what you talking about, louis?

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what you talking about, louis? 2009-07-02 16:17:50

Hi all,

Some years ago I saw a briliant flash movie on newgrounds. I can't remember the title or the author. The story was more or less like this: 2 people get tortured in hell. After a while satan comes along and asks one of them what he realy hates. He says he doesn't like being in a room with naked chicks, or something like that. So he gets put into a room with a comfortable couch, sudenly a doll apears and says: "What you talking about, Louis?" He then keeps repeating the question over and over for a realy long time, untill finaly the man collapses. It's realy funny, anyone knows who the author is? It's a pretty popular and well known movie on newgrounds I am sure. I believe it was made around 2002 or so