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A song you probably missed.

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A song you probably missed. 2009-05-26 03:17:32 Reply

So this one actually took me awhile to find since I heard it on the radio. When I went to check the stations song logs, there seemed to be 2 missing songs.

I had to email every damn host the radio station has to try and figure out what the 2 missing songs were because the ones listed were nothing like the song I heard on the radio.

I tried remembering some lyrics, but the day before I put myself in a weed coma and yesterday was... Just a sleepy as hell day. So finally one of the hosts named "Alf" emailed me back and gave me his list of the songs they had played from 8:00pm to 9:00pm. Turns out I was right, the list I came across did have two missing songs, and one of them turned out to be the one I was looking for.

I Guess You Could Say by Middle Class Rut --Aka-- MC Rut

It's a great Alternative Rock song.

I bought it through Amazon since I couldn't find it anywhere to DL. So if you can find it for free, good on you.