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Looking for an old flash movie 2010-02-23 02:29:27

Hey guys,
I've been hunting for a flash animation on here that I watched several years ago which really freaked me out. I'm fairly sure it was named something like "the shack", about a haunted house in a swampy kinda area.

I think it started off with a man with black hair and round glasses who was out of accommodation looking for a cheap place to stay... while looking in the paper he finds a cheap house at $250 a night. Before he gets to "the shack", he stops in a closed petrol station, and on opening the door to the kiosk finds it empty apart from a few shelves covered in thick dust and old pictures on the wall. On closer inspection he sees that the pictures are very eerie, and they begin to inspire weird flashbacks of sihouettes of people hung from trees and an old rundown shack. As his eyes flash around the wall he becomes visibly unnerved and begins to sweat before leaving the petrol station in a hurry.

Once he has gotten to the shack at dusk, he gets ready to go to sleep, but notices a few old pictures of a happy family opening presents around a christmas tree in what I think is the shack, and more pictures identical to the ones in the gas station, hinting to something horrible and morbid in the shack's past. As he switches the light off he begins to hear a weird scratching noise emanating from the bathroom, which after a while he decides to investigate. As he walks into the bathroom he sees a rotten arm or leg(or something creepy like that) covered in flies but after a double take it isnt there anymore. Then as he tries to return to his mattress, the light in the main room fuses and he retreats to the bathroom after seeing a blurred shape running around the shack. At some point here he seems to look out of one of the windows or something and sees a dismembered corpse covered in flies, at which point I think the animation stops.

Now I know that a few of these details will probably be wrong, but I watched it some 4 years ago; it must've been good if i remembered so much of it so vividly. I was probably about 11 or 12 then and it scared the shit out of me...

If anyone could give me a name or an explanation of where the animation might've gone I would be very appreciative. I'd love to watch it again (it was very much like a good stephen king book) and any other possible sequels to the initial one that there was. Thanks.

Response to Looking for an old flash movie 2010-02-23 02:33:13

I also think it might be based on a book called "the shack" by william P young. Just found that now after searching google.

Response to Looking for an old flash movie 2010-02-23 03:19:57

ask this guy .
he seems to be able to find just about anything.

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Response to Looking for an old flash movie 2010-02-25 22:01:06

Cheers man, looks like I was barking up the wrong tree lol!