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Need a flash programmer. (Paid gig)

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Ahoy there!

Myself and poxpower have a client who wants us to make a Flash game for them, and we're all about making that happen. We'll be handling the art, animation and sound work, but we need an experienced programmer who can help us put this project together.

The Flash game would be based on the classic arcade game "Paperboy", so I would suggest taking a look at that game if you're not already familiar with it to make sure you can handling coding something like that no problemo. It would have a high scores table and possibly different difficulty settings. Here's a video of Paperboy in action for those of you who've never played it.

For anybody interested, we would like to see some links to games you've already created. I'm sure it goes without saying, but we need somebody who can meet deadlines and not drag their feet on this project once it starts.

And yes, this is a paying gig, so we're open to hearing what kind of fee you would charge to code a classic style game of this nature. Keep in mind, if this project goes well, it's likely we'll be doing more of these, so there will be potential for more work for you if you like.


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Response to Need a flash programmer. (Paid gig) 2010-09-16 15:25:00 Reply

im interested with this.
But can you upload the video to an another video hosting site?