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Owc's Short Stories

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Owc's Short Stories 2010-02-09 04:35:47 Reply

Well I've been posting my big story Puke Cat chapter by chapter here!
But it has been pretty much completely ignored so far. I will continue to post the chapters though.
Now I'm HOPING that the only reason for that is it's length and that it has nothing to do with the quality of the story.
So I've decided to start a topic to start posting a handful of my old short stories. I haven't written any short ones for a while as I pretty much focus on novel length ones these days so most of these are years old.
But maybe some of you will find them entertaining and I'd really love to get some feedback on these. (And I REALLY want feedback on Puke Cat if you have some time on your hands.)

Anyways, lets go ahead and get these short stories out.

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Response to Owc's Short Stories 2010-02-09 04:38:20 Reply


Because We Love You

By: Sean Kelly

The family sit at the kitchen table eating lunch one afternoon. The father, a big man with slicked back black hair and a mustache is seated at one end of the table shoveling beans into his mouth, taking a bite of his sandwich every so often. At the opposite end of the table is the mother, a short woman with messy shoulder-length brown hair, She isn't eating. She seems to be in deep thought about something. In the center of the table, between the mother and father, sits the son, about eight years old. He is picking at the peas on his plate, which he has been instructed to finish eating before he can leave the table. The three sit there in an awkward silence. Things had happened earlier that morning that the family were not prepared to discuss yet.

The window above the kitchen sink is open, a cool breeze is blowing in. A noisy truck speeds by the window down the dirt road outside of the house, it blows off into the distance. Next to the kitchen is the living room. In this room is a couch, a couple of chairs, a television and bed. The Father has been sleeping on the bed in here as him and his wife have been experiencing marital problems for past couple of months. The son sleeps on the couch across from the bed on most nights as he does not have a bedroom of his own. He will sometimes sleep in the bed in the next room over with his mother whenever he has a nightmare. The television doesn't work anymore.

The father finishes his lunch and gets from the table. He takes his plate and glass over to the sink, the glass is still full of milk. He pours the milk into the sink and then places both dishes in the sink on top of each other. "Milk isn't free you know." Comments the mother as stares at a cockroach making it's way across the kitchen floor.

"Yeah, well, after what you said this morning.." Replies the father who is now too watching the cockroach.

"I was just upset, you know I didn't mean it." She says, rolling her eyes.

The son is still poking at his peas with a fork, at this point most of the peas are mush smeared across plate. He finally lifts up a fork full of peas and shoves them in his mouth. He closes his eyes and forces them down. The father starts to leave the kitchen and head for his bed. He has been up all night fixing the sink in the bathroom which had sprung a giant leak the day before and is ready for some much needed rest. The mother stops him.

"You aren't even gonna wash your dishes? Just leave them in the sink for me to clean?"

"I'll do it later, I'm tired."

The mother rolls her eyes and turns her attention back to the cockroach who has now made it to the opposite side of the kitchen. The father goes and lays down, falls asleep almost instantly. "Hey mommy, I finished my peas." the son says hoping that she doesn't see the pea goo smeared across the plate. She does but tells him to go put his dishes in the sink anyway. He jumps up and tosses them in causing all the dishes in the sink to rattle loudly, startling the mother. She exhales and lays her head on the table. "I didn't mean to scare you, mommy." The son apologizes poking her in the side to make sure she is okay.

"Mommy is fine, baby. Go watch television or something, mommy needs to rest." she replies.

"The TV is broken though, don't you remember?"

She remembers but pretends she doesn't.

"Well go see if you can fix it then."

"Uhm.. Okay, mommy."

The mother falls asleep on the table. Time passes.

The father and mother are both jolted awake by a loud static. "Mommy! Daddy! I fixed the TV!" The son exclaims. The mother comes walking into the living room. The television is on a snowy channel. It looks like an old sitcom playing behind the layer of snow. Mumbled voices can be heard behind the loud static sound. "Thats great, honey! How'd you do it?" asks the mother, a big smile on her face. The father sighs and lays back down on the bed, faces the wall to avoid the light glaring from the television.

"Well, there was just this thingy loose inside next to the power cord. I messed around with it and the TV came back on!" He is overjoyed with his accomplishment.

"Thats great, sweety. You should turn it down now though, your father is trying to sleep." The mother replies turning to head back into the kitchen.

She walks over to the sink and begins washing the dishes, it only takes her a couple of minutes and she goes back into the living room with her son and husband. She sits on the couch and watches her son mess with the rabbit ears on top of the television, trying to get a cartoon to come in clearer. He manages to get it in almost clear, just an occasional pop every once in a while. Its turned down almost all the way as to not wake his father. He goes over and sits next to his mother, resting his head on her shoulder.

