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Idea for a radio play"Danger Ranger

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Work in progress, I do not care about grammar i'm the one reading it!

Format Radio Play/or maybe Flash Cartoon

(glory and loathing theme song)
(technical beep boop noises)

Anncr: We take you now to the last known instant of time, an unknowable platform where two ancient brothers duel as the universe collapses.
One a man of great despair, and pain, he raises his cogluiorion laser ( robotic+energy noises) and points it at his brother.
He is one of the last two universal galacticons keepers of order and balance in the universe. He is Syphiliphrax lord of pain, despair and venereal disease.

Syphilphrax: Oh, by the red rash in my trousers Pidazzler, your love of studded belts, care and mercy will not save the universe this time it is too late for you. As you can see all things can come to an end, unless its a hot one night stand with a hooker in Reno. That shit stays with you.

Anncr: Indeed Syphiliphrax's taunting of Pidazzler, and memoriam of cindy a hot poor young cocktail waitress from earth, does not sway the hero, the other more upbeat universal galacticon, lifts his sparkling beetle like brow and responds.

Pidazzler: Hey man, sometimes you just gotta' do, what you gotta do.

SFX: Laser Beam noises.

Anncr: They battled long and hard, as the universe collapsed around them, Not giving up until there final breaths, just before they died the brothers both rashy and studded cast their battle amulets into the final explosion, in hopes that the next universal guardians, may forsee the end and forgo the trivialities of the balance of good and evil. Of course thats a really stupid convoluted plan but who am I to judge anyways...
(Metal coin SFX)

SFX: Universal Beep boops
Announcer: We go now trillions of years into the future, in the newlyborn universe to planet Sorgonogex, in the city of Bixwilder where a young green nerdly individual, known in earth tongue as "trevor" is trying to get a date with ms. Cindy Finklebottom, highschool cheerleader, and model for a deodorant company. He is now approaching the lovely miss finklebottom on the way to 4th period quantam neutrino physics class
(SFX:Highschool bell)

As you can see its coming along I just need some positive words to help keep me going.

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