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Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions

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Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-01 17:03:46

This thread is for finished stories related to Halloween 2010. The theme is anything Halloween / Horror / Scary.

Please keep your critiques, questions and discussions in the discussion thread.


1st Place: $100
2nd Place: $40
3rd Place: $30

Be original and be creative! Maybe your story could inspire a scary movie!

Here's some inspirational art by TwinDragon.

Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions

Nightmare Cops, the game JohnnyUtah, Spazkid and I have been working on.

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-02 12:15:07

Hell, I might as well get this started off. I won't have much chance to post in the coming month thanks to uni, so this is going to have to go up early. Hope it's allowed, it is technically a story :)

Sweet Dreams

Listen closely, dear child, as you snuggle up tight
As you lie on your pillow and turn off the light
To the rhyme I recount on this All Hallows' Eve
A story that most would find hard to believe
A tale of shadows and things in the mind
Of strange spirits in the dark and souls cast behind
But do not let such trifling tales worry you
Be safe in the knowledge that it's mostly untrue.

Our black fable starts with a young boy named Billy
Who, every night, would scare himself silly.
For all types of terrors lay still in his head
And came out to play when he rested in bed.
Each night, he would dream of demons and beasts,
Each night he would find himself first in their feasts
And because all his thoughts were so dreadfully dour
He would wake with a start on the stroke of each hour.

Now the bulk of this tale and its events unpleasant
Took place on a Halloween much like the present.
Whilst Billy was sleeping, into his house
Crept a strange little creature, as quiet as a louse.
This creature had heard, loud from his room
The sounds Billy made in his nightmarish doom.
With black button eyes and chestnut brown hairs
A boggart slowly tip-toed its way up the stairs.

Now keep listening, dear child, for despite what you've heard
Not all such fantastical things are absurd.
Some are just frightened, and refuse to be seen
Only emerging in old Halloween.
Boggarts are the most harmless of these fairy creatures
No frightening thoughts or ferocious features.
They won't drink your blood, they won't feed on meat.
It is dreams and their ilk that they love to eat.

This particular boggart, having heard Billy's cries,
Came to see the source with its own little eyes.
And when he found out it was a boy he had sought
He had (how terrible) the exact, wrong thought.
"I seek out the happiest dreams for myself
For they are most tasty, and the best for my health.
How brilliant, how wondrous, this boy's dreams must be
If even in sleep he cries out with glee!"

So he leapt on the bed where the boy lay at rest
And sat himself on top of poor Billy's chest.
He poked out his tiny pink paws in the air.
To catch any dreams that might linger there.
But the boggart soon knew he had picked the wrong boy
For, as you know, these dreams had no joy.
Only fear, only shadow, only darkness and dread
Had any place inside Billy's head.

It swept over the boggart like a filthy, black tide
All the phantoms and devils young Bill kept inside.
They crawled into his bones and under his skin
And started to corrupt the poor fey from within.
His brown hairs fell out, his teeth turned black,
His paws became claws, and his pink flesh cracked
The eyes, once so bright, were now pinpoints of red
And the soul that had once made them shine was now dead.

It was at this point that Bill chose to awake
Which, as you can guess, was an awful mistake
For the first sight to greet Billy's eyes upon waking
Was the transforming boggart and the sound it was making.
What was left of him now, I cannot be sure
But the thing on the bed was a boggart no more.
It grinned at poor Billy, still rooted in place
And then took a bite out of poor Billy's face.

So remember, dear child, bad dreams are but fleeting.
They vanish at the first sign of dawn's bright greeting.
For the ghosts and the ghouls in your head, do not weep...

Instead, fear what sits on your chest as you sleep.

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-02 17:42:08

Halloween of Terror Pt.1

One night on halloween day a monster was born.It was a mix of a vampire,werewolf,and a zombie.It could suck and eat your brain and turn you into zombie werewolf slave.
Soon the entire town found out.But before they could call help the monsters and slaves killed or infected the rest of the town.The goverment saved the remaining survivors.
He then trained them.Only a few chosen fought.The three that fought were Jake,Henery,Tom,and Hank.

Jake was the first to get killed.Zombies trampeled him like paperazzi.Henery died from the sourse when they were fighting in England.Only Hank and Tom remained.
Soon when they went to Antarctica they found the slaves encased in blocks of ice.They flew to Africa.Half way there they found a huge zombie with lazer eyes.The plane blew
up.Tom and Hank parachuted out of the plane.Hank started shooting at the zombies eyes.Tom then got his jetpack and flew to the zombie and stabbed it in the heart.Then they
flew with jetpacks to Africa.

Skelitons rose from the ground and attacked them with bone nunchucks.Hank threw pumpkin with a grenade in it.All the skellys blew up.They soon went to Asia were they picked
up some more ammo and explosives and guns.Hank got an AK47 and a pistol with 2 swords.Tom got 2 katanas and a belt of smoke and explosive grenades and a pistol.Soon North
Amerca almost had all slaves or dead people.

But they went to South America.Thats were goblins were.Also overgrown lava spiders.They were dead though.But then 5 Giant lava spiders surrounded them.Hank shot 2.Tom sliced
3 and made them into a pancake and a packet of sushi.Then they headed to North America.Tom fell through a trap.He hit spikes.

Hank:"It always has to come down to me!Always!"

Hank found out it was halloween and wnt to jail because he killed all the kids that dressed up as monsters.Halloween of Terror Pt.1

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-02 18:25:07

Halloween of Terror Pt.1.9

As we left off.....Hank found out it was halloween and went to jail because he killed all the kids that dressed up as monsters.
Well the kids became ghosts and ghouls after he went to jail.Then they morphed with eachother to make the ultimate ghost.GhoustFreak.GhostFreak then went to


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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-03 01:29:43

Gather around now children to hear a tale
It's sure to give you chills on this cold October night
It's about murder and revenge
To a person she shall avenge
It all started one night
Oh ho ho ho you are in for a fright
For the utensil she used was long and lank
And drew more blood than they have in a blood bank
For the wielder of this blade was small and trim
Unlike the victim whose limbs
Were big and large
This one night she was in charge
She snuck up on the fatty
When she was alone at home
She cut the meat off just like a burger patty
The blood surged out like a waterfall
She chopped and cleaved and stabbed and stabbed
And when she was done she was glad
But you see she was already so mad
And as fast and as quick as it happened
It all came to an end
For the excitement was about to begin
She cleaned up the scene to best of her ability
She took the knife out back from her head
She spat on body to make sure it was dead
And she took a prize in her hand
Took a deep breath and ran
She ran so hard she was out of breath
But she didn't care she had just beaten death
She laughed until she cried
But the next morning was when the cops came
The looked at the scene
What they saw was morbid and obscene
With blood on the walls
For you see she thought she had gotten away
From the fray
But the noisy dective that day
Had spotted a finger print that didn't belong
And soon she was dragged along
For the police did not believe her story
That she didn't want all the glory
Not for a scene that was that gory
So they booked her
And they took her
To where caged birds don't sing
And they just couldn't believe such a pretty thing
Could be so evil
For a crime like that was almost as if she was the devil
A fitting crime for such an evil night
She remained caged, but not for long
For she swore that what she did wasn't wrong
And she would get out
Speaking of which
Did you hear children about that prison break?
Oh believe me that wasn't fake
Now the crime did acure on last Hallow's Eve
Now she escaped on this year's Halooween
How very very interesting indeed,
Can anyone remeber the name of the killer?
Oh, right...

Hey! Look over there, a distraction! *runs away*

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-03 14:48:02

The Tale Of Jack Mooth

The story was as old as the town. Camden, New Jersey had a tale being circled amongst 10-year-olds on Halloween that is mostly forgotten through out the regular school year but when October rolls around, people start talking again.

The tale goes that a man who walks the street every Halloween snatches up little girls and boys who go astray from their mother and father and not only eat their candy, but leaves their dead body by the river in Camden Park.

Josh was terrified by this story but didn't have a lot to worry about because his mother and father would be right there while he did his trick or treating through out the night. The tale, the tale of Jack Mooth, hardly worried him on this Halloween just like it didn't worry him in the 9 years he spent trick or treating previous.

Finally, the big night arrived. It was 7:00 on Halloween night and Josh dressed as a power ranger. A lot of kids made fun of him for still liking such an immature show for his age, but he still loved the series. His mother and father got their flashlights and ghoul masks and set out on the night. First they did their immediate neighborhood and then went down the block to the neighborhood that had much more foliage and had less street lights.

After about three houses Josh was standing in the middle of the street with his head buried in his candy bag looking for something to snack on so he would have the energy to continue trick or treating. He had skipped dinner because he was so excited to get out on the town that he felt nauseated.

He looked up and looked around. Where was mom? Where was dad? Truth be told they were only one house down the block talking to some PTA parents about school but Josh panicked. He immediately took down the street looking for his lost parents. Before he knew it, he was standing in front of Ms. Fletcher's house.

He knew his parents knew Ms. Fletcher for quite some time so he ventured in her back yard to see if they were talking on the patio. No one was there. In fact, the patio was not there. This wasn't even the right house. The neighborhood was pitch black and he couldn't tell if he was in a front yard, back yard or if he was in the woods behind the subdivision.

The air was cold. Probably 60 degrees. He felt a chill run down his spine and the loneliness of the situation over took him. Why would they leave? What were they doing? And most importantly where was he? He heard a crack of twigs behind him. Probably just a cat. He walked a few more feet through the dense shrubs.

Now another crack and this time it was louder and this time it was followed by heavy breathing. It wasn't the breathing of another 10-year-old or dog. It was a few feet above his head. He turned around with fear in his eyes. And there, standing 6 feet tall, was Jack Mooth. He let out a blood curdling scream and began to run.

He didn't know where he was running to or if he was going towards the subdivision or away. He just knew he had to get AWAY and FAST! He ran until his lungs burned and he felt he couldn't walk one more step. He looked behind him and saw that he was alone, again. He was relieved but at the same time very worried he wouldn't find his way home until the sun came up.

He looked up and realized where he was. He was at the river in Camden Park. The exact place Jack Mooth wanted him to go so he could dispose of his body. Sheer horror ran through is body and he began walking down the edge of the water knowing that just 2 miles north he would be at a neighborhood not too far from his own.

A crack of lightening bolted through the sky illuminating the waterfront along him. Just behind him was a glitter about 6 feet off the ground. It was small. He couldn't make out what it was. Curiosity got the best of him and he took a few steps forward to see what it was. Then, with terror shooting through his brain he realized it was the glitter off of Jack Mooth's right eye. His glass eye.

He turned and ran with all his might down the side of the river clenching his bag of candy in his left hand. This time, he would occasionally look behind him to see if he was getting followed and each time he looked behind his back he saw Jack Mooth hot on his tail. Just when he was about to collapse he saw a light through the woods. It was a neighborhood. Maybe his, maybe not, but it was civilization and he knew that if he could make it there, he would be safe.

He made a hard right turn and went into the light. It WAS his neighborhood and just like a marathon runner finishing up the last leg of the run, he ran with all his might to his front patio. He threw open the front door where his worried parents greeted him with a big sigh of relief. He through he was a goner and was starting to feel the fear for his life subside as he sat down on the entrances floor and grin from ear to ear.

When he told his parents what had happened, they reassured him that Bobby Close was running amok in the neighborhood and trying to scare kids so he could take their candy as he was too old to go trick or treating himself. They said his life was never in danger and that he had nothing to worry about.