It is now around nine or so. It is getting cold so the mother gets up and closes the window in the kitchen and turns on the heater. The heater cutting on causes a small power surge throughout the house causing the television to cut off. The boy quickly jumps up and flicks it back on as it was at the best part which he just just barely misses during the off time. He is upset and buries his face into a pillow. "Sorry, I didn't realize it would cause a surge." She apologizes petting the back of his head.

"Don't baby him like that, Marianne. He needs to learn to deal with disappointment." Comments the father still laying down and facing the wall.

"Oh shut up, Richard. I'm not babying him." She snaps back.

He gets up and sits at the edge of the bed, rubs his temples.

"What time is it?" He asks, looking at the floor.

"Its after nine."

He breathes in as to calm himself down and closes his eyes.

"What time is it, Marianne?"

She looks at him for a moment in disgust and then turns to the clock.

"Its nine seventeen."

"Thank you." He gets up and goes into the bathroom.

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Response to Owc's Short Stories 2010-02-09 04:39:21 Reply

The son has now turned his attention back to the cartoons on television. He is giggling at a cartoon mouse being whacked with a mallet. The mother is sitting next to him grinding her teeth and clenching her fists with anger. She is staring straight ahead at the bathroom door. There is rattling noise coming from inside the bathroom followed by moan from the father. She wonders what he is doing there. "I'll be right back, Johnny." She whispers to her son, patting him on the shoulder. She tip toes over to the bathroom door and then turns to her son and motions for him to stay quiet. She gets down on her knees slowly and peers under the door. She can only see her husband's feet standing in front of the sink. Something suddenly falls next down next to his feet and rolls under the sink, she cant tell what it is. "Shit!" He angerly whispers at his self. He falls down on his hands and knees to dig under the sink and try to retrieve the object. At this point the mother jumps as to not be seen by him under the door and quickly makes her back to the couch and sits back down with her son.

Her husband emerges from the bathroom a few moments later. He seems to be in a daze. He stumbles into the kitchen and grabs a bag of chips from the cabinet, then returns to the living room and sits down in one of the chairs to watch TV with his family. The mother turns to him.

"You were half asleep at the time so I don't know if you remember, but your little boy here fixed the TV all by himself earlier today."

"Yeah, I remember. I'm very proud of you, Johnny. You know you can make big money fixing people's televisions!" He says to his son, never looking at his wife.

"Oh, I'm not that good at it." The boy replies, embarrassed.

"Maybe not yet. But if you practice, you could be. You could-" The father loses his train of thought. He is distracted by the ticking of clock next to him. He turns his attention to it.

"Marianne.." He starts inquisitively.


"You said it was nine seventeen earlier didn't you?"

"I think so, why?"

"Well that clock says its nine twenty-two now."

"Your point?"

He tilts his head and seems to zone out for a moment. Then he sighs and look at her.

"My point.. My point is that I know its been longer then five fucking minutes since I asked you that question."

"Well not according to the clock, Richard."

He closes his eyes.

The son gets uncomfortable and heads into the bedroom to avoid the situation. Neither parent seems to notice their son leave. The two sit across from each other, staring into each others eyes with complete hatred. They are both prepared to just pounce on each other. Something catches the father's eye. He looks down at the floor. Its the cockroach from earlier. He follows it with his eyes.

It crawls over to the television and climbs up it. The mother then notices the cockroach as well. They both watch it intensely as if to escape the situation at hand, if only for a few moments. The roach makes its way onto the screen of the TV and stops. The television seems to distort at the area the bug sits, as if the bug were magnetic. The couple glance at each other for a moment and then turn back to the bug. The cockroach sits still for a couple more seconds and then crawls up over the television and disappears behind it. The distortion disappears as well. The couple look at each other again. "So why did you tell me the wrong time, honey?" The father asks.

"I didn't. It was nine seventeen."

"No. No, I don't think it was, Marianne."

She rolls her eyes and looks toward the kitchen. The light in the kitchen is flickering slightly. The father stands and faces his wife.

"You just don't understand, do you?" He asks her.

She looks at him as if waiting for him to continue. He doesn't.

"I understand just fine, Richard."

"No, you obviously don't!" He kicks the bed next to him causing a book to fall onto the floor and then charges out of the room into the kitchen in a fury.

