Flash movie wanted! /R/!

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Flash movie wanted! /R/! 2010-04-30 02:07:02

Hello Newgrounds.
I need someones help to figure out the name of a flash movie I saw some year back.
Rather new to the site really, so if I am of posting this in the wrong forum I sincerely appologize.

These are the only clues, or things I can remember about the flash.
Its a stickman movie basically, poor animation. Black and white, no colors.
In the beginning there is a boy going fishing with his dad, I think the boys name is timmy, or timothy.
boy catches a fish and screams "I CAUGHT A TROUT!" bla bla, some stuff. Timmy plays monopoly with a dog or something and later on there is a spaceship (UFO if you will) coming to destroy the world.

I've tried all kinds of tags and search phrases both here on newgrounds and on google and I can't seem to get a hold of it. If I am not mistaken it was awarded a place on the frontpage when it was new.

please help! /beg