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Treasure Hunt 2009 Results Part 8

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2009 Results Part 8 2009-11-18 22:14:47 Reply

Ninja V Samurai for the action category. Nice drawing, lovely camera work.

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2009 Results Part 8 2009-11-19 06:31:00 Reply

After watching almost all the action/fighting flash movies...allot of people might simply choose the one they have the most patience for. But if you were to give this one a chance....

One could easily see that this dude has some SERIOUS animation skills in battles!

BUG: This is the only one I was unable to watch.

I think it has a bug. It makes my internet all freeze-zy.


After watching all the dramas....

It's hard to say which ones are the best. I find it stereotypical that almost all these dramas share a sad tale about a girl or a loved one...Bleach. Oh get over it!

I feel it is important to express my choices into these category.

Most artistic and animates in ways I'v never seen before in flash. This is a pure demonstration of art and beauty. With a tragic ending to fit the category.

I feel it is important that real issues other than self-anguish is expressed. Caring for the well-being of animals is just as important. And this flash expresses it well. Hunting as a sport is cruel!

As a potential series.

I am so glad Tom decided to pick this one for the judgement of others. Matsumo has some really great stuff and I encourage people watch his movies.

Being that this could be a Sci-Fi version of "Lady and the Tramp" only makes me eager to see it's completion. I even feel he deserves some Newgrounds Sponsorship.

Buttercupsayin has worked on allot of flashes and has even worked with infamous Hentai artist Zone Sama. But seeing this...I feel that she has finally landed a quazi-horror-drama that must be invested for artistic sake. Sponsorship from Newgrounds I feel is also necessary.

Somewhat thought-provoking. Though I'm only favoring this because I do enjoy Asimo's tales about robots. It's a bit cliche. But I enjoyed it for it's wonderful animation and story.

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2009 Results Part 8 2009-11-19 09:06:19 Reply

These are just the fighting ones for now, I'll do the drama ones later.

Ratings are out of ten, obviously.

Mech Cops PSA II = 8
Pretty good. I was really hoping to see the cop teach that bitch a lesson.

A picture is worth 1000... = 7.5
Had an interesting style about it, but I was hoping it'd go a bit longer. The last sentence thing made it a bit better though.

[][][][2] = 6
It was just low quality

ME+ZING battle scene = 7
Silence....silence...silence >:( Well animated, otherwise.

Ness VS. Lucas = 6.5
Just...not...up to par, I suppose.

Die-rect hit 2: (G/A) = 9
For a fight animation, this one knows what it's doing.

Ninja VS Samurai = 9
Hot damn, this is his first animation? Very good, clean, and has amazing FBF.

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Response to Treasure Hunt 2009 Results Part 8 2009-11-19 17:40:16 Reply

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