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Diarrhea On Purpose?

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Response to Diarrhea On Purpose? 2013-12-08 22:29:23 Reply

At 12/8/13 10:21 PM, Mrccbirdguy wrote: Don't purposely give your self that kind of illness. If you had loose stool for a while and it has stopped, chances are that your natural flora is back to normal.
By purposely giving yourself food poisoning, you stand the risk of appendicitis, gastroenteritis as well as a dozen of other diseases which can potentially kill you or result in a costly surgery.

I for one had Gastro and it f-ing sucks.

The simple thing to do is give them a sample of what you have. That way they can get appropriate bacteria counts and if you did have a problem (Such as E-coli or Salmonella) They can see if you've recently recovered.

I also forgot to add that if you do self inflict your self with food poisoning, it can throw your lab results off and if you tell your doctor that you did it purposely, there's a chance you could be considered a hazard to yourself and they'll throw you into a psych ward. This in turn can cause your insurance premium to sky rocket as you will forever more be considered a high risk person.

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