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Creation redux (prologue)

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Creation redux (prologue) 2010-04-04 22:59:42 Reply

The young boy sat at his chair as the teacher taught the rest of the class geometry. The boy couldn't care less about square roots and triangle formulas. As the teacher continued to teach the class the day's lesson, the boy absent mindedly drew stick men and crude sketches among his notes and examples. He couldn't care less about geometry since he knew he wouldn't ever use it again in his life so he donated all his attention to his "art". Suddenly the boy had a sudden surge of inspiration; he quickly took out his sketch pad and began to furiously draw the image within his head. For the rest of the day, the boy gave his undivided attention to his picture until it was time for the boy to go home. As the boy unlocked his bicycle chain he sat on a bench and made the final touches to his picture. After he was satisfied with the appearance of his latest creation, he mounted his bike and made his journey towards his home.

Later, the boy began to work on his homework for the night. By the time he finished his homework and took a shower it was already time for him to go to bed. Dejected and disappointed, he put away his sketchpad and turned in for the night. While the boy softly snored in his bed, a lone figure stood in the center of an endless white void.


The drawing didn't know where he was or how it got there. All around it, no matter where it looked, it was surrounded by a seemingly endless void. The drawing couldn't see anyone else in the vacant world, though he didn't know what he was feeling; he felt a pang of loneliness as it seemed as if he was alone. As the drawing pondered where he was until it heard a voice coming from behind it. The startled drawing sharply turned and faced a mysterious man standing, staring intently at the drawing. Though the drawing wasn't aware of what "normal" meant, he knew that the man's attire was incredibly strange. The man wore a dark brown coat that covered his knees, brown pants and had a thick beard that covered the lower half of his face. Under his beard, the man had a deep scowl as he inspected the drawing in front of him, as if he was about to pass judgment.

"Can you speak?" the mysterious man asked the drawing.

The drawing could only stare at the mysterious man as he spoke. He couldn't decipher the sounds coming out of his mouth but somehow he felt as if he'd heard the language before. The drawing tried to emulate the strange sounds but unfortunately the only thing that came out of his mouth was gibberish.

"I guess not, here...let me help you with that."

The man stuck out his right index finger and pointed at the drawing's throat. The man's finger suddenly glowed with an eerie golden glow and the drawing suddenly felt a warming sensation in his throat. It felt soothing to the drawing; the feeling in his throat was the greatest sensation that he had ever felt in his life. As the drawing enjoyed the warming sensation in his throat, he soon felt the sensation beginning to fade. Suddenly the drawing's throat felt dry, the sudden irritation made him gag and soon he began to cough violently.

"Don't worry that will pass..."

The drawing could barely hear whatever the man was saying over the sounds of his own hoarse coughing. As he looked up towards the mysterious man he noticed that the man was holding a small container. The man held the container out and offered it to the drawing. Hastily, the drawing grabbed the container as he continued to cough.

"Drink it and you'll feel a lot better."

The drawing frantically opened the container and found clear liquid within the container. The drawing drank the liquid so fast that he couldn't breathe. After it was finished, the drawing could feel his throat moisturizing from the liquid and soon his uncontrollable coughing began to stop. The drawing tried to imitate the man's language and found that its syllables were more pronounced and his speech was clearer than it was before.

"Here, this should help you to speak a lot better as well..."

The man stuck out his right index finger and soon the drawing felt a warming sensation in his head. Once again the sensation felt calming but as the blissful feeling began to fade the drawing's head began to ache from the sudden rush of information. As the drawing felt the pain in his head grow he found that he could easily understand the man's language. Suddenly the drawing could recognize the sounds coming from the man's mouth and could now translate each word inside his mind.

"So I suppose you have some questions..."

"Yes..." The drawing spoke weakly as the words escaped his mouth.

"So...I guess you might as well ask the most obvious question..."

The drawing took a second to ponder what the man meant by an "obvious question" but after a moment the question appeared in his mind.

" I?" the drawing asked the man shyly.

"Don't worry you'll find that out soon enough...for now simply call yourself a human."

"What's that?

"A human is a being that was created by well...the creator."

The drawing couldn't process the words coming out of the man's mouth. Before he could try to ask what the strange words meant, the man answered his question.

"Simply were made by a being known as the 'creator'."

" creator?" the drawing asked the man.

"The creator is a being who created you and your world. The creator has the power to create all sorts of interesting creatures of many shapes and sizes. In addition to this, he holds the power to destroy this world at any time...try not to let that bother you too much."

The drawing began to fear "the creator" but at the same time he was curious as to how someone could have so much power.

"" The drawing asked as he looked around at the endless white abyss of his world.

"This is a "world", the creator has the ability to create an infinite amount of worlds and in some cases, assuming that enough world exist, he can create an entire universe at will." This allows the creator to edit anything within this world at any given moment but I'm sure that you'll find out about that soon enough."

Suddenly the drawing couldn't move his arms. As panic began to grow his limbs begin to stiffen and soon took a life of their own. The drawing's legs suddenly bent and he found himself kneeling in front of the mysterious man. The drawing began to breathe erratically as panic began to grow inside his chest and gripped his throat.

"What'" The drawing began to huff in between hyperventilating breathes.

"This is another aspect the creator has...since you were created by him; he has complete control over everything within this endless space...which also includes you."

The drawing could feel his eyes grow heavy as his body suddenly lost all its energy. His breathing began to slow until it became steady breathes of exhaustion. Before the drawing's vision faded he tried asking the man one more question. As he felt himself losing consciousness, he never got his answer.