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Treasure Hunt 2010 2010-10-15 09:36:52


With almost 200,000 games and movies on Newgrounds, some great ones have flown under the radar. Can you find them?

A submission is considered undiscovered if:

1) It isn't part of a collection.
2) It has never been front paged, in which case it likely has less than 20,000 views.

One way to find them is to search for random words and browse the results. The best submissions don't always have a high score or many views. While combing the site, add submissions to your FAVORITES list to keep track!

Respond to this post with the best of your findings. Simply paste the URL in a line by itself, or paste a list of URLs if you consider them contenders.

Submissions will compete in two categories: BEST MOVIE and BEST GAME. The winner in each category wins $200 for the person who discovered it AND the creator of the gem.

Depending on what turns up, we may create additional categories.

This will be the LAST year that we accept entries for the entire DECADE the Flash Portal has existed. Next year, the treasure hunt will be based on a more recent window.

You have TWO WEEKS to respond to this thread with your gem! Deadline is Friday, October 29th.

Please cross-check previous finalists to see if your gem has been featured:

2009 - General Comedy
2009 - Quirky
2009 - Twisted
2009 - Experimental / WTF
2009 - Parodies
2009 - Nerdy, Dirty
2009 - Action & Drama Movies
2009 - Music Videos
2009 - Action Games
2009 - Experimental & Retro Games
2009 - Skill Games
2008 - Disturbing, Funny, Experimental, FBF, Action, Music Vids, Cocks
2008 - Games
2008 - Series
2008 - Other
2007 - All
2006 - All

I spent ALL OCTOBER last year working out that massive 11-post finale, so I'm hoping there isn't much left pre-October 2010. We'll see though!


Treasure Hunt 2010

Working on Nightmare Cops!

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2010 2010-10-15 09:46:50

Just recently saw this submission. I don't know if this has ever been on the front page or anything. It's part of some series called Battalion 7.

The deeper you delve, the more strategizing is involved.

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2010 2010-10-15 09:48:55


He is banzorz for a day but wanted to make sure no one else posted this

also.. he owes me 9000$

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At 10/15/10 09:48 AM, thies wrote: Here you go :3

Sorry, i kinda failed, the second, fouth, and six ones aren't really 'treasures' anymore..

My Deviantart | NG Art | Youtube Channel | Art Portfolio

Shameless self-promotion ftw!

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2010 2010-10-15 10:10:11

What about submissions that got weekly awards but still have limited amount of views as were never front paged?

[I've been wandering round but I still come back to you]

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2010 2010-10-15 10:12:20

damn, i checked like a minute ago and epically huge got mentioned three times.


Response to Treasure Hunt 2010 2010-10-15 10:30:28

Ah yes, the good old treasure hunt. I always enjoy these.
Haven't been that active around the portal this year, this is the only under the radar movie that I found entertaining.

Also FYI, you don't get any bonus points for posting your own movies/games.

So how about posting some of mine? -hint hint-

Response to Treasure Hunt 2010 2010-10-15 10:31:37

At 10/15/10 10:10 AM, Gagsy wrote: What about submissions that got weekly awards but still have limited amount of views as were never front paged?

Those are fine to include.

Working on Nightmare Cops!

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2010 2010-10-15 10:38:29

What's it gonna be? You have to decide.

Tits, or destiny...


Response to Treasure Hunt 2010 2010-10-15 10:43:14

AHH. Don't look at my shame. I don't care if it's not funny, but i find it pretty funny.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2010 2010-10-15 10:47:38

My Rules.
1. Under 10k views (3 were over).
2. No collections.
3. No score below 3.00

These are for true, non-game gems.

+Welfare Queens Comedy-Info. It's about Rosevelt, welfare and those damn shiftless moms that live off it!
Vehicular Manslaughter Comedy. The car is going to drive kill the man on the bench, or will it?
*School Proj.1: Sketchbook Other. Stick is toyed with by the animator. Will he get home? Lovely guitar music.

