looking for a game 2009-07-08 15:29:18

i played a game on here before but cant rember what the name is... Im trying to find it but having no luck hoping someone can help me out here the most i can tell you that i rember is you can kidnap girls and so as you please your in some kinda mob or somthing cuz you have a timer and after so many days if you dont meat there idea of good enough they kill you the other part i rember is you can take on jobs from the boss's one you take the boss's son to a strip club for a fun night.

it was a fun game but i cant rember what it was called if any one knows please tell me the name.

Response to looking for a game 2009-07-08 22:37:22

im sorry about my spelling i didnt mean to be pain in the ass was just trying to find the game.
it's posted below thank you shunshuu for finding it for me im glad i didnt confuse every one.
oh ya i was going on what i colud rember from about 3 years ago so it's kinda foggy sorry for the headache!