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Hey, I Made A Fan Dub For Sonic Gx

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Hey hey hey everybody, I saw the video Sonic GX and I couldn't help but dub it for yall, it was so awesome you know! But the fact I had to read it kinda got me off (in a bad way), soo I took the liberty of dubbing it!

Anywho, heres the link! If you like it drop me a line or two :D, don't forget to check out masta Huricane360s original flash toon series. (I'll be quick to admit there is some SERIOUS fighting scenes going on)

Youtube Sonic GX Fan Dubb

Response to Hey, I Made A Fan Dub For Sonic Gx 2010-10-16 01:15:23

Newspost, and videothread. (to lazy to find)

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