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Wikileaks: Start of a Revolution

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Wikileaks: Start of a Revolution 2010-12-10 16:07:15


The American Government has always wished to put restrictions on your internet access ever since it was adopted, so they can keep information away from the people. Finally Wikileaks has shown the true colors of the US government and other governments in full form around the world as they try to slowly cut away freedom of speech with the smear campaign against Assange, founder of Wikileaks

Only 2 weeks since the Cablegate incident, the world has already started to show a start to the fall of the corrupt government infrastructure. Hillary Clinton is already being considered for resignation by man people all over the world, former Croatian prime minister Ivo Sanader has already tried to run since the leaks of the US embassy came out, and many people from Australia are starting to protest for Assange's release. US government want to assassinatethe so called traitor to cover their trails, stomping on the US constitution even more than before.

It's time we as a people finally stand up to our Governments around the world, especially here in the States so we can finally make the change that has been needed decades ago. This is really the only chance we have of giving the power back to the people. We can finally get rid of the Federal Reserve, IRS, corrupt ties in the senate, Prohibition of marijuana and a bunch of other injustices that plague our nation. They will keep the war going and keep our debt growing at a staggering pace if we dont stand up for what we truly believe.

I believe the first step is the support Wikileaks on Facebook and spread the message!!!!This is more important than anything you may ever do in your lifetime. Write to your congressman, start protest if you can, and do what you can to change the way things are.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO SPREAD THE WORD! SPREAD IT LIKE A PLAGUE because this is the start of a REVOLUTION!!! This is the start of something we've been waiting for!

Wikileaks: Start of a Revolution

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Response to Wikileaks: Start of a Revolution 2010-12-10 16:17:59

Please use the search bar before creating new threads.

Forum search for "wikileaks"

You can feel free to discuss the issues in any of those threads.

As your post stands, you are not proposing any type of new discussion. In fact, it looks like you mixed up some Ron Paul statements with Tea Party rhetoric and sprinkled in some 2008 campaign promises from Obama and silly glued it to a few links to wikileaks facebook pages and made some rant that makes little to no sense and has no discussion value.

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