Hey i have a question...

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Hey i have a question... 2010-02-19 00:57:28

what was the name and location of this flash video....I remember a long time ago i was watching a video game parady i believe that made fun of several games and comprised of a number of skits. One of the skits i remember involved the master chief looking in his sniper rifle scope at a group of grunts but is unable to kill them because they are doing a number of undignified, or disgusting things. (one of them was sleeping, another was peeing, and later pooping and so on.) I'm pretty sure there were skits about other games but i'm not sure. If you know title please tell me!

Response to Hey i have a question... 2010-02-20 00:50:58

Thank you very much sir! For some reason i could not find it in "video game parodies". I could not find it in any of the collections or anything. So thank you very much.