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Response to My comic 2012-10-11 21:22:09 Reply

At 10/11/12 08:00 PM, Aigis wrote:
At 10/11/12 07:48 PM, Ramatsu wrote: that one was unfinished because i had the urge to draw another random page, i think this one was executed a little better than the other though they are pretty amateur. i need to work on trying to keep my faces similar as well, i fail at that. but then again there is alot i need to work on.
You'd do well to proof read your dialogue for spelling/punctuation/grammar before committing the words to the page. It doesn't require a lot of effort, and the average reader is much more likely to dismiss a comic with bad grammar than one without.

For example, that should be 'you're'.

Good thing it wasn't inked i noticed that after the fact of how i didnt want the font to stay like that. i usually keep the words un-inked for awhile just to see if i want to change the wording or something. thanks for the feed-back though mate.

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