Public Aura-noucement Comedy. Do you have what it takes to be a professional gamer? HELL NO!!! And you are about to find out why.
Bitter Bill Comedy? Student creates a doodle man, that comes to life and starts ruining his classwork. What will it take to get him to stop?
*Black&White Action. Two small armies of stickmen shoot at each other. I like the lack of music and the way the camera stays close to the fighters.
I'm bored and..MY SOUL!!! Comedy. Nothing can stop her unhealthy love/obsession with fruitcake. NOTHING! Unless...
*Animation: The Mathmatics Tutorial. Instead of giving a lot of information that bores. This one focuses on showing why tweening looks good and how to smooth it out a bit.

*Red Bull Commercial Comedy. Advert for RedBull. When confronted with rescuing the princess, the knight does something unusual...
Office Humour Comedy. A bunch of little clips of outrageous office conversations.
3 Construction Workers Comedy. Stop me if you heard this before. There's these three guys, an Italian, a Greek and a blond guy...

*The Bar Story Comedy. Man jumps out of a bar and is perfectly fine afterwards, so it must be safe to do so, right?
The British Are Coming Parody. Tribute to "The Patriot", the most historically accurate film ever made. Heh.
PSA Day 2008 Comedy. Don't eat small children. It's bad. I know it's difficult to avoid but maybe this public service announcement will help.
*Bigger things... Inspire? Shows how one thing is only a small part of another thing and on and on it goes.

*enlargement cream Comedy. Man buys some grow cream to get a bigger hamburger. What would happen if he spilt it on himself?
*fbf compilation 2 Experimental. Bunch of short scenes of people killing themselves and others in interesting ways.
*Ryu vs Ken(BBBF) Action. Deathmatch. I liked it mainly for the cool flash effects.
*Ned Kelly For Kids Historical? Ned Kelly is a real historical figure. This would be a silly, short, kid version of the events that made him famous.
*world is born in future Advert. A ball visits various historical times and then tells us that we can make these moments too with the new ThinkPad. Very well animated.
*Raffmania: Reload Action. Many stick men fight each other. I found it interesting cause each stick has his own unique ability.

*Daddy Curage Drama. Dad makes his kid work too hard. What will it take for the child to see that the work is for his own good (poor English)?
+Journey Quest Comedy. Time to play the RPG However, what happens when the in-game characters he must assemble to complete the game want nothing of it?
That Stupid Arwing Comedy. Guy tries to play Super Smash Brothers but the Arwing keeps shooting at him. ARGH!

*6 phases of submitting Parody. Shows the 6 emotional phases for the sucky artist that tries to submit only to get his work blamed.
*Laine Gerne Comedy. Laine Gerne is a man bored out of his mind with his work, until he is framed and now must run for his life.
Can I live my life? Music. A trombone song with okay visuals. If you like trombones, give it a listen.
*What I Did Today Experimental? The author had a bad day so he decided to make a quick cartoon about it. ^_^
*LL - Lost! Comedy. Are they lost? Lemming Lock says no but his companions aren't so sure...
This is your iPhone Comedy. A parody of the iPhone commercials.
*PF:. All I Want for Xmas- Music. 'All I want for Christmas (is you)' by Mariah Carey.
Persistence Pays (Fixed) Comedy. Former spokescat for a cereal has moved on but those darn freeloading kids keep popping up.

Twix Comedy. Getting shot in the nuts is ALWAYS funny.
The Feta Cheese Warriors Comedy+SERIES? A band of misfit superheroes must go fight the dreaded giant potato spiders.
*remote control Drama? Neighbour is complaining. He wishes he could shut her up when , suddenly, his remote gains special powers.

+Drillman's Fierce Battle! Comedy. DrillMan psyches himself up for his big battle with Megaman. Go DrillMan, you can do it!
Don't Forget to Brush Comedy. Seriously. Do NOT forget to brush, or else!

*Watchmen Movie is Coming! Comedy. Zack Snyder's making the Watchmen movie? Not if Nite Owl and Rorschach have anything to say about it!
Stop Animal Abuse Comedy. Why abuse an animal when you can hurt something that deserves it?
Pull Over Comedy. A man from the 1950s lounge culture scene gets pulled over by the police. What could they possibly expect to find?

