looking for a old game ...

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looking for a old game ... 2009-03-09 13:37:32

i'm searching an old game that i haved ton of fun with ... but i d'ont remember the name...
here the description ! (( my english is a bit old ...sry for this ))

the game was played in space
i't was a defence game like , it was about conquering planet with multiple little vassal , once you had conquer a planet you can choose is ( priority uses ) like , economic planet , builder planet, or defence planet .... when you where choosing defence , multiple mines where floating around it !

it was only 2D ... you could only do skirmish in the game if my memorie's correct...
thanks for the help everyone

Response to looking for a old game ... 2009-03-09 22:26:50

WOW ....TY ....exactly what i was looknig for !! THANKS MATE :)