Looking for a game I used to play..

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I first played this game on Newgrounds ages ago. I've recently been looking through newgrounds and playing some of my old favourites, but this game is eluding me. I don't know if it has been taken down or rehosted and I can't even remember it's name..I was just wondering if anyone who knew about it could help me out. I only remember so much about it, but i'll explain as best as I can.

It was a point and click adventure/puzzle game. You collected items and used them etc like any other point and click.

You played as a penguin or a black bird with an orange beak, but he wore a pink coat and hat. I know part of the story involved finding a uranium rod and giving it to some guy to create a teleportation device..it also revolved around his grandma who was in hospital at the begining.

Some of the characters in it included a rabbit bar man, a prostitute with a prosthetic leg and a clown with a ruby studded nose. There was also a pig gangleader with two chinese twins..and if I recall it correctly he always sat in a jacuzzi..and the black bird guy you play as kills him with a toaster by throwing it in it.

If you know what I am on about please let me know, this has been bugging me for a while now. Thank you. You can either PM or post with information. Thanks.

Response to Looking for a game I used to play.. 2009-03-09 15:26:38

I love you :)
Thank you so much.