The mother now realizes that her son is gone and goes into the bedroom to find him. He is sitting at the edge of the bed in the dark, crying. She flicks on the light and he looks up at her. They look at each for a moment and she smiles and motions for him to come watch television with her some more. He refuses, saying he just wants to go to bed. She kisses him on the forehead and walks back into the living room turning off the bedroom light and closing the door on her way out.

Upon her return she finds her husband standing in the center of the living room watching the clock on the wall intensely. She watches him for a moment and then chuckles to herself. She is amused by his pathetic obsession with the time. When he realizes she is in the room he turns to her, a look of fear on his face. "What time did I say it was earlier?" He asks her.

"I think you said it was nine thirty." She says to mess with him.

His eyes widen.

"Just as I thought. Time is moving backwards." He states throwing his finger into the air.

"Really? Is it?"

"Yes, soon there will be no time left."

She raises an eyebrow and giggles.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes, yes! I wonder where it is going.."

He begins searching the room for the missing time. He is frantically skipping around looking under couches and beds, changing the television channels in hopes that one of the broadcasts will have further information on the matter, perhaps some sort of hint as to where the time could be hiding.

The mother uses this time to sneak away into the bathroom and see if the object she saw fall is still under the sink somewhere. She locks the bathroom door and turns on the sink full blast as to cover the sound of her searching. She gets on her hands and knees and looks around under the sink. There is so much stuff under here. Loose change, wads of hair, and a black goo that she doesn't have the slightest clue of what it could be. She closes her eyes and shoves her hand under there with all the stuff and begins feeling around carefully. After about ten minutes she gives up and figures that her husband must have retrieved the object before leaving the bathroom.

She returns to the living room. She can hear her husband scurrying around in the kitchen, tossing pots and pans around. She is just about to head to bed with her son when she hears a truck pull into the front yard and cut off. After a few a moments there is a gentle knock at the door. She wonders who could possibly be here at this hour of the night. She walks over to the door and peers out through the peep hole. There is a large group of people out front but it is too dark to make them out. They are standing just far enough back that the porch light is unable to show the visitor's faces.

She opens the door slowly. The people remain standing in the darkness for a few moments as she stares out trying to make out their appearance. "Can I help you?" She finally asks.

They say nothing but one of the people finally steps forward into the light revealing himself. She cant help but let out a slight gasp and jump a bit at the sight of his face. He is horribly disfigured, his nose is bent at a right angle and pulled down to his chin and his mouth is stretched open vertically and up near his eyes, exposing all his teeth, the eyes are lower then they should be and a lot further apart. One eye looks at her and the other eye seems to be looking off into the house behind her. His face is painted with all sorts of colors, a giant blue splotch around his right eye, red streaks traveling from his left eye down around his mouth and then ending at his chin. Greens and yellows splattered across his forehead and nose. It seems as if he were trying to appear as a human Picasso painting.

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Response to Owc's Short Stories 2010-02-09 04:40:31 Reply

The father starts to get annoyed and makes his way toward one of the people. He puts up his arm with intent of pushing the man toward the front door. As his hand comes in contact with the man, the man jumps and grabs hold of the father's arm tightly. All the visitors come out of their still trance and begin helping out. Two of them force the father into a chair and tie him to it with barbed wire that several of them had in their coat pockets. Another one holds the mother back as she struggles to get away and another one heads into the bedroom to see if there is anyone else living in the house.

The remaining guest makes his way behind the chair that the father has been tied and stands there as if to take in the moment. After a short time he reaches into his a coat and pulls out a very large blade with a jagged saw edge. He stares lovingly at the blade for a moment and then whips it around the front of the father's neck. The father begins to yell "No! Don't do-" But is cut off by the blade being forcefully dragged across his throat, tearing a large gapping hole into it. Mass amounts off blood spews from this hole as the father's head twitches around making gurgling noises.

The mother is no longer fighting the abstract people. In fact, she is enjoying her husband's demise. This is the moment she had wanted for so long but could never bring herself to do. Eventually, the father stops making noise and his head falls limp. At this time the strange man with the blade pulls back the father's head and saws it off the rest of the way and drops it to the floor with a thud. The wife is now waiting nervously to see what the people will do next.

To her horror, one of the visitors, a young girl with one eye and lips that wrap around her cheeks up to her ears, as if she were smiling, comes walking from the bedroom leading the little boy by hand. The mother begins screaming and fighting frantically to try and get away from the man holding her but she cant. The young smiling girl leads the boy, who seems completely unaware of any danger despite his screaming mother and decapitated father in the corner, up onto his father's bed and motions for him to lay down and close his eyes. He does so and the girl points at the other girl who is guarding the door to come over. This girl reaches into her front dress pocket and pulls out little can of lighter fluid. The two deformed girls kiss each other on the lips lovingly and then begin to douse the boy in the lighter fluid. The boy still not seeming even the least bit frightened by the whole affair.

