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In need variously skilled people

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Sup, newgrounds? So, I'm gonna be somewhat innactive for a while when it comes to posting. My brother deleted a birthday animation I was working on so I have to start over. It's gonna be late because her birthday is September 4th. Anyway, after I'm done with that, I'm thinking of starting a(stickfigure) action series. But, obviously, I can't do it alone. I need some help. And what better place to look than right here?

Here's what I need:
- Flash 8 coder
- An artist
- A musician
- 3 male voice actors
- 2 female voice actor

Just for the record I do know some coding and I can draw. But I need somebody who's experienced in coding and who can draw much better than me. Which probably isn't that hard to do. But I know absolutely zero about music. Unless somebody's gonna teach me how to use fl studio, I have no such skill.

So..................who's gonna help a brutha out?