Trying to find 2 Flash Movies

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Trying to find 2 Flash Movies 2010-10-15 23:44:36

Hey, I've been trying to locate two videos, unfortunately among so many generic videos that are either similar or swamp my search criteria, I just haven't been able to locate them. I would have saved them to my favorites had I made an account earlier, (I was stupid enough not to bother)

I was hoping some-one else may have seen what I can describe and remembers the videos and could help me find them again.

The first one I can barely remember the details of, but it was basically a snuff video (not exactly a stickman but the same premise as stickdeath videos) wherein the guy gets killed in various creative ways, my favorite of which was when he was walking near a bear trap and was instead smash from above with an anvil.

My other I've been trying to find was an amusing 'beat'em'up' mock where various colorful characters with different styles beat the heck out of a Ryu-esque character. There was a black boxer, an odd gay man with very flamboyant moves, a man with a bat who hated freshmen and his friend whispered the word in his ear, cue freshman killing rampage, then one guy with really whacky/clumsy moves such as accidentally bashing skulls with him, slapping him in the face but later drinking an energy drink to release some kind of near-nuclear explosion, which was awesomely funny..

So yeah that's about as much detail as I can remember, I suppose the first one is far too vague but the second one was definitely more memorable.
Help me? XD Here's hoping some-one can.

Response to Trying to find 2 Flash Movies 2010-10-16 01:16:22

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Response to Trying to find 2 Flash Movies 2010-10-16 17:36:20

Wow.. You guys win.. Seriously..