The girl with the lighter fluid then returns to the door to continue guarding, though at this point is pointless as the mother has no intention of attempting escape. She is begging for the people to let her son live, take her instead, but to no avail. The smiling girl does a sweet little bow and flicks her lighter causing the boy to burst into flames. The boy lays completely quiet and still. As if the flames do not even phase him in the slightest. After a few minutes it becomes apparent that the boy is deceased and the man holding the mother lets her go. She falls to her knees crying quietly to herself.

They stand by and allow the mother to cry to herself for a bit. The man who had decapitated the father walks outside. He returns a few seconds later with a big white canvas and sits it in the center of the blood soaked room, next to the headless father, burned son and crying mother. They all gather around the canvas in anticipation. The man who had been holding the mother the whole time then picks her back up and sits her on her knees in front of the canvas so that her head is on level with the center of it.

The man blinks a couple of times and pulls a large shiny pistol from his coat and presses it firmly against the back of her head. She makes no effort to escape, the mother has lost any will she ever had to live. The man waits a bit while the rest shift foot to foot anxiously.

The man finally opens his mouth and speaks. "Because we love you." He fires the gun, the mother's head jerks forward and her body falls limp to the ground. All the abstract visitors look at each other with a sense of job well done. The six people then leave the house, get into their truck and speed away.

The canvas is in the center of the room. It is painted in the mother's blood and brains. The father's head on the ground seems to be angled just perfectly to see the beautiful painting in the center of the room as is the son's head on the bed. The cockroach from earlier comes crawling out from behind the television and climbs up onto the painting, smearing the blood around, distorting the piece. It sits there for a moment and then crawls up over the painting disappearing behind it. The distortion however, does not disappear. The clock stops ticking. It seems as though time has run out.


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Bus Stop Bench

(Gum Underneath)

By: Sean Kelly

A woman sits patiently at the bus stop one morning. Its cold outside. She is on her way to work. A man and young boy walk up to the bench. The man sits down next to the woman and the boy falls down on his knees in the grass and begins playing with a little toy truck. The man and woman sit in awkward silence for a moment. The woman then clears her throat and asks "Do you happen to know what time it is?"

The man stares at the woman confused for a moment. She raises an eyebrow and points to her wrist. The man finally figures out what she is asking and replies "It is nine fifteen AM. Tuesday. January 8th, 2015.".

"Okay, okay. I just needed the time." The woman giggles.

The man turns his attention to the boy who is now chewing fiercely on the toy truck.

"So, is that your son?" The woman asks.

"No. It is Martin's son."

"Oh.. Who's Martin?"

The man ignores the question.

The woman stares at the man for a bit. Then it hits her. "Wait a minute. You're one of those android things aren't you?"

"I am an android." Replies the man, who is now motioning for the boy to stop chewing the truck.

The woman smiles ear to ear.

"Thats so cool! I've always wanted to meet one of you guys! " She is overjoyed. "My name is Lily by the way."

"Nice to meet you, Lily. I am John."

"Wow, you even have a name?"

"Of course I have a name. Why wouldn't I have a name?"

"Well I dunno.. I just didn't think you would."

The man jumps up from the bench and runs to the boy who is now choking on the truck. He grabs the boy with one hand and put his other hand in front of the boy's mouth. His hand folds back opening a slot on his wrist and a large vacuum tube shoots out of the slot and into the boy's throat. After a few moments the boy stops choking and the tube slithers back into the man's wrist. The hand then folds back into place and the man sits the boy back in the grass. "Be careful from now on." warns the man. He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out the toy truck, hands it to the boy and returns to the bench with the woman, who is now bouncing up and down, grinning.

"That was amazing!" She exclaims.

"Thank you, Lily." He replies.

"Can you make any other cool stuff come out of your hand like that?"


"No? Just a vacuum tube?"

"No. Just a vacuum tube."

"Oh. Well, its still cool anyway." She is disappointed.

The man is now fingering at some gum underneath the bench. Lily notices what he is doing.

"Ew! What are you doing that for?"

He doesn't reply. He just continues poking at the gum. After a moment he raises his eyebrows. "Cherry!" He says. He rips the gum from the bench and puts in his mouth. His head begins to vibrate violently for a few moments then stops with a ding noise.

