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Bleed. 2010-01-28 00:24:14 Reply

"Jealousy. Anger. Hatred.

The three emotions that plagued me day after day, slowly driving me insane. I had no problems when I was younger, I was quite a healthy boy. I was popular, I had a good looking girlfriend, a nice car, and my GCE A-level results were fantastic. But then it happened. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was on my way up down to London, for a family visit. I had moved away from Holloway, the current residency of Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, up to Manchester with my girlfriend when I was seventeen, as I was planning on going to a university near there. I got a call from my mum a few months after I moved in to my new house, telling me that dad had gotten lung cancer, and had 6 months to live. I decided I was going to go and visit them, and my girlfriend Ellie agreed to come with me.

We drove down to London, arriving outside of my parents house at about 7:20pm. There were no lights on, and the door was locked. After knocking a few times and realizing no one was coming to answer, I decided to go round to the back of the house and let myself in through the back door. As I walked around back expecting to have to open the always closed gate leading into the backyard, I was shocked to see it wide open. I continued to walk and, when I saw the back door open too, I began to panic.

"Mum? Dad?" I ran inside the house, and yelled out their names. No response. Ellie was behind me, trying to keep up as I sprinted up to my parents room. I nearly slipped on some spilled water going up the stairs, but my hands kept me from going face first into the carpet and I managed to push myself up and continue running. I heard Ellie call my name but as I walked into my parents room, the door hanging off it's hinges, nothing mattered anymore.

As soon as I rounded the corner to get a full view of the room, I wanted to die right there. My dad was sat in a wooden chair, his throat slit open, blood still pouring onto his lap. In his hand was a knife. I searched for my mum, but I couldn't find her. Ellie finally caught up to me, and when she saw my dad dead, knife in hand, she couldn't help but throw up. I went to hug her, but noticed that my hands were stained with red. I remembered back to the stairs, how I used my hands to keep from faceplanting... it was blood.

"Ellie go back to the car, lock yourself in. Go." I shoved the keys in her hand and when she refused to go, my temper got the better of me. "Ellie... just... just fucking go, to the fucking car!... get the fuck in... and lock the fucking doors! Go! Now!" As my girlfriend ran to the car, crying, I stared at my dad. Who the fuck did this? As I walked towards the door I heard a scream, and suddenly couldn't believe how stupid I'd been. I sent Ellie to the car alone, in a house where my dad was just killed.

"Ellie!" I yelled as I ran to the stairs and jumped down a few, before running down the rest. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, I noticed the keys to the car on the ground, covered in blood, Ellie no where to be seen. I heard breathing coming from under the stairs behind me, but I didn't turn around. I felt a cold hand open my clenched fist and place something in in, closing my fingers back up. I didn't even glance backwards as I left the house, the eerie, silent house. I put the item in my fist straight into my pocket, and got in the car. I drove off in complete silence, no music, nothing.

A few days later the police found my dad with his throat slit, and a tortured, mangled Ellie hanging from her hair in the kitchen, and they came to my house for questioning. As calm as I tried to be, I couldn't control it, and snapped, screaming obscenities and reminding the police that while they might be doing their job, no one has asked the most obvious question there was: "Where is your mum?" Even I didn't ask myself. When the cops realized I knew nothing of the murders, they left, leaving me to remember the night that I lost everything. I went into my room and opened the small cabinet next to my bed, taking out a small golden necklace with the word Ellie on it. And I cried.

But I found you. After all these years, I found you. You, the person who killed my girlfriend, killed my dad. The person who destroyed my life..."

I sat down on the wall behind me, staring at my capture in front of me. My story nearly made me cry. I fought it back. Forget them. Forget dad. Forget Ellie. From out of my pocket I drew a small knife, and I approached the quivering figure on the ground. I'd placed a bag on it's head, so I didn't have to look at it's... her... face... as I recalled the night she became nothing to me.

"I'd always known it was you..." I grabbed the bag and ripped it off, revealing the bruised face of my mum. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she tried to get up; again. I had to kick her in the ribs to get the point across. What's so hard about the command 'don't move, bitch'? I grinned as my mum doubled over on the ground, rubbing her naked body into the dirt, clenching her ribs in agony. I hopped off the wall I was perched on and bent down next to her, knife in my hand. I drew it slowly towards her face, running it along her cheek. I took the knife off her face and transferred it to my other hand, placing my now free hand on her back. And then I plunged the knife deep into his stomach.


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Response to Bleed. 2010-01-28 00:38:37 Reply


Very well written dialogue, although, it was a bit too obvious that it was the mom, but w/e, still a good story.

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