*mv:Defender Action. One lone gun emplacement must hold the line against overwhelming numbers.
*Award Wars Action. An NG Trophy Award will be his, no matter what!
Moonlight - Banya Music. The flash is a re-make of a music video of the videogame Pump it up, Moonlight from Banya.
Tax Day Comedy. Grant drank heavily, Jackson was a slave owner, and Franklin was a womanizer. Hurray for our founding fathers?
Sosachki Music. A very cute little foreign pop song.
*Jack & Jill Exodus Twisted. A dark take on the popular nursery rhyme.

*Indestructible Dave Action. A fun stick fight with an indestructible protagonist.
I Pity the Fool Music. Adorable song about a girl that was able to let go of petty annoyances after hanging out with Mr T.
+Married Life, part 2 Comedy. Wife frets about her small breasts so a solution is offered. Man, I laughed hard at the punch line.
Rumblo animated: Ep2 Comedy. Quick funny about a man trying to set up a bank account.
*l_057 Action. Two combatants enter the gladiatorial arena. Only one will survive.
*An A About A Comedy. It's an animation about... animation. At least, until all heck breaks loose.

*Mr. Pink Experimental? Animates dialogue from "Reservoir Dogs" using text only.
An Inconvenient Truth Comedy. Santa never stops watching you. Mwahahaa.
The Batsquad: Batman BFTC Parody. Making fun of Batman and Superman.


Subterfuge Strategy-Other. Sci-fi, turn-based game, similar to Stratego.

Flatliner User Levels Collect. You control different varieties of wheels which can climb any surface.
Running Men Timing. Timing game. Zap the runners ASAP after they start running.

Maze Stopper Puzzle. Create a maze to slow down computer-controlled man, who trying to reach the flag.
mission to Saturn Shooter. Get a buggy and ride it down a road jumping rocks, collecting orbs and killing enemies.
The New World Simulation. Sail your ship and discover the Americas before you sink, run out of food, etc.

Sundown Shootout Reflex. To "draw", you move your curser from one point, to the target and click before he does. Has trouble on Firefox.
How to Keep an Idiot Busy Gadget. Finally! A way to keep those idiots occupied while you do important stuff?
+Star Trash Defence. Build spaceships to defend your bases from enemy UFOs, command one personally to help. Excellent storyline (poor English).

Galactic Rebellion Defence. The innovation here is that enemies will stop to kill towers before going after their objective.
Ball Reflexion Timing. A ball will bounce to various areas. You must click as close to the targets as you can.
41st Reality Shooter. Standard fare. You are in a room and you shoot many psychedelic colored things.
Point Of Isolation Avoid. Dodge balls and render them harmless by cutting the links that hold them together.
xavierenigma's nphys Construction. Left click and hold to draw, when you let go the drawing will turn into a little building thing.
Solar: 24h Action. Catch as much solar power as possible and then use it to electrify your racket to kill the bugs for a good night's sleep.

Renegade Commanders Strategy. A real time, 3D, strategy game in the mould of Starcraft and C&C.
Condottiero Puzzle. Meet the colourful characters of a small village in southern Africa while trying to assassinate the corrupt General.
Crazy Go Nuts Toss. Shoot the squirrel cannon at the nuts. Watch him bounce around. Very forgiving game play.
Baby Boom Avoid? There is a baby. Don't let him get hit by the exploding fragments.
Mouse-Eaters 3 Maze. The mouse maze game that WANTS you to cheat.

Impossible_Game Maze. Move your dot through the obstacles of the path.
+Civilization Machine Gadget. A visually based , morality story where you bring a civilization from primitive to space faring, hopefully.
Bob Jones Skill. Hit the arrows in the correct order before the timer runs out to get to the treasure.
Neon Disks Aim. Shoot at the disks and get them all in as few turns as possible. Also try the sequel where you aim the ball with clicks instead.

Energyapocalypse Recycled Defence. The remake of an awesome zombie style defense game that I submitted last year.
.::Monotone::. Avoid. Avoid the falling bricks, the innovation here is that the ball will swing around on you if you move to fast.
Magical Stationery Click. Search around the room and click the right objects in order to get them to help you strip the girls.
Sling Skill. It's pong. The innovation is that your platform is a sling so you can fling the ball back at each other at varying speeds.
A trip to Bavaria Choice. A romance story between young women. More geared to girls then guys (no sex).
Apocalypse: The Game Shooter-Fixed. The world is covered in zombies. Use your powers to kill them and save or kill the survivors.
Obama Presidential Escape Adventure. Obama is trapped, help him get out. It's a click game like Rocketfingers and the like. Lots of sequels.
Impossible tic tac toe 2 Board Game. Not only do you get to play Tic Tac Toe but you learn some tips to doing it properly!