"Leo!" Calls the man to the boy. The boy jumps up and skips over to John.

"I got you some cherry gum. Your favorite!" Says the man.

A slot opens on the side of his head and a brand new piece of cherry gum pops out into the boys hand. The boy shoves the gum in his mouth with a smile.

"Now we don't need to put anymore trucks in our mouth, right Leo?" Asks the man.

The boy nods and returns to the grass.

"That was just gross, John." Laughs the woman.

"Cherry is his favorite." John replies.

The two sit in silence for a moment.

"You never answered my question, you know." Lily states.


"Yeah, about Martin."

"What would you like to know about Martin, Lily?"

"Who is he?"

The man thinks for a moment.

"Martin Bigman. He is a male. Six feet tall. One hundred and thirty two pounds. Forty one years old. Father of Leo Bigman and Rose Bigman."

"Oh, so are you babysitting for him then?"

The man looks down at the ground.

"No." He says.

"Oh.. What then?"

He thinks again.

"Martin is bad person. Martin hurts Leo and Rose. Martin only cares about money."

"So, you stole Leo then?"

"I did not steal Leo. Leo chose to come with me. I am taking him away from this place."

"And what about Rose?"

"Rose refused to come. Rose was too scared of the consequences."

"I see. Where are you going?"

"I'm taking Leo away from this place. We're going to Perfect City."

"Why do you wanna go to that place?"

"The name sounds promising. Maybe I can start a new life for Leo there. Away from all this."

"Well, I have a sister that lives in Perfect City.."


"Yes. She would probably let you and Leo stay with her."

"That would be very much appreciated, Lily."

"Okay, let me write down her address for you." Lily pulls a pen and paper from her purse and writes down the address and hands it to John.

"I'll let her know you two are on your way there." She says.

"Thank you. I will find some way to repay this favor, I promise."

"Don't worry about it, John. I believe in what you're doing. Its my pleasure to help."

The bus arrives. John stands up and calls the boy over. They head toward the bus. John notices that Lily is still seated and turns to her.

"Aren't you going to work?" He asks her.

"After all this excitement I think I am gonna just take the day off, head home and rest." She laughs. The man nods. Him and the boy step on to the bus. It drives away.

Lily stays seated on the bench. Staring down at the toy truck the boy had left behind. Its covered in chew marks. She takes a deep breath and reaches into her purse, pulls out a cell phone and dials a number.

"Hello?" Groans the voice on the phone.

"Hey, its Lily.."

"Oh okay. You do what I ask?"

"Yeah.. They are headed to Perfect City.. I have the address that they will be at. I'll text it to you in a minute."

"Good job, Lily. I'll wire you your reward after I receive the message."

"Thank you."

There is a silence.

"Goodbye, Lily."

"Goodbye, Martin."

Lily hangs up the phone and sends the address to Martin.

She gets up from the bench and heads to bank to withdraw her reward money.

The account is empty.

The End.

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Response to Owc's Short Stories 2010-02-09 17:57:14 Reply

Chrome Angel
written by sean kelly

Cords and sparking circuit boards covered her glistening chrome body. Her eyes lit up a flickering neon blue. Every joint on her body flinched and twitched for a few moments in dystonia.

Finally the bionic woman came to a rest and laid there. The power surge had caused her to turn on early. The doctors hadn't finished her brain yet. She was the equivalent of a new born child. All the doctors are out for the holidays and wont be back for several days.

There she is. An adult sized chrome baby in the middle of a giant, empty underground laboratory. The robot raised from its back into a stiff sitting position and examined the dark workshop she was in. Large titanium saws and ten ton hammers hung from the ceiling. There were tables of tools scattered in every direction.

She scanned the room carefully with her glowing lifeless eyes and saw that she was the only thing in the room that could move. With all these machines and objects everywhere she wondered why she was the only thing that was allowed the ability of movement. She saw everything surrounding her as being the same thing she was. She had no knowledge of living beings and believed that these are the inhabitants of this world. The sawblades and hammers and tables. Even the floor and walls were lifeless still beings.

She noticed a dark shiny rectangle covering the wall across the room. As she stepped around the shiny spots on this rectangle sped around it back and forth. The closer she got the brighter and larger the glow on the rectangle grew. She tilted her face in till it was barely touching the rectangle and examined it. Everything was just a huge blue blur.

She tilted her head back. The glow lessened and shrunk a bit. Who was this strange creature? Why was he making these strange glowing blobs? Was this his way of communicating with her? She stepped back to get a better look at the rectangle.