The tale of Jack Mooth was just a wive's tale the kids in the town liked to tell younger trick or treaters to get them to stay in at night so the story tellers could get all the candy to themselves. Reassured he retired to his bedroom and opened the giant bag of candy he so diligently clung to during the nights events.

He had a Reeses cup and then a bag of sour skittles and then reaching down into the bag. Feeling around for something with a high sugar content he felt it. Some small and round. A giant jaw breaker? No. It was the glass eye of Jack Mooth. The fear that ran through is body almost made him faint. Now when children told the tale of the man who stalks trick or treaters after the sun goes down, he would have his own personal story to tell. And that the river at Camden Park bore more items than just water and drift wood.

By: Thomas O'Leary (DrMoxley)

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-03 20:16:59

Setting: Bar. "The Pit". Inside. Obviously nighttime. Bar table. Three lights are on, one overhead to two seedy gentlemen, and two on the cigarettes they are smoking. Over-the-shoulder-view of the first man putting down a bottle of whiskey, half-empty, next to his .45 revolver. A second man is sitting across from him even in limited light we see he is handsome, with straight, yet edgy and enigmatic features. The handsome man picks up the bottle and pours his third, maybe fourth drink. He pulls out an envelope marked Axe Devil in black and slides it across the table.
Man 1: *Sighs, blows smoke* "So this money's mine right?"
Handsome Man: "Well, yes..."
*Man 1 looks inside*
Man 1: *eyes his .45 revolver* "It's fuckin' short, man. The deal's five large. Don't play me Jimmy"
Jimmy: *putting his drink down "The deal... is YOU kill the girl. The deal is YOU hide the body. The deal is YOU fucking make sure the parents don't know OUR involvement; MY involvement. Two and a half is there, you get the rest when you get rid of the parents."
Man 1, getting irritated: "The setup was clean, the execution was clean; the fucking cleanup was clean! There's no trace of me! Or you, for that matter"
Jimmy, putting his cigarette butt out: "The parents said they saw Demon stalking the bitch."
Man 1, confused, slightly amused: "A demon? Ha, you're worried 'cuz the parents are fuckin' dipping in the meth?
Jimmy: "Not a demon, you fuckin' idiot: Demon, you're fucking partner, that's what we call him."
Man 1: "Eddie? Ha, what the fuck? Why?"
Jimmy: reaching inside his coat and gets a second cigarette, the table lights on fire: "'Cuz he's a creepy fuckjob..." *lights his cigarette on the burning money. Immediately his eyes turn red, pulls gun out, Man 1 goes for his .45. *Satanic voice: "...Who belongs in hell!" *Gunshot
Man 1 wakes up, sweating. He's leaning against his dresser in his small apartment; some sun is shining through his blinds. He's confused. His back feels funny, as if he got injured, maybe burned, but it does not hurt. He can see blood on his greasy white shirt. Not mine. He stands up slowly and looks on his dresser and sees his .45 and an envelope: Axe Devil. He breathes in his hand and smells it.
Man 1: "Whiskey..."

Setting: Halloween Day 2010, 9 am. Lenore Street, Los Angeles, California.
Lenore St. is obviously getting ready for a Halloween bash: drinking, drugs, partying. Evidently, Lenore's citizens started early. Barkeeps and Club employees clean the vomit, alcohol and other bodily fluids outside, ready for a more reckless, and blood-thirsty crowd. The rain washed away most of the filth the night before. However, as a man from one of the bars goes to the alley to throw away his garbage he sees a large puddle of diluted blood going down from behind the dumpster. Curious he gets closer. It smelled like wet dog and rotten meat. He sees a hand. And two fancy black shoes. He gets closer, there are feet in the shoes; the hand is detached as well. The rest is the bloody remain of the victim, apparently hacked to death. Violently. No features, the head is basically missing and in pieces. The man immediately vomits at the sight of nothing but mashed and hacked organs and crimson and flesh and bone.
Man 1's apartment
*His cell phone rings. He looks at his phone to see who is calling. Jimmy, 6 missed calls.
Man 1: groggy: "Fire."
Jimmy: "What?! Lex! Where ya been?! We're fucked man!"
Lex: *suddenly awake and sober "What? Wait what happened man? I don't remember everything from last night."
Jimmy: hushed: "The girl! Fuck! Look out your window man! Down Lenore, near The Pit. Fuck. Fuck! What the fuck did you do?! This wasn't the plan! Damn it Lex!"
Lex: "Fuck... fuck! Ok, ok take it easy. Lemme look outside"
He looks outside. A crowd gathered outside his favorite bar The Pit. Several people turned away in horror, disgusted.
Lex: "What's with the crowd? Hold on, I think I see you... Wow what the fuck are you doing there! If we're fucked why are you so close to The Pit!?"
Jimmy: "Shh. Take it easy, there's no evidence. Thank God. The rain must've washed it away. Whoo, they can't track us. Hold on, I'm going to your place. At least you got Madeline."
Jimmy and Lex hang up.
Jimmy: "Goddamn, the motherfucker is crazy..."

Lex's apartment a few minutes later:

Jimmy: "So you don't remember anything? You were hitting the whiskey pretty hard."
Lex: "Yeah my back feels funny. Fire and look at this shirt" *hands him the shirt "...the blood ain't mine"
Jimmy: "Huh?" *takes the shirt "Fuck. Damn it, where's your partner, Eddie?"
Lex: "Demon?"
Jimmy: "What? What did you say? Cut your fucking psycho-bullshit Lex and let's think." *Jimmy dials a number "I called him, he doesn't answer..."
Jimmy: "Fuck. Nothing. Do you fuckers ever answer your phones?"
Lex: "Huh? Lemme see The Pit; see if I can remember anything."
Jimmy: *uneasy: "...Right."

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-03 20:25:57

Lex and Jimmy approach the scene. All the bystanders were not gone but at a distance, many of them vomited and screamed, in the distance sirens are heard.
Lex: "Damn... Goddamn..."
Just then, a girl walks up behind them. She's pretty. About 5'5" and slender. Perfect physique to complement her beautiful features. Dark hair that lightens up near her bangs that she has pushed to one side.
Girl: "Ugh... what happened? People are throwing up. Oh my god... that's blood?"
Jimmy: *turns to face the sweet voice, coolly: "Someone got hacked to death. You don't want-"
Jimmy is stupefied
Jimmy: *in a loud whisper: "Lex! Lex!"
He gets his attention and Lex returns to him. Jimmy is stunned by something
Lex: "Hey Jimmy, who's your-"
Panic rushed Lex. He knew the girl. Madeline.
Madeline: "You're right I don't want to look" *She is facing Jimmy, turns to Lex: "You guys look familiar do I know you?"
Both of them are shocked.
Madeline: *in a sweet voice: "My name's Madeline, you can call me Maddy"
Jimmy: *still stunned: "I'm-I'm James, Jimmy" he tries his best to make his smile look genuine. He succeeds "This is my friend."
Lex: *holding his head, then looks at Madeline: "I'm Lex. It's a pleasure"
Madeline: "Pleasure to meet you Lex, Jimmy, you all right Lex?"
Lex smiles like Jimmy. Apparently Madeline does not detect the situation. Both men are handsome gentlemen. Lex is rather charming.
Lex: "Listen Maddy, we're gonna get a cup of coffee, and, you know, straighten ourselves, maybe you'd like to join us." *flashes an easy smile, feeling the $2,500 in his pocket: "I'll buy"
Madeline: "Yeah, um... Ok Lex. Where are you guys going? Is it near?"
Lex: "The coffee house is down the block, it's like three minutes walking, maybe less."
Madeline: "Ok" *flashes a quick, cute smile at Lex.
There was something suave about Lex. Enigmatic.
Jimmy: "I'll catch up, I need to use the bathroom" *heads towards The Pit and quietly whispers to Lex: "I'll call Eddie again, I'll catch up; don't lose her"
As he leaves he smiles at Madeline.
Lex: "Don't worry 'bout him. He's real queasy; a big softie"
Madeline: "I wanna look, but I feel it's too much"
The police are only a block away, the sirens get louder.
Lex: "Don't look; it's too much for me too."
He's taken in by her beauty and he wants her. He needs her. He wants to choke her. He wants to cut her. He wants-
Lex stops. A tune is coming from under the dumpster. It's almost inaudible under all the noise.
Madeline: puzzled: "What's that? Is that a phone?"
It was a phone. Eddie's phone. Jimmy was calling. The body was Eddie's
A second panic hit Lex. He holds his head again, this time anguish is more obvious.
Madeline: *concerned: "You okay, Lex?"
Lex: *hurried, anxious: "I'm fine; the smell is getting to me, enough waiting for Jimmy, let's go."
Madeline follows. Lex is walking rather fast but just slow enough the Madeline does not become suspicious.
The patrol cars scream past the two. Madeline covers her ears and but Lex is too panicked.
Lex: "Damn, Jimmy is taking forever!"
A large dog starts barking viciously at Lex, the owner is struggling to hold him by the leash. Madeline is startled and moves towards Lex by reflex, half-expecting him to hold her and protect her. She is terrified of dogs. Lex does, holding her shoulder, guiding her around the dog. Lex felt his .45 with his free hand. Fucking mutt, I should fucking kill you right now, he thought.
Madeline: *shy but flirtatiously: "Thank you Lex. I'm terrified of dogs. Let's wait for Jimmy at the coffee store." She felt strangely drawn to him. She knew he was special.
Lex: *smiles comfortingly "Yeah and order too. I see the shop up ahead. Try the latte."
Inside the store. Lex and Madeline have their drinks. Lex does not like coffee but drinks it anyway, to encourage Madeline to do the same. He likes the burn in his throat.
Madeline: "It's too hot, Lex..."
Lex takes her latte, gently. He blows on it and stirs it. He can feel the heat.
Lex: "Better?"
Madeline: *sweetly, but pouting: "No, it feels... hotter. Thanks though Lex. Thanks for the latte, too."
Jimmy enters a minute later. His face is pale. He is still stunned but the caffeine in the air is settling him down.
Madeline: "It's Jimmy, I don't think he's better."
Lex calls him. Jimmy comes over and sits.
Lex: *trying not to sound suspicious: "Hey Jimmy, I called Eddie earlier, he's not here. He's gone on vacation. So don't call him."
Jimmy understood somewhat. Jimmy is sweating.
Jimmy: "I'm gonna get a cold drink. I'll be right back."
Lex gets up with him.
Lex: *sweetly: "You need anything else Maddy? I'm gonna get another coffee."
Madeline smiled coyly and shook her head. She looked gorgeous. Lex wanted to throw the scalding coffee on her face and defile her. He felt a strange urge. He felt violent. He wanted to bash her head in with the heavy porcelain cup he was holding and rape her massacred body. He would rip her skirt off and stab her in her pussy and violently drive his dick in. He quickly turned and put his hand in his pocket to hide his erection. He took Jimmy aside with his free hand.
Lex: *looks around without looking suspicious: "Jimmy, Eddie had the... 'pack'. His phone is under the dumpster. That was his body."
Jimmy is completely shocked yet again.
Jimmy: *tries to whisper "F-f-fuck!" Jimmy is trembling now. People including Madeline stare at him. He looks at Lex.
Jimmy: "Lex, I gotta tell you something. Above the body. There's a message on the brick wall in ashes..."
Lex: confused: "I didn't see anything. What's it say?"
Jimmy: uneasy: "Lex 'Fire' Cusa"
What?! He thought. Who would write his name on the wall?! Lex Cusa was what he was known by. No one called him "fire." The police will be looking for me, he thought. Fuck! Goddamn it!
Lex: *motions towards Jimmy to get closer, away from the cashier, *quietly: "We gotta get outta Los Angeles. I invited Madeline to The Pendulum tonight. You tell the boss about Eddie. We'll leave before midnight. I'm gonna kill her tonight."