Touch The Bubbles:Kids Ve Collect. Touch the bubbles before they get across the screen.
+Corporate Bloodbath Choice-RPG. Rock, paper, scissors style game. Fight fellow employs to become the office's top dog.
City Rain BS Sim-Strat. You are the mayor. Build up your town, on the land available, and try to meet your citizens needs.
flashCHESS III BoardGame. The best chess game I have found on NG so far.
My Money Valentine Sim. Run a gift store. Advertise, sell cards, gain fame.
Realm Choice. A text based, choose your own adventure with some timing clicks thrown in.

TurnStyle Match. There are four images, you have to rotate all of them so they fit in the outline.
Tidal Shooter. A shooter with no power-ups. Despite this, the enemies stay interesting without getting too difficult.
Stack'em Timing. Press space at the right time to stop your row of blocks. Try to stack blocks up to the top.
+Sunrise Hackathon Skill? Take down the competition and emerge the best black hat hacker on the net! Takes awhile to learn.
Headshire Matchup Memory. Not just memory though. Collect the coins that appear from matching pairs for all sorts of upgrades.
Aquaflood Puzzle. Move the farmer and have him lay down blocks to keep the water from flooding the field.
Karate Blazers Brawler. A very serviceable brawler in the Double Dragon style.
Cargo - Prologue RPG. Very atmospheric. Set in the modern day you are on a mission to retrieve something, I think but then you find something bad.

+Orbital Decay Defence. 12k views. The AI ship, badly damaged, appears. It must repair itself and figure out what is going on while under constant attack.
Minesweeper Multiplayer Strategy. It's minesweeper, only competitive!
Lasers Avoid. Avoid the lasers. Get to the end zone.
Mate Master Puzzle. Some fun little chess puzzles.
Whole Nine Yards Shooter. You control a WW2 plane, dog-fighting against the Japs but you are not alone, you get your own squads of fighters!

RepliCat Avoid. Dodge past versions of yourself that follow your previous actions and collect points to pass the levels.
Battlenoid Skill. A novel take on Arkanoid. Novel... how? Play and find out.
Moonrocks Tower. Defend your moonbase from the onslaught of asteroids!
Catch The Rats Point'nClick. Find all the rats and click on them to catch.
Nooboo Mary: Witch Queen Skill? Gather the souls of the pitiful peasants to learn, upgrade, and cast more spells.
Dead of Night Strategy. Place defenses, gunmen and traps in an effort to slow the unending plague of zombies. See how long you can last.
WDYK? 3 Urban Lingo Quiz. Tests you on internet abbreviations and such.
+Minions Shooter. This game NEEDS to be put into the Multiplayer category. Very well done team play, tank shooter.
Cavemen Hunters Shooter? The author overreached. Control 3 people simultaneously and bring down the mammoth. Two is fine but 3?
Apartment 13 Adventure-Other. There has been a murder. Find out who did it and bring him to justice.

Sprouts Adventure: Teaser Adventure. Use mouse to click and drag your Sprouts to help them.
Fat Slice Skill. Cut chunks out of the area, don't touch the balls.
Spacetacular Voyage Avoid? Things are falling down on you. Don't let them push you to the bottom.
Puzzle Puzzle. Help out the puppy by planting flowers, catching a fish and more.
+Galactic Invaders RTS. Capture the planets, build ships, annihilate the enemy.
1 Will Survive RTS. Two medieval war camps. Only one will survive.
Rock the Hall Sim. You own a night club, hire bands, improve facilities, get rich.
Doyu Golf Sports. Fun mini-golf style game.
Plonzo Collect. Collect points, get the exact number asked, kill the enemies.
Ethereal Masters Cards. Original creation based on Tetra Master, the card mini-game in Final Fantasy 9
+-Starcom- Adventure. You command a spaceship and go on various missions to stave off an invasion. Great storyline!

