please help me find this flash!!!

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please help me find this flash!!! 2009-03-12 18:25:33

hello there.
i saw a flash bout a year ago and i cant find it annymore.
it was about a girl who was dressed as a german medic.
she infiltrated the base and got to the main computer or something,
ow the envirement was with snow and all.
for the rest, whe she got at the computer she begon to set a bomb.
whe she was done she could hear gaurds looking for her.
she reports to the men outside who are surpressing the germans that her position has been compromised.
then the she says to the guy,,,,,,,, il mis you,

hope some of u guys know wich i mean.
and that i can find it soon again,

Response to please help me find this flash!!! 2009-03-13 08:11:46

At 3/13/09 01:54 AM, shunshuu wrote: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/44 6723

ur the best man.
thats exectly the 1.
i tryed to search at movies and then i looked at all images and names but just couldnt find it.
thanks alot!!!