Can't find flash, 8 bit tema.

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Can't find flash, 8 bit tema. 2009-03-08 08:25:04

Hey, I've been searching for this flash for ages i once saw on frontpage (can't remember when and I can't single it out browsing the "off the fronpage" section)

It's a music-vid, 8bit music + vocals, with a nice sprite vid 2 go. Think the artist name is "Leni" or something like that, but I might be wrong. The vid shows this girl and her affection for a videogame sprite. The sprite manages to go IRL from her favorite arcade game, and they become "friends" and have fun untill the "baddies" from the game go IRL too and they have to defend themselves.

I'd really like to find this flash, I've been googling alot besides looking in here but can't seem to get the keywords right :-(