If something gets a Daily award, was on front page or was done by a famous artist (has 100k+ viewed animation, popular series, etc.), it goes here.

*Pacha Advert+Daily. Lonely slice of bread discovers the joy of Smucker's Jam.
*The Vicious Cycle Experimental+Fame(Spaltzer). Endless stickmen go through a wild obstacle course only to face their inevitable demise.

loneliness and sad Music+Daily. Song is "the scientist" by Coldplay.
*Antic-imated Experimental+Fame(gankro). Random animation where the animator used his various Flash tools to manipulate a ball and the environment around it.
Moby - ohh yeah Music+Fame(LiLg). "Ohh Yea" by Moby.
*Newgrounds-Invasion Action+Daily. Evil beings come from outer space come to destroy Newgrounds and capture Tom Fulp. Can they be stopped?

+The Joker's Last Laugh Comedy+Fame(Eddache). The Joker has a fiendish plan against Batman. Step 1, he kills himself with sleeping pills. Wait. WHAT?

+the bird and the worm Music+Daily. "The Bird and the Worm" by The Used. Man fights a demon with his Flash toolbar.
+sprite or not to sprite? Music+Daily. 1k views. "Changes" by Butterfly Boucher. Animator realizes that doing sprites is lame. It's time for some changes!

*Seeds(1) Drama+Daily. Biobots are planting seeds in a desolate land. Another robot wishes to help but will that help be appreciated?
*TakeTwo - Coleco Informational+Fame(Nqkoi1). An interesting little biography of Coleco.
*Random Time Action+Fame(Drifts). One stick man beats up other ones. I enjoyed the humor of the dialogue.
Washington's Pick Comedy+Fame(PokeGravy). Ever wonder it would have been like if a woman like Sarah Palin had become Washington's VP? Heheh.

How to steal a flash-TUT Comedy+Underdog? Teaches you how to steal flashes, or does it?

*Goat 51 Comedy+Daily. 10k Views. A goat gets into Area 51 and causes pure HAVOC!
+MEKAZON Comedy+Fame(Scythemantis). God, I got such a good laugh out of this one! It's a parody of the Jap "battle monster" genre. Like Pokemon and such.
+Butt-Genie Comedy+Fame(Keveta2) Someone has rubbed a dead man's butt and would get 3 wishes, if he'd only admit that he did the rubbing.

*B Dreaming Experimental+Daily. SBC is in a world of B, *sniffle* it's so... beautiful.

Feb09 Nothing.

*History of Architecture Music+Daily. The author created this himself for the class, History of Architecture. It mixes information with comedy.

Straw Boats Borrow Arrows History+Daily. A general is ordered to get 100k arrows in 4 days or face death. Can he do it?

+Street Fighter Narration Comedy+Fame(Eddache). Every wonder why some of the SF attack narrations are so flat and dull while others are more energetic?
*B O X Drama+Daily. The relationship between animator and animation doesn't always have to be adversarial.

Theories and Practise Music+Fame(jackbliss) ."Lemon Tree" by Fools Garden

If the episodes are are self contained, I'll just stick the one that made me notice the series and if it is not, I'll put in the pilot instead. When I say "Complete" or "Incomplete", it means that the series is a long story that did or didn't get finished. While some episodes will be over 10k I tried to make sure that most stayed under that limit.

"Word-Jumper" 1ep. Incomplete.
*WordJumper Experimental. Different! The text is used as a superpower. Like, if you talk, you can use that phrase as a platform to jump off of.

"Luigi: Two Lights' Hero" 8ep. Incomplete.
+*Luigi: Two Lights' Hero Action. Luigi is brought to an alternate dimension where his alter ego is an all powerful villain. He escapes and meets up with some other alternates to his dimension...

"Final Fantasy:FoH" 3ep. Incomplete.
Final Fantasy:FoH ep1 pt1 Drama/Action. A Black Mage awakens in a jail cell. She does not know her past. Some adventurers need her help in escaping. What to do, what to do.

"Socially Retarded Man" 22ep.?
*SRM short: McBurgerBel Comedy. SRM goes to gets the "Wacky"Meal (not for the toy) and discusses his meal with his friend.
"Crono Trigger" Series 1ep. Incomplete.
*Chrono Trigger: Ep I Drama. This guy wanted to animate the entire CT game. What separates from others is that he takes a serious approach to it.

