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Response to The Official Mlp:fim Crew 2017-10-09 01:23:40 Reply

I'm still on season 2, but i'm getting to it guys.

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Response to The Official Mlp:fim Crew 2017-12-18 10:17:26 Reply

Welp if you haven't seen it yet, the fandom is in turmoil:

A Russian hacker (the same one that leaked the movie) managed to get into DHX's computers and rip a HUGE amount of stuff including:

Full season 8 synopsis sheet
Complete season 8 episodes including a new intro (some missing background audio though)
Season 9 images and info
Flash assets
New EqG and pony movie and specials data and assets (incl. more EqG shorts)
staff emails detailing actions taken towards the movie leak, and other data (and one email where Meghan uses the word "hick" to describe country people). But most of all:

G4 and FiM end with season 9 in 2019. And G5 starts in 2020. A couple of concept art sheets were amongst the assets leaked.

Looks like DHX didn't have a very good firewall system on their computers.

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