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-03 20:28:56

Jimmy left with his iced coffee and Lex returned to Madeline.
The Pendulum was the best club Lex and Jimmy knew. Hard beats and hard drinks, mixed with fine girls and fine drugs. It always ended well for Lex and Jimmy. Every Halloween they held a costume contest. And the sexiest women, or, the women with the biggest busts, entered the pour-drinks-on-near-naked-drunk-chicks-w ho-make-bad-decisions competition. The prize was a cool grand. Entrance for Lex and Jimmy was easy; their boss owned the joint. Lex told Madeline to wear a cute outfit, intimating that she should go buy a slutty costume. Madeline got the hint and realized the type of costume party it was and felt comfortable with him and decided to go, feeling Lex was a sweet and smooth guy and he would protect her and not expect anything sexual from her. He told her that she did not need to dress like a whore and he knew no matter what she wore, she would be beautiful and incredibly attractive. She looked at him sweetly and he firmly held her hand. He leaned in and she leaned in too and kissed Lex. His grip tightened. Goddamn, I will strangle her 'till she passes out and beat her face to a bloody pulp with my fists and throw her around my apartment violently. I'll stick my cock down her bloody throat and come inside. I'll fuck her while she's unconscious and slam her head against the wall while I defile her tight pussy. When she wakes up-- *his grip tightened further. Madeline moaned softly.* --I'll make her scream and squeal while I sodomize her and choke her, letting her breathe just so she can keep suffering at my hand. I'll put my .45 in her throat while I tit-fuck her and shoot her while I come on her small perfect breasts and shoot her in her tight ass as well and then sodomize her again and again until I come. I'll get an axe and put it through her pretty little legs and burn her body and fuck her again before burying her! He pulled back and looked at her and was taken immediately by her beauty. Her face was incredibly soft and she shone radiantly. She offered a warm angelic smile. His grip softened and she laughed. What's wrong with me?! She's a sweet girl. An angel! I should take her with me. She was incredibly beautiful, almost heavenly. Lex wanted her, but not physically anymore, not carnally. He was falling for her. God, help me! Lex thought over his situation. The boss would definitely track me down and kill us both. We can't hide in Los Angeles. If I kill her, me and Jimmy can go to one of our safe-houses and chill till it blows over. No, he thought, she's an angel. I need to save her. No! She's not pure. She's involved in this fucking meth and coke business. Why Madeline? Please God, help me!
She was 22 but looked 18. She was the scholarly type and liked smooth guys who could take care of her. She lived with her parents while attending the university. The Tom Hanks-looking boss was 35 but looked 50. She fell for the boss. He was pretty smooth for an old guy and treated her politely. She had slept with the boss and learned of their gang-related activities. She did coke with the boss and was peddling meth. The boss got violent and she left him. Now, he wanted her dead. Lex was 25 and looked it: healthy, handsome, in his prime. He decided to take her dancing and let the night play out and decide later. He took her hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it. She was definitely not the promiscuous type. She dated men for weeks before letting them have her. She was going to give herself to Lex tonight.
She kissed Lex goodbye and gave him her number. He was to pick her up and drive her there. "Six O'clock" he said. He was taking her to dinner and then a movie; a scary movie.
Madeline: "I don't like scary movies"
Lex: "Me either, we can hold each other when we get scared" he joked.
As Lex walked away, she admired his physique. He and Jimmy are both hot she thought. But Lex, wow he's so attractive. I bet he works out a lot. God I feel so slutty. I want him inside me though. Oh, she giggled to herself, I'm acting like a horny sorority girl. But I do want Lex, he'll treat me right. He's gonna get lucky.

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Setting: The Pendulum. 11 o'clock.
Loud music can be heard through the walls and throughout Lenore Street. The night is dark but that's expected. What's not expected is the storm coming in. The forecast was clear skies; same for the night before. There is thunder and lightning, but no rain.
Lex and Madeline approach The Pendulum. Madeline has both arms around Lex and he is holding her close. The date went well.
Lex: "The club is right here."
Lex cut past the line pulling Madeline by her hand, her angel costume surprisingly rather revealing. She had a fake halo and fake angel wings. Her short white skirt hugged her perfect ass, accentuating her goddess-like curves. Her top was the same, tight on her perfect shape and delicately small breasts, her belly exposed. To top it off, she wore white high heels that almost made Lex come in his pants. God I want to fuck her violently and painfully Lex thought when she put it on after their date. It's a nice change of pace to all the slutty devil costumes though. Lex was dressed in a World War 2 Spanish Soldier Uniform; his hair neatly combed and a pocket watch dangled from his breast pocket. The costume was perfect except for the M1911 .45 he carried in his hip holster. "Pan's Labyrinth!" Madeline exclaimed, Lex surprised at her movie knowledge. The truth was, in his costume, like his movie counter-part, Lex felt violent, evil, violent, vicious, violent, hateful, violent. After I kill her I'll destroy her perfect body. He ran his hand through her hair caringly and she smiled sweetly at him. Help me, God! he thought.
Gordon: "What's up, Lex my man? And who's this fine lady?"
Lex: "This is Madeline, my... date"
Gordon was stunned. He knew who Madeline was. Impossible! He thought.
Lex: "Don't worry" *Lex leans in towards Gordon, enough so Madeline cannot hear him: "I'll take care of business; orders from the boss, relax."
Despite his involvement with the gang, he was a rather religious man. He felt satanic forces tonight. He felt them every Halloween. He felt a foreboding sense of doom and evil. He wondered how Lex would kill Madeline.
Gordon: "All right, my brother, take it easy" Gordon eyed Madeline's perfect shape as she walked by. Damn, he thought, forgive me God but I'd like to tear that ass up! He smiled and eased up.
Inside the club there is loud music and the air reeks of alcohol and smoke, most of it from the cigarettes and joints; the rest from the smoke machine. There are plenty of seizure-inducing lights and Newgrounds Drum n' Bass is shaking the club. Lex held Madeline's shoulders and guided her through the gyrating crowd to a table reserved for the gang. Jimmy was sitting there dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange and he had a drunken devil resting on his left arm and a naughty nurse on his right, kissing his neck.
Lex: "Jimmy!"
Jimmy: "Hey, man. Madeline. How's it going? On my left Jillian, on my right, her twin, Katherine"
Goddamn, Lex thought. I shoulda killed Madeline fucked her then gotten two new whores and fucked and defiled one of them, making the other watch. Then I'd come on her slashed and bloody face and laughed as I fucked the second one, watching her squirm as she knew her fate would come when I did.
Madeline: *she pulls on Lex's shoulder, waking him from his violent fantasy: "Lex, let's dance!" Madeline was holding a drink.
Where the fuck she'd get that from? He thought.
Lex: "All right."
Lex was a good dancer; he was classically trained and knew many forms of dance. When he was in the club, he was different though. And always got his way with the girl he was dancing with. Madeline was an even better dancer. Madeline was grinding on Lex rather hard and Lex was enjoying it, not bothering to hide his erection. He fantasized his recent violent fantasies and the closer the clock got to midnight the redder his eyes got. The higher this body temperature rose. The hotter his blood boiled. The harder he grabbed Madeline by the waist and slammed her body against his dick. She did not mind and inserted her hand in his pocket, pulling his hips closer to hers. She kissed him and grabbed his penis through his trouser pocket and squeezed it hard. Lex grabbed her by the neck and was going to strangle there on the dance floor but the look of fear and shock on her face did not excite him anymore. He let go. Thank God, I'm saved.
He pulled her hand and led her to the back exit. The time was 11:50. As they exited, he heard the DJ announce: "Ladies please approach the DJ booth to enter the wet-shirt contest where the prize is one thousand bucks!"
Madeline: concerned but scared: "Lex, what's the matter?"
Lex: "I have to tell you the truth. You know me and Jimmy" Madeline was confused.
Lex: "Me and Jimmy are gangsters, we work for the boss. We know your relationship to him..." Madeline collapsed. Lex dropped and caught her and kneeled setting her on his knee holding her tight.
Madeline: *shocked at Lex's betrayal: "You and Jimmy were sent to kill me and recover the meth right? I threw it away!" *sobbing: "I'm done with that shit! Fuck you, Lex and fuck Jimmy and your fucking stupid boss!" she yelled furiously.
Lex: somber: "Madeline." *Lex grabs her chin softly and pulls her face towards his "Madeline, I love you. I want you to run away with me. The boss will hunt us both. He thinks you will be dead. By the time he finds out you ran away with me we'll be far from Los Angeles! Madeline, I love you. Please leave with me."
Several minutes passed
Madeline: *calming herself "Wow. Wow... OK Lex, I love you too." *Crying: "When should we leave?"
Lex felt invigorated. His urges left, his violence ceded. A light within compelled him to save her.
Lex: "Immediately, I have a getaway car, 10 large and an M-16." Madeline knew he was lying. That was Lex's regular car.
Madeline: "Ok, let's go"
Madeline grabbed his hand and they re-entered the club, heading for the entrance.
Lex moved through the club slowly. Several gangsters saw him with Madeline, holding his hand tightly. Then Lex saw something that made his heart drop. Fear took over his body. He knew he had to get out as soon as possible. Sitting where Jimmy was: The Boss.
DJ: "Ladies! The Wet-Shirt contest will begin immediately! Any last-minute entries are welcomed. Approach the center stage please!"
Thank God, Lex thought. The boss's favorite event, he would not miss this even for Madeline. The time was 11:54.
Lex: *almost yelling in Madeline's ear: "It's the boss, this way! C'mon!"
He pulled Madeline hard by the hand and she stumbled and struggled to keep up in her heels. Then, he pulled again and bumped into a large man named Manuel, knocking him over and Manuel stumbled on his date, a red-head with large breasts, not in the contest for whatever reason. Goddamn it! Lex thought. The motherfucking Bull!
The Bull: "What the fuck Lex?! You got a problem?"
Lex looked back at the boss, he was engrossed with a supermodel-like blonde: tall, skinny, large round breasts with her hard nipples piercing through the soft fabric of her fairy princess costume, acting like most models got their jobs: on her knees surrounded by men pouring things on her face and breasts.
Lex: "No, I'm sorry Sammy. Please I got to go!"
Lex attempted to move past him but Sammy grabbed Madeline and shoved her, knocking her over. Madeline hit her head on a stool and bled.
The Bull: *mean laugh as he pushes her: "Take that bitch!" The whole club stopped and turned to the drama unfolding in the center of the club.