It's glowy orbs jumped back and dimmed themselves. There were two of them side by side staring her in the face. She tilted her head left, the orbs tilted left to a left angle. She tilted her head right, the orbs tilted to a right angle. Was this creature playing a game with her?

Well it didn't seem to be hostile so she stepped back toward the thing and pulled her hand up to it. She let her hand rest in the air about an inch from it as if it to let him know she was about to touch. She quickly thrust her arm and tapped the being with the tip of her skeletal, wirey hand that hadn't been cased in armor yet like her other one.

The creature made a sound at her from the area she poked. It was a quick high pitched ding that echoed through her chrome skull. She stepped back once more. The noise was slightly painful to her.

Had she upset this long motionless beast. The glowing trembled back and forth just as she did. There was was something else moving in the darkness of the rectangle now. It wasn't a glow. It was a darker splotch morphing and squirming across behind the glowing dots. It moved to the far side of the rectangle and came to stop.

Suddenly, the beast's entire body erupted in an enormous blinding white light, the robot girl stumbled back and fell onto her back, she looked up at the monster as she shook in fear. The creature hadn't moved. But his entire body continued to glow brightly. She also noticed that the two blue lights were gone as well.

The rectangle was strangely colored now. Smaller rectangles within him all different shades of peach and white. Except for one blotch on the side. It was the same shape as the black blob from before. But now it was covered in a variety of colors. It began to move around the rectangles body.

It seemed to move very similarly to the way that she did. She raised her hand and looked at it then studied the splotch. It had a hand too. She brought herself to her feet and slowly approached the splotch. It looked very similar to her. But seemed squishier. And her detectors told her it was a lot warmer then she was too. It moved around. It seemed the side of this creature held an entire three dimensional world upon it.

Suddenly the splotch turned toward her and flinched. The top of the colorful blob morphed. The white orbs widened and the horizontal slit dropped open. "Ah fuckin' hell! How the hell did the android get turned on, Chuck?" The strange talking shape blasted. She didn't understand what any of the words meant but she did understand that they were words and were used to communicate. It was a little bit of information that suddenly came to her.

"Words." Her first thought. Up until now she had been a mindless empty shell. The doctors had only programmed so much at this point. They had given her concept of language but she knew what nothing was so language had no meaning. But she knew it was supposed to and that was a start.

The being upon the being grew larger as it headed left. Suddenly the door to her side came open and the being was now in the same room as her. He reached over to a switch on the wall and flicked it up. The entire room exploded in light. All the chrome and steel glistened. The reflections of the new creature bounced off of every surface. It was as if a million of them had just entered the room. But only one emitted heat. She decided to study that one in particular.

"God dammit, Chuck! Did you leave this fucking thing turned on all weekend?!" It approached her aggressively. She began to panic and stumbled back. The creature stopped. Another creature suddenly speeds in through the doorway. "Doctor, I swear that I turned her off before I left. I know I did."
"Then why is she standing here right now? Explain that to me."

"I don't- I have no idea, doctor. But I didn't have anything to do-"

"And why is she so scared, Chuck? She's trembling."

"Well, I'm sorry but it wasn't-"

"Chuck!" The doctor snapped. "She's a robot. WHY is she so scared?

"Oh.." Chuck turned the android girl and studied her.

"Have we even installed any emotional simulation in her of any kind?"

"I'm not sure, doc. I don't think so.."

"I wouldn't imagine. With all the work we still have to do, why would
anyone go through the trouble to program fear in to her. We weren't even planning to program fear in to the final product. Would completely defeat her purpose for existing at all."

"I know. I really have no idea."

"Chuck, get on the phone. I think we need to call everyone back from holidays a bit early. I need to get to the bottom of this."

"Yes sir!"

The second creature turned and exited through the door. Its body passed across the rectangle for a moment and disappeared. "And as for you.." The creature continued. "I want to take a look at that brain of yours and see what the cause of all this odd behavior is."

She leaned away from the creature as it approached but kept her feet firmly on the floor. She wasn't sure if this creature was a threat or not but wanted to find out. As the doctor stopped right next to her and stood for a moment, she calmed down and leaned back in toward him. He reached up slowly and placed his hand on her head.

As she stared into his eyes a strange new feeling overcame her. It was warm and fuzzy feeling. Her RAM pack began to feel queasy. He began to apply hard pressure to the top of her head, she felt a snap on the side and then a sudden lift of weight. As he brought his hand down she could see it was holding a chrome sphere. Was that a piece of her?

