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''short'' idea

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''short'' idea 2010-10-07 13:51:45

ok, this is an idea for a ''short'' as it is called, a short humurous (probably spelled wrong) video.

at the beginning we see a kitchen with an eating table, on that table sits an orange with a face.

Orange:I am an orange... Hey! I can talk! you know, some people tend to say ''orainge'' but it's actually just orange.
now someone enters that kitchen, this can be one of your own characters or just some stoner.
Person: I'm gonna go get myself some ice cream...
Orange: Hey! (or O HAI if that's still funny)
Person: Wow! A talking orange
Orange: You said it right, some people tend to say orainge...
Person: But it's just orange, I know right?
Orange: Well, since you're here, I don't have many friends, would you like to be my friend?
Person: Sure, what do you want to do first? Play some videogames, go outside and play basketball, race bikes down the street...
Orange: Ehm...
Person: Oh, you don't have any limbs... Wait! I know something for you!

Screen fades to black, when it fades back in you see a close-up of the kitchen table with the orange, and you see the person (just his hand) put down an apple with a face.

Orange: Hi! I am a talking orange. some people tend to say orainge but it's just orange
Apple: Oh, cool. Let's be friends!