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Tonight, I decided to return to 1 of my favorite websites: NewGrounds.com to discuss a few things (listed below) with Tom Fulp (founder of NewGrounds):

1. "Make This Into A Movie-Project"

2. "Internet Art Database-Website"

3. Advertising NewGrounds & New Artwork on Youtube

Make This Into A Movie is a project I discussed with friends at deviantART.com, last year. I'm planning to activate that project by July 2010 (if not sooner), and I need meek & deviant artists to help with it.

If you're interested in writing scripts (screenwriting), designing movie-posters or making soundtracks for future-movies, please tell me so.

We should work together at NewGrounds.com & DeviantART to make the "Make This Into A Movie Project" go viral online! Since deviantART & NewGrounds are 2 of the most popular portals for artists with new & original art-concepts, I'd love for all of us to work together at these sites.

Here's the last message I sent to Tom Fulp about some of my internet-projects & ideas about his website & other portals we could manage together:

Subject: "Movie-Ideas & More @ NewGrounds.com"

Message: "Tom, how are you? Would you please discuss opening a NG-forum made specifically for artists, who want to work together in the movie-business? Just recently, I got the idea to start 2 Youtube Channels (which may be activated, next summer): Youtube.com/InternetArtDatabase & YouTube.com/MakeThisIntoAMovie

From there I would like to share art-concepts (including movie-ideas) with members of this online community (as well as the rest of the world). My friends & I would make advertisements for NewGrounds.com at that channel, as well as my future website: InternetArtDatabase.com (hosted by Google).

Eventually, that web-domain will be offered to either to Google (Gov.) or the owner of Amazon.com & IMDB.com. In the meantime, I'm planning to not only design the website, but also: share artwork from members of this website & deviantART.com throughout next summer.

Would you be interested in opening a forum-category called, "Make This Into A Movie" at NewGrounds.com? If so, I would like to sponsor it, as long as I'm permitted to moderate it. Within 3 weeks, I'll be 1 of the most well-known deviant artists online, and with that fame I plan to bring attention to artists, who do not get the attention they've "earned" at this website & other portals.

P.S. Thanks for allowing me to contact you & share my ideas at this portal."

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This dude is trying the same stuff he failed at over at DeviantArt. Better watch out because if you don't agree with him, he'll call you a Nazi worshipping, porn addicted racist pedophile.

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This is kinda the wrong forum to ask, bro. Wi/Ht is for help with Newgrounds, not advertising your ideas. If you're looking for Tom to do stuff for you, I'd have left it at the PM stage. However, if you want to advertise to the artists as well, try the Art and Flash forums.

This looks froody.

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At 1/16/10 11:34 PM, Chad-Syphrett wrote: Within 3 weeks, I'll be 1 of the most well-known deviant artists online

Keeping dreaming, love.

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