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Response to Owc's Short Stories 2010-02-09 17:59:03 Reply

She brought her hand to the top of her head and slowly dropped her finger down. She jumped and made a staticy robot shrill as her finger made contact with an exposed brain wire. He had removed the top of her skull. Her wirey mess of a brain was exposed to the open world. It wasn't physically painful. But she was terrified. She hovered her hand back over the brain and then poked at it again.

The robot girl couldn't help but let out another scream. Why had this creature done this to her? Why had he ripped her open? She tilted her head back to the creature and studied it. The warm feeling returned as she looked at him. She liked the feeling. He suddenly moved his hand back toward her head. The warm feeling faded away and was replaced with a drowning cold. It was going to hurt her again.

The creature wrapped two of it's fingers around a red cord hanging from her skull. She calmed, the feeling painful cold feeling lessened. Maybe this creature just knows whats best for her, she thought as she stared in to it's eyes. Maybe it was trying to help her. It had to be. Why else would simply looking at it make her feel so good? He jerked his arm nearly knocking her over. She stumbled and grabbed on to the bed next to her. Her body become extremely heavy and everything around her begin to lose the little meaning she had given it during her short life here.

She made one last conscious effort to raise her head. She looked up at the doctor. He wasn't trying to help her. He was destroying her. He suddenly gained a certain familiarity. Had this all happened before? She couldn't remember. Static.


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Response to Owc's Short Stories 2010-02-10 19:41:26 Reply

Swimming Pool VHS

By: Sean Kelly

I found a VHS tape in my swimming pool. I take it inside, dry it off with a towel and then put it in my VCR.. After a few moments of static a scene fades in. Two people, a man and a woman, are seated at a table across from each other. They seem to be in a dark basement of some kind surrounded by boxes and old junk. I don't think they were aware that they were being filmed.

Their mouths were moving but I cant hear what they were saying. I quickly realize that the volume on my television is down. I grab the remote from my table top and adjust the volume. Then I sit down on my couch and begin watching.

Hey, how have you been, Leroy?

Not too good. Jamie and I broke up last week.

Oh? I'm sorry to hear that..

Yeah. Oh well, I knew it was coming.. Still hurts though. So how about you, Johanna?

How about me what?

How are you doing?

Oh, I'm fine. Just got a new job down at that convenient store you and I used to shop at all the time. Anythings better then that secretary job I had working for Debra, that bitch.

Yeah, she sounded horrible. Did she fire you? Or did you quit?

I quit. I couldn't take another minute of that woman. I didn't care what job I ended up with.

Well good for you. Hows the convenient store so far?

Its okay, pay isn't as good as my last job. But I get to be alone most of the day so thats a plus.

I suppose it would be for you. You always did prefer being on your own.

Yep, thats me, poor lonely Johanna.

At this point, I notice that a third person has been standing in the room this whole time. The person is dressed in a tuxedo and is holding a small video camera, taping the two people talking. Perhaps there is a whole crew of people in the room filming the two? The two people are still talking.

So, forgive me for asking, but why exactly did you and Jamie break up?

Oh, I dunno.. Her and I just weren't right for each other I guess. She was the crazy party girl type and I've always been a bit of a recluse. We both knew it wouldn't last. But whatever, it was fun while it lasted.

Well at least there's no hard feelings about the matter.

Yeah, I guess. So, have you found that special someone yet?

The woman starts to answer when suddenly an overweight man with a paper bag over his head, also wearing a tuxedo, suddenly hops into the frame and puts his hand over the woman's mouth. She struggles and gives out a mumbled shrill. The fat man starts yelling through the bag.

We will NOT be speaking of that in THIS movie. I believe I said that to the both of you before we started filming. This film is not about those things. We have to save that for the next video.

The woman begins crying and the fat man releases her. She buries her face in her arms on the table. The man on the other end tears up and begins talking to her.

Come on, Johanna. Just do what they say.. We'll get out of this.

She wipes the tears from her eyes and then sits up straight to continue the conversation with the man.

So anyhow, Leroy. I don't know if I told you.. I saw your mother in the supermarket last week.

Really? No you didn't tell me that. You talk to her?

Yeah, I said hi. She told me about you and Jamie breaking up.

There is an awkward silence.

So wait a minute.. You already knew about Jamie and I? Why did you pretend you didn't?

I don't know. I guess I just thought you'd be mad if you knew your mother had told me.

Well yeah, I kind of am. I don't understand why she would tell you that.

Yeah, I have no idea.

Well whatever, I don't care. Its not a big deal.

Okay, good.