*"Titan Nitro TRUES" 4ep. Incomplete.
Titan Nitro TrueS Ep1 Action. A princess escapes her ravaged homeworld to come to Earth. Unfortunately, she is followed...

"Bindledog" 1ep.
*Bindledog Episode #1 Drama. Hobo dog finds a cardboard box that would make a perfect new home but how long will his happiness last?
"Magic Hills" 2ep. Incomplete.
*Magic Hills - The Arrived Comedy. Adventurers in search of the Gray Wizard. To do so, they must gather 7 magical scrolls.
"Super Mario Invaded" 2ep. Incomplete.
*Super Mario Invaded Action. It's another ordinary day in Mario World until heroes from other video games are brought in that wish to fight.
"chainSAW" 4ep.
*chainSAW:BowlingBall Trap Comedy/Horror. Parody of the "Saw" series. It's both funny AND scary.
"Bills Adventures" 4ep.
Bills Adventures EPS 3 Comedy. Random series about a nutty guy. Likely inspired by "Davids Adventures" by maniacmark.

"Tomothy and Pals (TAP)" 7ep? Complete?
Killed off on Christmas D Comedy. It's about Tom and his crazy family. In this episode, Tom is worried that he, and his series, will be killed off.

"The Brass Seal" 5ep. Incomplete?
The Brass Seal Comedy/Action. The Brass Seal is a privately run, government agency dedicated to fighting crime in specific regions.

"Ocarina of Stupidity" 5ep. Incomplete.
Ocarina of Stupidity Comedy. I always enjoy a good Zelda parody and the ocarina of time is my favorite of the series. You should also look at his latest collab submission that he authored. (also a contest entry).
+Paging Dr. Seuss Horror. The Cat in the Hat is a psychotic surgeon. Wow, scary as heck.
"Sat Eve Post Apocalypse " 1ep.
Sat Eve PostApocalypse #1 Political. Lefties should never drive! A commentary on banning Gay marriage in California. Left hand=Gay.
"paradise missing" 5ep.
paradise missing draft Drama. Demon is sent to Earth for sensitivity training. When he understands good and evil better, he can return to Hell.
"Zeitgeist Addendum" 4ep. Complete.
*Zeitgeist Addendum R:1 Informational+Fame(TENT). I'm posting part one but you go right to part 2 and not really miss out on anything. This series explains how money is created and how this constant creation is hurting us.

"MoralityGenocide" 7ep. DONE!
+MoralityGenocide ep1 Drama. In the future, to prevent history from repeating itself, an organization was formed to control the planets population through use of death squads. This series explores the lives of one of these groups.

"A*" 7ep. Incomplete.
+*A* Episode 1 Action. Stupendous Sci-Fi series. He came to kill a murderer but things didn't go as planned.

"Maximum Band" 4ep. Incomplete.
Maximum Band ep6 GOOD Comedy? It's an interactive cartoon animation. It revolves around a pop band and usually you play their manager.

"Haven't Got A Prayer" 4ep. Complete.
Haven't Got A Prayer, pt3 Comedy. Pokes fun at various religions.
"Special Delivery" 2ep. Incomplete.
Special Delivery Ep 1 Comedy. To avoid being evicted, a deadbeat finally gets a job as a pizza delivery guy.
"Legends of a New Earth" 1ep. Incomplete.
Legends of a New Earth P1 A young kit's pack is killed and he must venture out, with a bunny and wolf.

+ = strongly recommended by myself.
* = close captioned for the hearing impaired.

What is this more recent vintage for the next contest? Is it 2 years? I need 2 years to keep going without cutting off. I plan to continue the next treasure hunt from July09 to July10, maybe a few more months if I can fit it in.

Collecting NG's undiscovered gems has been a hobby of mine since 2005. I am curently posting them on my blog.

Feel free to check them out and tell me what you think.

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I need a sig.

PSN: gowow20

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Thats weird, a spammer aproaching. Anyways, I got another 1. It won a 5th place before, i think...uh...ok... I don't know if this is gonna count or not, but here it goes. (I don't mind if it doesn't count.)

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

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