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Cool figures... Christopher Reeve s

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[url] /stunning-photos-of-hot-toys-christopher -reeve-superman-figure/[/url]

[IMG] /uploads/2011/05/full-body.jpg[/IMG]

Superman one is priced at 200 bucks (ouch!), but it does look pretty damn close to Christopher reeve.

[B]Freddy Krueger[/B]

This ones really awesome, I want to preorder it but its not up for preorder anyways. If its a fair price I'll get it, but if they try charging 200 bucks for a figurine I will forget about it entirely. I like that this figurine shows the souls coming out of Freddy!

[url] mH_Z8AE[/url]

[IMG] /9/9/9/Freddy-Krueger-NOES3_1302520746.j pg[/IMG]

Cool figures... Christopher Reeve s

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