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Lex: "You motherfucker!"
Lex saw Madeline on the ground not moving. He took out the handgun from his hip holster. The expression on Sammy's face was extreme fear; however, it was not the handgun that frightened him. It was Lex's piercing red eyes, not noticeable to everyone else due to the pulsing club lights. Screams were heard as Lex shot several rounds into Sammy's face, obliterating it completely, his neck smoking. Several club-goers hit the deck and sought cover while others ran. The whores on stage scrambled for safety in their high heels and wet costumes. The rest, the gangsters, all pulled out their weapons and aimed at Lex. Lex's back was smoking. Jimmy was in the VIP room penetrating Jillian while Katherine sat between them kissing Jimmy passionately and Jimmy feeling Katherine's wet pussy. Goddamn it! What the fuck could that be! He thought. Jimmy pushed Katherine aside and left Jillian's drunken body. He quickly put on his pants and pulled his gun out from an armpit holster. Jimmy raced into the club. The time was 11:57.
The Boss: *looks at Madeline, realizes Lex's connection to her: "Shoot him!"
The bullets hit Lex but each bullet was absorbed into his body, flames where blood splatters would be. The gangsters were immobile, stupefied, they began to run, some worried about police, others praying to God. Madeline was on the ground. The other headless body belonged to Sammy. In addition to Lex, the boss, and the arriving Jimmy, the bar was empty. The music and lights continued to rage.
The time was 11:58
Lex approached the boss, who returned from the bar, holding a shotgun, shaking, immobile. Lex's eyes were fire and blood began spurting out of his brow as two bloody, burning holes materialized.
The police sirens rang. Shortly after fire sirens pierced the surrounding chaos. The police were prepared for mayhem, but not for this.
The back of Lex's shirt had been completely burned by now and dropped to the ground, still lit. Madeline was regaining consciousness. Lex was standing in front of the boss now, flaming axe in hand. The time was 11:59:00.
Lex: *demonic voice: "Your time is through, you belong to me now."
Lex drove the axe clean through The Boss's forehead, down to his neck, at an angle. There was a splatter of blood and a gurgle and his body dropped, half of his head missing. Lex continued swiping at his body on the ground. Again and again and again and again and again.
Jimmy ran towards Madeline who was rising to her feet, still dazed and disoriented.
Jimmy: *yelling: "C'mon, we have to get the fuck outta here!"
Madeline: *confused: "Where's Lex?"
Lex turned towards Jimmy, blocking Madeline and Jimmy from their salvation.
Lex: *demonic voice: "I'll have your soul, too, James."
Jimmy: "Lex, it's me! Jimmy! Your best friend!"
Lex laughed darkly.
Jimmy: "Run Madeline!"
Lex focused his attention on Jimmy as Madeline stood motionless, clasping Jimmy's hand.
Lex approached them slowly. The time was 11:59:25.
Jimmy aimed his pistol at Lex.
Lex laughed again, his voice dark and deep.
As Lex continued approaching them, Jimmy shoved Madeline towards the door around Lex. Lex kept his attention on Jimmy. The time was 11:59:30.
Madeline ran to the door. Lex kept his attention on Jimmy and was finally face to face with him. His nostrils emitting smoke, his eyes burning with evil. Madeline turned back to look at Jimmy and saw Lex. She let out a blood-curdling shriek. Lex turned towards her and the door closed magically then ignited. At that moment Jimmy saw what made Madeline scream. It all made sense to him. On Lex's back were two words, bloody and scorched: LUCIFER'S AXE. Good God! Jimmy thought. He knew what it meant; it made sense to him. He instantly made the connection; he knew what happened to Eddie. LUCIFER'S AXE. LEX FIRE CUSA. Lex was possessed by the Devil himself.
The time was 11:59:40. Madeline struggled to push the door open, her hands burning, to no avail. Jimmy raised his gun to Lex's face and shot him, unloading his pistol and screaming.
Lex smiled ominously, horns growing from his forehead. The first axe went straight down to his throat, emitting blood and embers. The second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth went into his lifeless body. The time was 11:59:48.
Lex walked quickly towards a frozen Madeline.
Lucifer: evilly: "God can't save you now, you are mine. You belong to me. I will desecrate your soul!"
Madeline: *as Lex nears "No! God, no! Lex! God!"
11:59:54... The first axe swipe went through her skull down to her chin.
11:59:55... The second struck her chest sending a dirty splatter of blood onto Lex's face.
11:59:56... The third went through her chest again, this time cutting through her rib cage, splitting her heart in two.
11:59:57... The fourth went down her torso, cutting her intestines, pieces of flesh, bone, and fire exploding from the carnage.
11:59:58... The fifth went through her spine, at an angle, cutting her unrecognizable body into two, dropping a large chunk of red meat and two arms to the ground.
11:59:59... The sixth and final axe went through her legs, cleanly, smoking and scorching. She was in pieces now. A large pool of blood collected on the ground. Her body was gone now; all that remained was pure carnage.
Lucifer: thundering, and booming evilly: "See you again next year!" The voice echoed throughout Lenore St.
It was November 1st. The police were just arriving at The Pendulum. The fire department arrived shortly thereafter. The door was jammed and the club was in smoke. The firemen knocked down the door and were the first to witness the scene. From the back a beautiful nurse with tussled hair stepped out, followed by a beautiful young devil staggering behind her, holding her hand. The police entered and surveyed the scene: a man dressed as Superman, shot in the back and neck, caught in the crossfire, lay in a pool of his own blood. A tall, large man missing his head with six .45 bullet casings near him. A medium-sized male, in a bloody mess his head and torso unrecognizable. A man wearing strange white pants, splattered in red, large chunks of his body beside him. Near the entrance was the most unimaginable horror. Two female legs, completely severed, wearing white high heels with blood on the toes. Pieces of her dark burning hair remained attached to her skull, which was in two. Her torso was nonexistent, only two arms remained and fake, white wings, now red, drenched in her blood. Next to her remains was a male body on its side. The man was shirtless. His entire back was scorched. Several bullet holes went through his body, but he was not bleeding. They turned him over; his face was also riddled with bullet wounds left by the pistol on the ground several feet away. No blood. The paramedics discovered two extra holes that seemed too large to be made by a handgun bullet on the unidentified man as they picked him up. The holes were near his hairline above each eye. A charred bloody axe lay beside him.


*Author's Note: Sorry for the extreme length of this story. The screenplay style makes it appear alot longer than it actually is, although it still is a 8-10 minute reading. The story is more of a dark thriller with a black, horrific ending than a scary story. It was originally 3 parts + epilogue. I intended Lex's thoughts to be black but they were extremely sexual, sorry if I offended/disgusted anyone. If screenplay seems rather long skip parts 1,4 and some of 5.

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Yevgeny sat alone in his darkened, lonely home just as he did every year at Halloween. His large rotund form melted into the rocking chair as he breathed deeply and slowly. He ran his fingers over his bushy mustache and thick goatee. The large scars on his face ached this time of year, it was the only time he felt them. Yes, the usually warm and boisterous Old Russian had always retreated into his introverted abode ever year at this time. Why he could never remember, his mind was clouded with a red haze whenever Halloween rolled around. For over 60 years now the pain in his heart and mind would begin to rip and tear at the increasingly fragile wall that held them in the back of his mind. Yevgeny knew this, he knew in his head there was a veritable Pandora's Box, thrashing and bustling, waiting to burst open. To avoid this, Yevgeny would sit alone in his darkened home and listen to Vivaldi under candlelight. Despite his efforts though, it was well known throughout the neighborhood that friendly Yevgeny was a mere shell of himself on Halloween night. You could hear his screams as he fought back god only knows what impulses and feelings swept over him. Now, as the calendar drew to October 31st Yevgeny once again turned off the lights, lit his ceiling candelabra, and sat quietly in his chair as The Four Seasons serenaded him.
'Maybe this year will be different', Yevgeny thought quietly to himself as he felt himself ease into his chair, drifting into a blissful state of rest. Suddenly a thought jolted him, 'Did I remember to put out the candy?' Yevgeny may have introverted himself, but his kind disposition would not allow him to forget the children. Every year, despite his condition, he would leave a large bowl of candy for the children as they passed by. The parent's told their children the screaming and shouting was all part of Yevgeny's Halloween experience. Yevgeny was ashamed to be so weak, but he appreciated the forethought of his neighbors, they had always been so kind. Yevgeny took a slow tentative look from through his drawn blinds to see that the bowl was in fact there; waiting patiently under the glow of a spooky orange light. Yevgeny smiled softly and began to lumber back over to his seat. As he walked back he noticed something in the corner of his eye, a slight wisp, a milky white shape that floated past the door into the next room. He stood paralyzed with fear. His hands trembled as he felt for the arm rest of his chair. He flailed his hand into thin air and in his desperation fell forward on his face. His skin began to feel as though it was covered in flies and grime. He began to weep and murmur as the walls of his home began to peel away into something, hellish. The nightmare had begun once again.
The first children of the night had arrived at Yevgeny's home. A young boy of 9, Willis, dressed as Red Power Ranger. A young girl of 7, Rebecca, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. They were the kids of a young couple next door. Their family was intimately close with Yevgeny, knowing him ever since he moved into the neighborhood. They all knew him as the kooky, funny man with a weird accent who was always telling jokes and making their parents smile; but their parents were always weird about him when he wasn't around.
"Mom tells me he used to all the way in Russia before he came here to Nevada" Willis said to Rebecca as they approached the house.
"Mom said not to talk about it to him about it or it makes him sad" Rebecca replied in a scolding tone.
"I know, but aren't you curious? There's always weird noises coming from his house on Halloween, I wanna ring the doorbell"
"Stop it Willis! You know we're not allowed!"
"Oh shut up you big, whiny tattletale"
Willis reached out his gloved finger to the small buzzer beside the door. His entire arm trembled as he grew closer. A piercing scream of fear erupted from behind the door just before Willis reached the doorbell. Willis let out a girl scream before he ran away, forgetting completely about any candy he may have wanted to take. Rebecca grabbed a quick handful and sprinted off after him.
The nightmare had now enveloped Yevgeny's home. He was again in Hell. The walls were a rusted, creamy white texture. All of his furniture now looked rotted and worn. Where his candelabra once hung from the ceiling there was now a flickering halogen light. Two bloodied meat-hooks swung lightly from the ceiling, dripping with blood and loose flesh. The sound of electricity crackled in a light echo in his head. The smell of burnt flesh and sweat filled his nostrils and eyes. Yevgeny began to cry out loudly with both sadness and fear as he felt his grasp on reality continue to fade. His vision began to pulse with red and he saw a black, human, figure walk toward him; fading in and out of existence as it approached him. Yevgeny looked into its empty face, seeing only a pitch place outline of a face and two beady red eyes.
"Who are you!?" Yevgeny shouted in a choked, pleading voice as tears rolled down his face and his mouth began to sputter saliva.
The figure drew closer, Yevgeny shut his eyes, the heat of its breath flowed over his bald head and the stench of vodka burned his nose. Then, just as fast as it had come, the vision vanished. The sound of Vivaldi gently filled the room again and things slowly returned to their normal state. Yevgeny struggled to his feet, every inch of his body convulsing and his heart racing. He could hear the clamor of children outside as they laughed fished into the bowl of candy. Yevgeny allowed himself a private smile before he suddenly released one large convulsion and vomited onto the floor in front of him. He fell on his hands and knees and began to breathe heavily. After a few moments the sound of the trick-or-treaters faded and Yevgeny was again left alone. The Vivaldi had stopped playing on the Record and required resetting. It was only in these short moments of silence that Yevgeny could feel the magnitude of his hallucination. He was drenched in sweat, chest ached, hands felt weak. He breathed heavily as he walked over to the record player; it felt as though he was walking through a viscous floor. Each step forward was slow, deliberate and agonizing. Yevegeny gingerly rewound the record and it began to spin once again. However, instead of Vivaldi pouring from the speaker, there was only harsh, whispering static. The frequency of the sound grew more and more intense and Yevgeny felt his vision begin to pulse again. The room began to feel cold, cold like the snows of Russia. Yevgeny looked around him and saw that his room had faded away into a charcoal mist and given way to a howling blizzard. He looked at his hands to see they had become covered in snow and ice. And yet, he felt nothing, only a profound numbness. Just as soon as it had come the snow began to melt; the blizzard to subside. The sound of howling winds was drowned out by the sounds of adolescent screams and gunfire. Yevgeny rose the room had become a void of blackness. A red mark lay on what appeared to be a wall in front of him. It looked like a break in glass. The cracks began to spread outward. Like the roots of a weed the tendrils of scarlet began to encompass the void. Yevgeny sat in awe, limp, as the red began to swallow the void. The lines shot across the floor and began to surround him, crawling slowly up his body. They burned him as they advanced closer and closer toward his face. He screamed as he began to feel the burning sensation peeling across his skin. The ceiling above began to drip red onto his body, it was blood, the volume increased until soon he was drenched in a downpour of the viscous red liquid. He could nothing but tremble as the warmth of the blood began to flow over top of him. The floor began to fill, and a pool of blood began to rise. It rose higher and higher until Yevgeny was forced to his feet. It continued to rise until it reached his neck.

