the different Sims games and other life simulation games, such as the Harvest Moon series, it can pretty much stand on its own and side by side. So nothing too special nowadays.

Back then, this was something new and special. Simplicity and real-time events to where "the game is still playing even when you're not" was innovative for its time. Nowadays though, there really is nothing too much to it. Since it has adapted its formula and grown from there.

Final Score
Now: 8.2

Response to Then & Now 2013-04-12 21:16:30

Given my research, all games tend to become less loved over time. Sure, some of the games you have done reviews for have become less relevant, but I still love them for the fact that they are a piece of my history, and I grew up with them.

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