The two look at each other for a while. The man starts to say something to the woman when suddenly one of the tuxedo men (There are now three of them in the shot) yells out "Alright! Thats a wrap! ORGY TIME!" The tuxedo men all surround the two people. The camera view changes a bit as if the person who was filming sat the camera down on a table or something. The man is dragged out of the frame and the woman, kicking and screaming, is undressed and tied to the table by her arms and legs.

After she is secured to the table, the fat man comes over and begins rubbing the back of her head and whispering in her ear.

Now don't worry, Johanna. I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm gonna make you feel good.

Fuck you, Johnson! My name isn't fucking Johanna. It's Jamie.

Oh, my dear girl. You're ruining my movie. You don't want to do that, do you?

The fat man grabs hold of Jamie's hair and slams her face into the table as hard as he can. Her nose breaks.

Now, you little bitch. As long as that fucking light over there is on and these cameras are filming, your name is Johanna. You understand, Johanna?

She whimpers out a "Yes."

Yes? Yes what?

She doesn't reply. He punches her in the side of the head. She grits her teeth.

Yes, sir.

That's good, Johanna. Do as your told and these things can be avoided right?

Yes, sir.

Thats right. You should like the name Johanna. It was my wife's name. You should be honored to carry the name. My wife was an amazing person you know.

Yes, I know.

I loved her so much.

Yes, I know.

God dammit, I loved her so fucking much!

The fat man takes a pen from his pocket and shoves it in between two of Jamie's ribs. She lets out a agonizing screech, then begins gagging and moaning. The man then unbuttons his pants and gets up on the table behind her. She lets out a quiet "No, don't". The plead is ignored as the man shoves his erect penis into the woman. He begins fucking her widely like a drunken pig. I can faintly hear the man, Leroy, screaming in the background for the fatty to stop.

The video becomes static and then goes black at this point. I am left staring at a blank screen, a high pitched beeping noise in the background for a few seconds. Then a view of a backyard fades in. Its a sunny day but everything is wet as if it had rained recently. There is a little boy sitting in the middle of a field over top of a small puddle.

The boy appears to be having a conversation with the puddle. Its not talking back to him, of course. But he seems to think it is.

So, what happens then?

Oh? I thought only clouds could do that.

Really? There was this one time I saw a frog going over there.

No, no. It was a little frog. Like the size of my palm.

What? No! I would never hurt a little defenseless froggy.

Thats my point.

Well, of course. There's always that, Puddle. But we can't always look at the negative.

This doesn't really seem to be going anywhere so I grab up the remote and fast forward through about two hours of puddle talking video. I stop and hit play again once I notice that someone else is now with the boy. It's a clown. The clown is drinking from the puddle with a bendy straw. The boy is crying.

Please don't drink my friend, clown.

Sorry, but this is for your own good.

But.. But.. Why?

Because.. This puddle means to harm you.

What? How's a little puddle gonna hurt me?

Sure, its a puddle now. But one day it could be a pond.

The clown slurps up the last of the puddle. The boy gets up and runs away. The clown seems to feel bad about hurting the boy but he knows that he did the right thing by disposing of the puddle.

The clown gets up and blows his nose on a handkerchief.

It seems that the puddle has made him sick.

He walks slowly out of the frame.

The video ends.

The End.

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Response to Owc's Short Stories 2010-02-27 16:34:40 Reply

At 2/9/10 04:38 AM, OrgasmWoodChipper wrote: Abstract

Because We Love You

Wow, fantastic. Possibly one of the best stories I've read on here so far.

The first thing that caught my eye was the comprehensive character developments. I could connect with each of their personalities which was what first got me engaged in the conflicts. The boy's innocence combined with his knack for addressing challenges (with the TV) came around to explain his lack of fear while he was being torched. The father was particularly well done. His obsession with time was a very intriguing character trait.

Then there were the descriptions of each of the characters. How you painted the picture of the mob that arrived at the door was spot on and definitely helped define and infer to their motives. I liked the was you described them as abstract.

The plot itself was excellently unique and unpredictable. I felt like there was a strong message in it, especially with how the man defined his intentions with "because we love you." How they used the mother's blood to paint the canvas was a perfect end to the story.

The one thing that bothered me was that the scene where the father was in the bathroom was never clear enough so that I grasped its importance. I wasn't able to infer what he was doing, so it just seemed odd. I assume that it has something to do with why he was so obsessed with the time, but you might want to elaborate or clear up that part.

But besides that, I have no other complaints. Very well done.


whoa art what

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Response to Owc's Short Stories 2010-03-01 01:12:37 Reply

Thanks for the review, dude. <33333

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