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Yevgeny stuck his face upward, screaming as the blood began to fill his nostrils and mouth. He began to feel his consciousness slip away as the sea of blood began to consume him. He flailed about in his futility. As the sea rose, Yevgeny sank, he drifted downward and surrounding him where the mutilated corpses of children. Their bodies were limp and lifeless as they turned with the flow of their liquid tomb.
A lone child approached Yevgeny's home. She was no older than 7, but she was alone draped in a black robe wearing a bright red mask that resembled the face of a Tengu. She was new to the neighborhood. Her parents had moved in from Maine only a month ago, and no one had told them about Yevgeny on Halloween. The little girl glanced at the bowl and was tempted to take the candy, but she felt tentative. She didn't want to make a mistake. She rang the doorbell, intending to Trick or Treat the proper way. Immediately after the doorbell's dull, bass tone she heard a peeling whine from inside the house. She was scared and turned to leave, but the door began to creak slowly open behind her. The darkness inside spilled out onto the porch, and Yevgeny's form slowly materialized in the doorway.
Yevgeny looked at the child in front of him. He was still reeling from his last bought with the nightmares. His vision was hazy, his breath was short, and his face was drenched is droplets of sweat. He reached his hand out and touched the girl's shoulder.
"Hello there little one" he said warmly, a thin, wiry smile stretched across his face. He knelt down on one knee and leveled his eyes with her face. "My that is one terrifying mask you have there" his accent was thick, that combined with his shortness of breath made him even more difficult to understand. The little girl trembled slightly and whispered
"T-t-trick or Treat m-m-mister"
"Of course, plenty of candy for the 'scary' little girl" Yevgeny laughed, he began to feel his energy come back to him, this little girl was easing his mind for the first time in decades. "I hope you don't mind me asking..." Yevgeny began "...but why is such a young girl like you out by yourself?"
The little girl felt her inhibitions melt away, the big man before her was so nice, she must have heard things "My mom told me to go so she could drink, and my daddy is out working." She evidently didn't understand what her mother meant, as she was confused by the worry that etched Yevgeny's face upon hearing this.
"That's awful, I should have to speak to them later" Yevgeny said to her "I don't think I've seen you here before, would you mind if I see your face, if only for a moment?"
"O-o-okay mister" the girl replied, she slowly removed the mask to reveal her pretty face. Her features were thin but full; her hair was a warm strawberry blonde. It was at this moment Yevgeny finally snapped. Everything began to rush into his head at once. The fragile weight that smothered his repressed memories shattered and the floodwaters of his haunted past began to drown him.
October 31st 1949. Yevgeny was back in Russia, at this uncle's home in Sochi, aged 9. His mother had sent him here from Rostoy while she traveled to Stalingrad to aid the soldiers. His younger sister had already been sent to Sochi, as had his older cousin, the daughter of his other uncle. Yevgeny was scared to leave, but even more scared to stay. The house was small, quaint, and frequently assaulted by blizzards. His uncle was a tall, imposing man. He had worked in the factories for 40 years before he retired to his home. He lived alone and Yevgeny had only met him once before. At first things were rather normal, boringly so. The blizzards kept Yevgeny and his uncle inside, where they did not speak much. Yevgeny was forced to entertain himself with whatever could be found. When the blizzard subsided his uncle would leave regularly, saying he was headed into town, why he was heading into the violence Yevgeny could never understand, but he did not dare question his stern uncle. One day, as Yevgeny explored the house he discovered a loose ornament on his uncle's nightstand. He pushed it back in place and heard the thunderous noise of a large lock coming undone. He looked around the room, wondering where it had come from. He caught sight of a portion of the wall that had now jutted outward a slight amount. Yevgeny observed it from all angles and then pushed it horizontally. The wall slid effortlessly to the side revealing a dark stairway. A horrid stench and biting cold emanated from the seemingly endless flight of stairs. Yevgeny's heart raced as he stepped slowly down the stairs, feeling each step as he moved deeper into the encroaching darkness. As he moved deeper a small, blue halogen light began to illuminate the path ahead. The smell began to grow worse and worse as he drew closer to the rectangular doorway, the only source of light in the pitch black abode. When Yevgeny first stepped inside the sudden flush of light temporarily blinded him. As his vision returned he witnessed the horror firsthand. The walls were a dirty, rusted color and the floor was wet with blood. In the corner of the room he saw a pile of mutilated corpses which, at the sight and smell of them, Yevgeny wretched and vomited onto the floor. He fell onto his hands and knees and began to crawl on the floor, desperately feeling his way around. His vision was blurred with both tears and shock as he stumbled backwards. He glanced up and saw two corpses just in front of him, hanging from meat-hooks, their bodies, naked and covered in electrical burns. He looked at the corpses and his heart stopped. The girl in front of him was familiar, her features were thin but full; her hair was a warm strawberry blonde. It was his sister, Anastasia. Yevgeny felt his face turn hot with rage, fear, and repressed grief. She was dead; his beloved younger sister was dead. Beside her was his cousin, her face no longer even recognizable. Both of their bodies had clearly been sexually abused and tortured heavily. It was then that Yevgeny felt a heavy hand on his shoulder; his uncle had returned with a young girl, she was unconscious.
"Yevgeny..." his uncle began his voice stiff and unfeeling.
"Wh-wh-wh..." Yevgeny stammered as he turned to face him.
His uncle spared no time; he brought the hatchet in his arm up and swiftly brought it down. Yevgeny lurched away from the blow on his hands. The blade had ripped across his face, leaving a deep, bleeding gash. The blood flowed profusely from his face. Yevgeny had never known pain like this before. Yevgeny began to crawl, reaching out for something to fight back with. He took hold of cold, metal object he felt on the ground. His uncle grabbed him from behind and lifted him; he spoke again, cold and emotionless
"Just stop Yevgeny, I can't have you leave, I'll just have to kill your mother too now I guess, she was always pretty"
In a flash of violent instinct Yevgeny drove the object in his hand into his uncle's neck ripping it across his throat. His uncle let out a sputtering choke and the blood began to spray into Yevgeny's mouth and nose. Yevgeny fell from his uncle's grip and immediately bounded off into the dark hallway. He ran and did not stop. He ran out of the house and into the snow, through the snow and into town. He ran until he collapsed. He was later picked up by police in the area. When Police questioned him, Yevgeny claimed to remember nothing, as if his mind had been wiped clean. He could not remember his parents, his family, only his name. The police found his mother had been killed in a skirmish only two days before and knew of no relatives registered nearby. He was taken in by a young Russian couple and moved to Moscow for the rest of his life until he left for America following the death of his 'parent's'.

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. Every year since the incident, for reasons Yevgeny had blocked out, his mind took note of the date, October 31st and waged a savage attack against his defense systems. He suffered but stayed and worked hard in the factories during the reign of Stalin. He toiled through the work and his nightmares year after year. The only comfort in his life was his 'mother' and her Vivaldi music. She had always made his troubles melt away, and he felt relief in her presence. When she passed his strength had waned even worse. He could no longer even bear to live in Russia, as the nightmares and visions haunted him tenfold. So he fled, moving the Nevada, the furthest thing from Russia he could think of. It was there that he found himself now, glaring into the terrified eyes of a little girl.
Yevgeny's face was twisted and tears rolled down his face profusely. His grip had tightened on the girl's shoulders as she struggled. She was crying, biting her lip because her mother had 'taught' her that loud crying only worsened the pain.
"Please forgive me!" Yevgeny shouted at the girl in a pitiful cry. "Forgive me, If I had only know, you died alone, scared and in pain. I couldn't help you; I could not save my own, beloved sister!"
Yevgeny continued to ramble, his English falling into sputtering Russian. Suddenly he stopped, as though he realized what he had been doing. The young girl was disheveled; her eyes were red with the tears she had shed. Yevgeny released his grip and she sprinted off in hysterical tears, leaving Yevgeny alone, trembling. The memories, he could no longer escape them. He walked, mechanically, back into his home and shut the door. He turned on the lights in his home, no point in sheltering himself from the light anymore. He continued over to his nightstand and pulled a small pistol out from inside. He slowly lumbered into his chair once again and began to rock back and forth. His face was numb; all he could feel were his tears. In front of him the ghostly wisp from before materialized. It swallowed him inside its form and in his ears he heard the words
The apparition faded away, leaving Yevgeny alone once again. Yevgeny looked at the gun in his hand and slowly forced it to his face. He slowly slid the barrel into his mouth. He bit down hard as the bitter sadness he had repressed so long poured forth. He pulled the trigger with a fierce and angry motion. The bullet pierced his brain, and he was killed instantly.

I hope you enjoyed, sorry in advance for any major mistakes

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-04 14:26:21

Hi everyone this is my second Halloween 2010 Poem/story. Okay here goes nothing.

Once apon a midnight on Halloween
There was an alien who had a dream
Who wanted to rule over all the universe,
You see all his brothers and sisters were diverse
But this particular alien was wanted to leave
Let call him "Steve"
He wasn't like other aliens oh no no no you could say he looked almost, human
Although he was weird,
You would've never guessed it he even had a beard
So imagine the surprise to the human disguse
That Steve caused many of the human their short lived lives
He couldn't help it he thought it was funny
Steve he even tasted there blood he thought it tasted like honey
He craved it more and more he wanted to have it
And as he moved on to try and get his family in
It became more and more like a habit
The high it gave him, especailly when they gave into fear, made him feel like a bunny rabbit
Now you see that Steve was the only survior or his race
And he saw Earth as the perfect place
To start all over again
And to his brother's and sister's he wouldn't have to retrain
What was in there brain
To eat and to kill
It was easy and fun
To Steve it was all a thrill
And he was here to stay
Because of the easy prey
They would never run out
They would keep making more and more
And Steve and his bretheren would keep up the gore.
To this very day Steve and his friends
Are thinking about the day when the human lives comes to an ends
Now you say,
How can you know all of this,
Oh, I'll let you, but first you better pray
You see unlike in the movies or games,
We are a lot like you, but we don't have any names
Now you see that who were are,
Is it really that bizzare?
Calm down my friends
There is no need for hostililty
I won't bring and early end
Well, that all...depends...
I just want to get a message out
The one we call Steve, he is our leader, no doubt
Why are you backing away, my dear
You truly have nothing to fear
I just want to make it abunatly clear
Thank you for welcoming us
And our kind
For you were blind to see
Who were really were
All we had to do was get some bait
And wait
Oh right, the message:
"We are here to stay
And we aren't leaving until each and every one of you
Turns to grey."

