Help me re-find an old favorite?

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Help me re-find an old favorite? 2010-03-17 05:40:00

I've been trying to re-find a toon I liked a long while back, but since it wasn't super popular and the subject matter was pretty weird, I can't search for it very effectively.

Here's what I remember:

It starts with two pretty simple looking (almost stick figures, but with solid bodies - if that makes any sense) characters talking. Even though they're simply drawn, I remember the animation (especially the faces) being very good. Anyway, one guy says something to the other about his girlfriend dumping him or something, then this "happy" tune starts to play. One of the character's faces turns uber happy and cute, and he starts bobbing up and down with the music. As the other character looks on in confusion, his face soon turns happy and cute and he begins bobbing to the music as well. The next thing I remember is that there are now 3 guys, all with the happy/cute faces, at an audition for a black, very crudely drawn music executive, who asks "are you the new boy band?" and then "well show me what you got you sexy, sexy, sexy!" They do their "bobbing to the happy music" dance and the exec freaks out and hands them a huge sack of money. Next they're playing a concert where a girl in the audience freaks out, and I remember there being a caption that said something like "typical fangirl attitude". Then it shows the guys on their tour bus, strung out on drugs and puking, as a distorted version of the happy music plays. The final scene is the three guys talking about the great times they had, but now it's over, or something like that.

Does this sound familiar at all, to anyone?