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SamBakZa Didn't win?!

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SamBakZa Didn't win?! 2009-03-06 16:14:44

Chuck's New Tux is nice, I liked it, it was funny. There She Is! series, however, has been on the site for YEARS. Now what I don't get is how the FINAL submission of There She Is! DIDN'T win the Tank Award. There She Is! has gone on the top 10-30 for many many months, and not just some of the series, ALL of the series. It set the trend for flash artists to follow with the first submission for the time, and then developed continually into a catchy and fun series, never losing its momentum.

Doesn't Newgrounds owe SOMETHING to the guy? I mean CMON.

Response to SamBakZa Didn't win?! 2009-03-06 16:18:41

It's not about whether or not YOU liked it, frankly who cares what you think? It's the FACTS that I am pointing out. If every single one of the series has coasted at least for 4 weeks in the top ten slot, then he must have done something right that you are just unable to relate to.

Response to SamBakZa Didn't win?! 2009-03-06 16:19:32

This site is divided into two sections, People who like There she is!!(Me, you, and a bunch of other people) And people who hate it. Sadly, the hate it side is a little bigger than the like it side.

Response to SamBakZa Didn't win?! 2009-03-06 16:20:31

I guess some people liked chuck's new tux more than there she is,
and don't get angry, like you would get anything if sambakza won.

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Response to SamBakZa Didn't win?! 2009-03-06 16:21:16


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