Hey! Look over there, a distraction! *runs away*

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-05 02:07:39


i would strongly recommend RESPOSTING THESE with proper paragraph spacing! Only Re-Post after contacting a writing forum mod to get your post here deleted though. Reposting your entry with paragraph spacing will greatly increase your chances of winning, make it easier on the judges to read, and make it easier for the viewers to read.

Suggested mod to contact about reposting your entry with proper paragraph spacing:


Sorry for not posting this in the proper discussion thread, but I just wanted to bring this to the entrants attention.

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-05 09:15:41

Based on a short horror story by Fredrick Brown in 1948.

A man sits alone, naked in his home. Windows shuttered and doors locked tight. He thinks to himself, "Why, as the last person on Earth, would I need to lock myself up?" Perhaps out of loneliness, fear of the uncertain, or perhaps he has simply gone insane.
He turns on the television set to watch the last recorded broadcast over and over again.
"...I repeat, our world is at war. There may be no hope for survival, we only-"
He rewinds the film.
"...I repeat, our world is at war. There may be no hope for survival, we only-"
Static once more.
Day turns to night turns to day turns to night.

"Forever silent, forever alone." He thinks aloud.

The doorbell rings.

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-06 19:50:32

Sing Boy Gets Laid: Sing Boy Gets Laid: Sing Boy Gets Scared: Sing Boy

Fright! Sing Boy goes trick and treating with Andrew and Breasts. Sing is the ghost, as well as ghost Andrew and Ghost Breasts. Knee! Screech Periwether from the bush. Heh, they will never become into a trap.

"Knock knock"
Trick and treat! Sing busts a door when Ghoul candys
Thanks, said

Knee! Periwether man gets Breasts. "Knee!" Haha, I have captured your ghirlfriend, Sning Boy! Have fun!

We must rescue! Breasts! Sign turn to andrew... Andrew nod

Fright! Sing activate ghost power. Knee! Whenst the Periwether is get run away with the breast. Sing chastise shawarma


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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-06 20:44:20

This is an excerpt of a larger story I'm working on, "LOCKED". In fact, the intro is a little bit farther down this page. It's deliberately right in the middle of the story to have you wonder what the hell is going on:

I woke shivering against a cold, dusty and stony floor completely enclosed in darkness. My eyes widened and I got up as quickly as I could, remembering the last events that had happened. But how long ago was it? Minutes, hours...days? There was no way to see, it was completely dark, a perfect black that no light pierced. Strangely enough, as I felt around for walls, the floor was of stone and dust, but the walls were metallic and smooth. And as suddenly and without warning as any of the events that had transpired in the past few days, I tripped on a wire, and dozens of machines and computers roared to life with a creaking as though they hadn't been touched in thousands of years. The room felt as though any heat that was left in the room was sucked away. A brutal cold swept over, making it even more unsettling in here. Now with all the computers on, the room was drenched in a dark red glow, each screen seemed to emanate with the same red, but each had different images. One glance, and I wanted to vomit, remove the sights I had seen. Horribly shredded apart bodies, innards carelessly tossed aside in favor of wires and equipment sustaining the experiment. Now not only had the conspirators lied to me, but the very group sworn to bring about their downfall had as well. Apparently, the hospital was built on top of an old experiment zone. But is it still active? I couldn't tell if anything I had seen had taken place recently. A door, probably only 10 or 15 feet away, seemed like miles when you were scared. Scared of what's hiding in the dark shadow in the corner, scared to be in an asylum of horror and physical pain and anguish, scared to exist... scared of everything. Every step caused my body to ache with tense feelings, I'm surprised I didn't pass out. But after what seemed to be hours, I forced my way to the door. I slowly reached out my hand for the knob. However, I heard a quiet rustling in the corner, and my heart nearly flew out of my throat. I threw open the door, ran into the unknown, and slammed it hard behind me. I was breathing in short, panicked breaths now as I clung to the door. My eyes needed some time to adjust to see what was ahead, but it certainly wasn't a way out. In here, there was another narrow hallway of computers, but past one turn was a series of incubators, most shattered, some still containing fluids. As fear forced my mind and body to adapt to seeking the nearest exit, I had to take chances. I walked quietly into the hallway of incubators, and looked around. I knew that, considering what I had seen on the screens, most of what I was going to see here would tear away my mind and innocence, replacing it with madness and insanity to encompass what was left and leave a wreck that could never be repaired. And that was what I saw. I looked into one of the shattered incubators, and saw a man. Well, half a man. Everything from the torso down was torn away, and just as on the monitor, innards were lazily thrown around and wiring and electric equipment was just stuck inside. Now that I think back, it was probably the same person. Old and crusty blood covered the floor beneath him. Several apparatuses were attached to his face and forced in his mouth as well. There were no signs of breathing, but his eyes were dilated and made small movements every few seconds. To my horror, this man had been in this condition for probably months. I slowly backed away as I realized any peaceful or innocent thoughts I once had were gone. I stumbled and began to rush away. I wasn't looking where I was going, and ended up smashing my face into another computer monitor. I looked at it for a second, and if I had thought my mind was torn away before, it had now been devoured by a demonic force, hell bent on destroying my soul. I saw a harlequin, playing with a doll, looking to be around age 8, sitting in a small, cramped room bathed in red light. It slowly turned it's head to look at the camera for a moment, and resumed what it was doing.

I won't be sleeping tonight.

Are you MAN enough to click this?!

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-07 21:03:30

On Hallow's Eve

"Come hither & listen one & all,
Indulge me, please, hear my tale. Kindly sit & listen for a spell
To a story of a boy quite small"

"Who lost in a dark wood, for help did yell,
Unaware of what wicked thing would answer his call.
Under the withered trees & moon-litsky, tears his own fell."

"Let's take a moment to paint a scene,
A wood most foul with trees gnarled black & dead.
Not a sound 'cept the wind's howls broke it's dark serene."

"The moon, full, cast a dismal glow, high up over his bowed head,
But no light, the leaves, could break between.
A pitiful sight were they, dead shades of yellow, brown & red."

"Surround a boy while he weeps with his chest pressed to his knees.
Sobs mixing withhis shouted pleas,
Asthey fell upon my ear in the breeze."

"And it was then that I made myself known,
'Who are you boy & why are you there?'
The youth was ill-prepared for what he was shown."

"He let out a scream, for I gave him a scare.
'Who are you?' he squeaked in a frightened tone.
'But of course! An introduction is but fair.' "

" 'Why I'm the jack-o-lantern man of Sleepy Hollow fame,
But I'm not so bad, although I am a wicked card.
Why, Mr. Irving told you of me, but forgot my name!' "

" 'I am held in quite low regard,
THe Devil's Scare-crow & Mad-Cap Jack, I am one in the same!
But you may call me Jack Bo'rigard.' "

A fearsome sight as I ventured into further light.
My glowing jack-o-lantern eyes gave him a fright.
I am ten-feet & askeleton clothed, and gloves & hat just right."
" 'Come boy, Old Jack will lead you home.'
And starting to smile, the boy took my hand.
So we departed the wood engulfing us like dark foam."

"We ventured past river, past stream & further by land.
Long was the while we did roam.
When finally we approached a fire, he did not understand."

"I cackled as I began to grin,
And then he gave a shriek as I pushed him in.
It had been too long since I'd comitted this sin!"

"Then quickly I pulled him out,
And then I threw him to the ground.
I searched for my knife, hidden somewhere about."

"Panic stricken, his eyes wandered around.
As I stripped his flesh he began to shout.
Soon though, my laughter was the only sound."

"I had rid him of his flesh, all remaining bone.
I took his bones & hung them from the trees.
Oh, if only he had truly been alone."

"I hefted up his skin, crawling in the breeze,
And lacking idea threw it onto stone,
Smiling at how this had taken little ease."

"I sought to decieve,
And he chose to believe.
Ah, what horror on Hallow's Eve..."

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-10 10:16:59

I already made a topic with the script for the Halloween thing I'm going to make this year: 952

to Ben or not to Ben
Wordpress Blog

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-10 22:16:06

this is my "first" submission...
Inspired by: a song i wrote, villains, pup, newgrounds, the band im part of

MR. Smidgens (The story for those lost) Pt 1

-Story untold for far too long, it´s being retold for you to enjoy;
But there´s a warning here my child, and it´s that you won´t ever shout:
For "he" might hear that sound, and from your dreams you´ll never rise;
And now that you´ve heard these words, close your eyes and hear mi voice.-
"Silent guy, with big large smile, he went to town, once in a while,
He never talked, he only walked, pass the church into a tomb,
He sat in there with no regret, while others prayed for those long dead.

He waited something, something fresh.
Fresh and cold, with a black rose, he waited for just one noise
Bells are ringing, people screaming, and with feeling, someone cries.
His evil plan, had just started, one day before, with nothing but some candy
Sugar with arsenic, for a nice taste full death,
For him to kill them all, without regret.
The time had come for him to start,
but what made him be that mad?,
What kind of things twisted his mind?

The annoying shouts of youth, and the loud cries of the old
The cheerful young men, and the laughing cute girls
MR. Smidgens hated them all, and he went to hunt
Tired of all the noise and he wanted to rejoice,
But he sought to make, an evil scheme,
to bring that town, down to the ground.

Samhain is coming and he got working, And he did tried, to curse their lives,
And last night with lies, and lots of vice, he stood waiting, for kids disguised
In curious form they all come, and they enjoy, knocking the door
Smidgens goes, with large big grin, and give´s them all, a treat to enjoy.
The kids opened their mouths, for the sweet candy of demise,
But what a surprise, they would have found...

OH! NO!, What´s Going On!
Why the laughs, suddenly stopped?!
All of them are now concerned, and now the kids, suddenly fail
They all lay on the ground, on the streets but with a smile,
That old man with big dark grin, now has come, to bring them down.
There are no more children laughing, and no more young men happy,
Everyone is silent, and mostly they are crying, Mostly because:
They all are mourning for the kids that are gone, on the afterlife dancing"

-But my good sir, what happens next?;
Nothing more for today my child, but be wise and be advised,
Do not tell anyone about this old tale,
´cause "he" might learn, and now with these words, run for home my child,
It´s going to be dark, and it´s a dangerous sign, for you to be in sight.
And so this night is gone, and the story has just begun,
But tonight it´s time to rest, and care for one´s best.-

BY: a weird mexican, who likes thinking

if i win at least 3rd place..¬¬ i will post the second part.. (which, even if i dont win, i will upload later)
luck to everybody else

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-11 04:31:05

Hi. My name is Darell and this is my story. It was Tuesday evening when I decided to fall asleep. I work as a programming teacher in a college in New York every weekday. My life started to change after my Tuesday night sleep.

I woke up and found myself in the middle of an abandoned city. The place looks familiar but I just can't remember. I started to walk and look for help but no one answered my call. I saw a fast food restaurant and I went in to look for food. The food from the fridge seems to be rotten for months. I was about to get out when I heard some footsteps. I guess someone was in the kitchen. Thank goodness I'm not alone. He was about to get out and I was about to ask him about what's happening but I was shocked on what I saw, a zombie with a knife in his right hand. He ran to me and was about to stab me but I kicked him in the chest and he fell down as I ran as fast as I could. Don't know where I'm going as long as I get away it doesn't matter.

I ran until my lungs were about to burst out. I stopped and rest for a minute. I looked to my left and I saw a police station so I went in to look for clues on what's happening. The office was a complete mess. Tables, chairs, papers, and blood is everywhere. In the middle of my search I heard a table wobbling. I saw 3 zombies wearing police uniform running towards me. I opened a small cabinet under a desk and picked the magnum. I can't remember why I knew that there was a gun inside but I have no time to think about that right now. I shot the zombies in the head and they all fell down. I sighed so heavily I didn't notice there was someone behind me. I looked back and saw a big zombie with an on his right hand. I was too scared to move. I closed my eyes as he raised the ax. I felt the ax bashed on my head and I fell down but I didn't feel any pain. My vision slowly fades to black and I became numb until I saw nothing but darkness. I heard someone whispering "game over" and I started to scream.

I opened my eyes again and found myself in my bed with the 6 o'clock-alarm in my clock. I saw opened my computer to look for mails and I saw 10 new messages in my inbox and read it all. The messages have the same contents saying "waiting for the sequel" and I remember what I dreamt. The dream was actually party of a game called "Woke up Alone", a horror game I developed 3 months ago but forgot to finish. It is a first-person horror game which the player has to escape from his own nightmare. I almost forgot to update the game cause of my new teaching career. I got through the first part... and the sequel is about to begin...

to be continued.

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-14 22:00:27

Gather round children for a wonderful fright
Hold on to my hand but don't squeeze it too tight.
For i shall tell you a tale of horrible delight
And if you get scared go and switch on the lights.
Monsters and ghouls of every color and shape
Will jump out from the dark plucking you like a grape!
a boy named Johnny walked down the road going from house to house
while asking for treats dressed up like a mouse
His "trick or treating" was going just swell
but he did not know what lie in his bag it was a, well......
i can not tell you the contents of his bag
for i have been cursed by a horrible hag
but this i may say, it was a horrible creature
a shunned and revolting disgrace to mother nature
it had been mistreated, ignored, and worst of all.... malnourished
this creature is not large but under the right conditions can flourish
it was this exact creature that billy ingested
after he finished his "trick or treating" and went home and rested
First, the creature ate the contents of John's last dinner
but it's stomach not filled burst out of John's innards!
It head down to John's kitchen and found some roast chicken
He ate some of the food and found it self sickened
It slowly began to grow larger and stronger
until it was not quite it self any longer
Along with it's size it's hunger grew also
devouring Johny and his family with gusto
with a sick smile on it's face and a belly full of meat
It started laying "eggs" so people and creature were soon going to meet
So next time you go "trick or treating"
check your bag of candy to make sure what you're eating.....

Happy Halloween.........

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-17 00:26:33

He looked around the West Edmonton Mall not seeing anybody left. Sure, blood, arms and guts, but nobody around. As big as the mall was it seemed to have shrunk from all the broken windows and ripped up stuff such as ads, and papers. This man was Pico, 19 year old security guard, the other security guards: Nene and Darnell had contacted him on radio telling him they saw a strange looking zombie type man. Unfortunately Pico had been watching Looney Tunes and was 6 hours to late. He confirmed the body of Nene as she was before him ripped in two, a good thing though, she had zombie type skin meaning she had been infected. A head was sitting before him at the bottom of a giant escalator, still working fine. It was strange. To Strange.

He fired his M4 Carbine at a zombie hiding behind the cashier at Game Stop. Luckily it exploded the zombies head, along with his half brain. He began yelling Darnell's name, both scared and angry as he feared his friend had been taken zombie, or by death. Then a man with no legs, as they had been ripped off as well as anything below his waist, crawled up to Pico and handed him a SCAR-H and asked him to shoot him before he turned zombie. Pico let a tear roll down and fired at the helpless man. Pico couldn't take the pain. He ran the halls with two guns searching for Darnell. Sadly the SCAR-H was out of ammo from that one shot and he threw it in the window of the security office. Fortunately for him, there was a WA2000 in there. He had two guns once again.

He was hungry and stopped in an A&W for a snack. Two zombies emerged. He fired one round from his WA2000 but all that did was knock one of there hands off. He fired a second round and it fell down dead. He fired a third round at the 2nd zombie but it dived down and scratched his leg. He held it in pain and fired a fourth round killing the zombie. He had a snack but the WA2000 was out of ammo. Suddenly he heard someone in the distance yelling his name. He finished his burger (duh) and ran out to the main hall of the mall. It was large and his name echoed the halls, him not being able to tell where it had come from. He suddenly looked up at a large overhanging balcony and saw Darnell, bloody and battered but all the same alive. Darnell jumped down, not hurting him one bit, and showed Pico his AK-47. They sat down and shared Pico's remaining fries.

Five zombies hurtled from the shadows onto Darnell. They took his gun and he could do nothing except whip them off. He was beating two on the ground. Pico used up one round of his M4 Carbine to basically blow up one zombie. The other two took huge bites out of Darnell's neck. By the time Pico blasted another one to death and Darnell ripped one up, the remaining two zombies made Darnell draw his final breath. Pico used another round killing the one chewing his neck. Darnell fell to the ground, Pico realised his gun was empty. He dived for Darnell's AK-47, blood all over it and killed the final zombie. He fell to Darnell's side and with his last words said, kill me before I join them, and Pico sadly had no choice but to blast him with his AK-47. He left the mall in many tears, leaving thousands of bodies, the bodies of thousands of innocent and courageous people, many brave people who fought for their lives. This had been a sad yet somewhat scary story of:

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-17 10:40:04

Halloween Poems Pumpkin time is here again,
Time to play Trick or Treat.
Pumpkin time is here again,
Our spooky friends we'll meet.

See the costumes we have on,
Monsters, ghosts, goblins too.
See the costumes we have on,
Hear us all shout "Boo!" Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.
First one said, "Oh my, it's getting late."
Second one said, "There are witches in the air."
Third one said, "Oh, we don't care."
Fourth one said, "Let's run and run and run."
Fifth one said, "It's Halloween fun." WOOOOOO! went the wind.
And out went the light! The five little pumpkins rolled out of sight. Three black cats, three black cats,
In black hats, in black hats.
They all jumped into the Halloween brew,
They teased the ghosts and the goblins too.
Did you ever hear such a hullabaloo
On Halloween? I'm a jack-o-lantern, look at me.
I'm as happy as I can be.
Put a candle in and light the light.
Don't be frightened, it's Halloween night.
Booo! If you're a ghost and you know it,
Then say "Boo!"
If you're a ghost and you know it,
Then say "Boo!"

If you're a ghost and you know it,
And you really want to show it,
If you're a ghost and you know it,
Then say "Boo!"

Contact me on Email!

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-18 17:43:07

Well it's not scary but it's zombie related. Figured I'd get one in and if double uploads are okay I will write something larger and scarier


I hear them you know
They shuffle up and down the hall
They groan and vomit
I heard one fall down the stairs
I'm not sure they can hear me
Some of them don"t have ears
Every once in awhile I hear humans
Not talking but driving
Fast and wild
And shooting
Always shooting
The door should hold
If not they still wont get in
Least not for awhile
Man they stink
It's worse than three day old roadkill
I'm Hungry
They are too
Except i dont eat what they do
Thats what seperates us isn't it?
That and they're dead
Wait I hear something
Ah crap
Someone's in the house
I hear them
They sound nice enough
Hope they're armed
Yeah they are
With Axes
I can tel by that sickly noise
But the worlds gone to hell
We are all savages
Well time to greet the guests
Better grab the 20 Guage
Longer to reload but shorter
Better to manuver
Time to open the door
Once more unto the breach

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Response to Halloween 2010 Lit Submissions 2010-10-20 16:53:44

An air of fear filled the small, dark village on a cold winter's eve. The townsfolk gathered around the assembly stage as a man preached of doom. Before him he saw a sea of frightened faces. A few scattered torches illuminated the crowd, and here entered our hero. Michael pushed his way through the terrorized masses of bourgeois and farmers. The cries of the heretic grew louder and louder.

"Beyond the woods, to the east" he shouted," past the trees so dead, where crops dare not grow for soil rests so lifeless, where the moon grows orange and large, just beyond the pumpkin patch, and where man enters the realm of hell, mark my words for I doth speak truth, there lies an old abandoned Church, where sits a priest, gone so mad by our sins that he has crazed himself, to the point of eating alive all who dare walk through his doors!"

The speaker had a slight hunch in his back and a face less than pleasant to look at; not that Michael cared, he was living amongst inbred farmsfolk. He shouted from the crowd, "How did you come to know of this?"

The man pointed at him and opened his eyes wide. "I swear it to be true, for he ate my own brother, right before my damned eyes." He fell to his knees and looked to the heavens. "And god knows I was too scared and weak to do a darned thing..."

The soft simmering fear of the assembly turned to cries of confusion. Michael had heard enough though. He would go to that church and confront whatever evil he found. As he turned his back on the stage, the merchant of chaos called after him. "Mark my words boy, do not go to the east!"

He ignored it and kept walking. Though dressed in civvies, he had a sword strapped around his back, wrought from strong steel and forged in holy fires. He was not afraid. A dagger was tucked in his belt, and a cross around his neck. He would call upon God's strength if nothing else would do, but as far as he was concerned, a knife in the back got the job done faster than prayers.

The night was darker than usual; colder. A thin cloud split the moon in two. It was almost as if whatever divine elements were at play had intended to make the evening as haunting as could be. Michael followed the dim candlelit streets to the east exit. He somehow felt uneasy. He heard a rustling in the bushes, and without a moment's hesitation drew his dagger and turned, ready for combat. Alas, it was nothing but a stray dog, huddling out of the shadows and running elsewhere. Michael took a deep breath, sheathed his dagger and continued on.

Arriving at the gate, two guards stood watch, a panic about their faces. "Greetings Michael," the first said. Michael nodded in response; "James". He turned to the second. "Johnson."

"I must warn you, old friend, something not right sits in the air..." James said.
"I'm aware of that, but I've nothing to say other than to thank you for your concern."
"They say," Johnson interjected, "There's a curse to the east." He paused and looked Michael over. "You wouldn't happen to be playing the hero now, would you Michael?"

The town governor had set useless laws against the hunting of demons or the pursuit of bounties, so his response had to be well thought. "Not I, Johnson. I am but taking a late night walk through our lovely forests."

Johnson and James knew it was a lie, but there was nothing they could do; they nodded and promptly lifted the wooden bar holding the door closed. It made an eerie creaking noise as it slowly swung open. Without another word, Michael looked ahead and kept walking. He heard it slam behind him. No going back now.

Heading east, the path began to stray. It was intended to guide travellers and merchants to nearby Yardale, yet Michael knew the church was quite a ways off the track. Where the road forked, he entered the woods. The trees dared not grow leaves; they were but branches, dead and rotting, so decayed that their very smell would make you wish for better times.

He heard another noise. He paused in a battle stance, yet without a weapon drawn, and listened to the sound of the woods. A crow up above! It's cry shattered his heart, and before he realized what he was aiming for, he had flung his dagger over his head. It fell to the floor, about thirty feet in front of him. He kept listening; the wind was so damn bone chilling that night. He started to regret his decision. Why couldn't I have waited until morning?

No matter, he knew his thoughts would cloud his perception in this crucial moment. He could hear footsteps, crushing the dead leaves in the distance. He couldn't tell how far away, all he knew is that it was headed for the same direction as he. It was so strangely silent that the footsteps may as well have been cannon fire. He slowly edged onwards, picking up his dagger on the way. As he tore it from the ground, he noticed the soil Crimson, like bloodshed, yet there was no answer to it, other than to clean it on the side of his pants and keep going.

He could hear the footsteps just after his,yet saw nothing. After a few minutes of walking, each minute about an hour long, the distant sounds stopped. He saw that the woods broke up ahead and some light was shining through.

He picked up the pace and ran past the last of the dense trees. He wanted more than anything in the world to get out of that god forsaken place. He saw a pumpkin patch, just as the man from earlier said there was. Near the farm was a house with a handful of candles lighting the porch. He saw a man asleep on his chair, just lying outside. On normal circumstances he might have investigated it, but to say he wasn't scared to death would be an utter fallacy. He crept around the house until he saw, just over the hill of dried brush, between two trees just as dead as the rest of them, a small chapel.

Time to get serious, he thought to himself. Inching closer to the building, he felt the air about him grow colder and colder. He was lost in thought; too many "what ifs," too much concern and worry for a fighter. Before he realized it he was standing right between the two trees, the door to hell right before him. With his right hand grasping his sword, still sheathed, he knocked the door loudly with his left.

His heart hit his throat when the answer came. A coarse, broken voice, high in pitch and hateful in tone screamed back at him, "Who goes there?!"

Michael knew there was no time for negotiations or nice introductions. He grabbed his sword and kicked the door open and ran. The priest wore tattered brown robes, and his head was covered in blood soaked bandages. Michael could hardly make out no features as he rushed forward, simply vague outlines. The priest seemingly put up no fight and merely stood behind the stone alter as the boy charged , sword at the ready. He heard the door slowly close behind him.

As Michael closed the distance, he swung his steel with all his might from above his shoulder and crashed it down on the priest's head, and as they connected the mysterious and corrupted rector turned to dust. The swing hit the stone instead, taking out a hefty chunk of it.

A harrowing chuckle echoed throughout the church, coming from the back. Michael turned, and much to his dismay saw, there, on the wooden parapet at the back, sat the priest. "You challenge me, boy?"

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"I've come to end your evil!" He shouted.
"Entertain me with your name, brave hero."
"I am Michael of the School of Light, paladin of my people."
"A paladin, what foolishness; a slave to an even greater fallacy." The man turned to dust again, this time reappearing on the floor, slowly walking towards Michael. "You just don't see how fun the shadows are!"

Michael swung his sword, this time in a faster rhythm. Through the bandages Michael could make out a sickening smile. The priest had stopped his strike mid-air. He caressed the steel, and within seconds, the sword had nothing but a hilt, the powder of shattered steel lingering in the unholy air.

Furious, hopeless and scared, Michael threw a swing with his fist. It collided with nothing but dust, and behind him, now on the front rafter sat the priest, his legs swaying back and forth.

"Dear boy," he began, "allow me to introduce myself; I am Tarvos, priest of the Underworld, or so I hope to be." He pushed himself off the wooden beam with his arms and landed softly on the ground below. "And you're a thorn in my side!" Tarvos picked his pace up to a run, and as he neared the terrified hero, leapt with his shoulder forward.

Michael grabbed his dagger and thrusted it forward, timing it perfectly with the arrival of his assailant. It was no use, somehow his blow did not connect, but Tarvos' shoulder cleanly made its mark. Michael's chest caved in and he flew back, knocking the chapel doors open, landing just outside on the dead soil.

The sky cracked with lightning as rain started pouring down heavily. Tarvos briskly walked towards Michael, slightly limping on his left leg. Michael figured he'd give it one last try before giving in. With a roar, he ripped his necklace off and pushed himself up off the ground. Running forward, the priest dealt with his attack in the same cool and collected manner as he had all the others. Only this time was different; the silver pendant of light collided with Tarvos' stomach and shattered it to dust. The dust flung back and hung in the air, almost as if a godsend. Michael raised his arm higher, and like a knife through butter, the cross cut the priest from his stomach to his head.

He did not bleed, yet as he tore open then bandages covering the old man's face, a red light showered over him, and almost like a smoke, it fell to the floor to be drenched in the rain.

Michael walked to pick up his dagger; he'd dropped it after the last blow. The water poured down, washing away the sin. He fell to his knees and lifted the knife. A soft prayer, beneath his breath:

In the service of the queen, my life I have lived,
Beneath your hand of wisdom, an eternity of glory;
I make of myself a demon, to become an angel,
I turn myself to a shepherd in honour of your name;
And the sacrifice of the fallen, though evil gripped their hearts,
We thank them still for living; for even they are children.

He picked up Tarvos' body and sawed off the head. He would need proof to collect a reward. It was a long walk back, and the night didn't feel any more easy than when he arrived, especially now with the rain, but look at it from Michael's perspective: I'm so fucking awesome

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Bleeding Wood

Whats this? How did you get in? No matter... confused, are you? Upset? Feeling cheated? Well, maybe, you don't understand. MAYBE its time I explain myself to you... you... THINGS.

Imagine this, if you will.

Close your eyes and insert yourself into a fantasy, where the world is exactly as you remember it, where the cotton candy clouds still float along a sea of virgin blue, where the singing of birds and the rustle of leaves as they dance in the wind fills the air, vanquishing silence wherever it may begin to grow. See the animals, creatures of flesh and bone, bound through the grass, illuminated in the sun, and colored by the shadows of the surrounding platoons of trees.

Imagine the people, the watchmen of the planet, as they perpetuate their lives as you've always known them to. They get swallowed by metallic beasts, who's roars and muffled cries wash across the landscape with the company of its kin. See them break free of these steel wombs to escape into towers of concrete and glass, organisms who thrive as a community, a city, a world... see the humans, as they go about their days, making war and making love, giving time and taking commerce, progressing, moving, being...

Yet, for all the similarities this dream world shares with the reality you've all grown so accustomed to, make this small adjustment: the eyes. Whenever you find yourself gazing into another humans eye, that pool of color and life, remove the spark. Take that shred of soul, that comfortably familiar, unique, and vivid shine that we all take for granted, and erase it. How would your world change?

Mine didn't. I was never one to notice such things until they were stolen from me, vanishing with a breath of the void that surrounds the world we inhabit. Yet, even though I had only realized this loss in retrospect, I WAS very uneasy that day... I could sense that something was wrong, very wrong, and perhaps I had the slightest of inklings that it would never right itself.

You can open your eyes now, and escape that fantastical prison you build around yourself, tear it down and make room in your imagination for more pleasant realities. But, for me, there was no escaping from behind these bars of delusion and hallucination. In fact, so long have I been trapped within this play, I've forgotten who is an actor, and what is a prop. Who am I talking to now? Is it a person? Or a toy?

I cannot tell. Those painted eyes give nothing to me.

The day after the eyes of humanity were glazed with the dullness of nonexistence, I awoke to find another change in the world, more obvious, more alien... it was strings, I saw. Thin, wiry strings, sticking out of your flesh and extending into the heavens, extending farther into infinity than I could of hoped to follow with my vision. The ribbons were tense, the your bodies pulling down limply upon some invisible hand, who clutched the strings across those artificial humans with such greedy hunger that not one thread ever fell from between this beings fingers.

They were everywhere, on everyone, so many crossing and wrapping within themselves , it looked like a web of rain, falling from the sky, with each drop frozen atop the next in a design so complex it would shame Da Vinci.

Yet, you all moved unencumbered, as if these strings were weightless and you could effortlessly resist whatever way they happened to steer. It was perplexing and terrifying to observe, like watching pigs waddling unknowingly into a butchers shop: you know of the dangers, but the cries and warnings fall on deaf ears.

I tried to push the significance of this out of my mind, to associate these hallucinations with stress and a lack of sleep, yet, I knew in the dark shadows of my heart that those were honey-coated lies to help fight off the bitterness of the truth. It was with much effort that I managed to close my eyes and rest the following night...

But instead of awaking from the nightmare as my eyes caught the rays of sun glistening through the window, I find myself dragged deeper in.

These changes were small, meaningless as events within themselves, yet, as they compounded, the experience simply got more and more intolerable. Unlike the days before, I rose from my bed expecting a change, searching for it: it didn't hide from me long. A wooden skin had wrapped itself around humanity, sheathing them in a bark-like coating that bore the same color and curves of natural flesh, yet was lacking in the warmth and familiarity... like some sick mockery of the human body crafted by a alien creature. I progressed through my day, watching in silenced terror at my fellow man, who's jerky and awkward movements were suddenly treated as commonplace. They'd ask me what was wrong, reassure me with their sickly wooden fingers... apparently they thought it was I who was acting unnatural... had they no mirrors? Had blindness cursed the land and only I was blessed with sight? And why did I get the strange feeling, nagging at the back of my skull, that your blindness still let you see me for who I truly was...?

Stress, I whispered into their empty, tree-born ears. It was only stress. Yet it was the kind of stress which gripped your mind with its menacing claws and squeezed until all your sanity had dripped out like some overripe fruit. I couldn't be their eyes, I couldn't tell them what I see... If they retained any sense of humanity as I understood it, they'd put me away for my clarity, a fate which grows evertempting by the day...

The crows sermons demanded rest, the sun seconding the call. With weary eyes and tired soul I placed my head on the softness of my bed... and sobbed silently in dread. There was something so unnerving about them all... the way they looked at me... their vision was flavored with the most... disturbing spice... they wanted something, I knew it.

The sandman's seal upon my lids were a welcoming sensation, for I feared what sort of perverse visions awaited my eyes to bathe in the light. And as much as it scared me to indulge these horrors with their pleasures, I begrudgingly forced my eyes to gaze at the newest transformation in our tenderly crafted hell.

Joints. Constructed of overlapping wood and slivers of steel, sticking painfully out of your elbows. Your knees. Your ankles. Twisting and restrictive, they prevented all but the most basic of shifts in your movements, which were increasingly dependent on the pull of those accursed strings. Yet, you all acted, perhaps internalizing your new life as puppets to keep sane, as if nothing was wrong...

I realized they were jealous of me... Coveting the man who had been able to retain his own god-given body, to keep the flesh that could feel the chill of the wind and the warmth of the sun... I could see them! Staring at me, greedily longing for the body I inhabit! It all made so much more sense! Why they were staring... why their flat, unfeeling eyes were so fixated upon me.

...I needed to protect it. This gift was meant for me and me alone. My skin and bones were spared the cruel prank for a reason. I couldn't let anyone touch me. They'd steal it. I could almost taste the jealousy in the air, like a thick, disgusting margarine forcing itself down my throat.

Sleep didn't come that night. No matter how heavy my lids became, nor how weary my body had become, I denied it sleep: they were out there. Everywhere. If I closed my eyes for but a moment, they'd take it. They'd tear off my flesh in strips and sew the meat onto their own limbs to try to recapture they life they had lost. I could see it happening, ghastly spirits acted the drama out before my unflinching eyes, in a empty theater with only one stock of human bones to share between the gluttonous seats.

The next day, the spiraling loss of humanity continued. Their limbs grew smoothed and simplistic.

The next, their fingers fused together into single slabs of wood.

The day after, they lost movement of their own power, and the strings were the only force that could move them.