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Locked topic. Snowflakes? 1
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New posts! Brexit worse than anybody guessed 17
New posts! Child Marriage Legal in California 13
New posts! This can't be true, can it? 16
New posts! Escalating with... Venezuela? WTF 13
Popular thread, new posts! Fake news: It's killing us Page: 1 2 3 81
New posts! 18 and up content 6
New posts! The house of liars and dictator. 7
New posts! Russia Bans VPNs and Proxies 3
New posts! Politicon 2017 8
Locked topic. Mcgregor or Mayweather 5
Locked topic. Face The Facts Not The Crap 2
Locked topic. except that... 7
Locked topic. TC:OEIG---XW151229 "==-1-==" 12
New posts! A Question of Ethic Morality 3
New posts! Queer Insurrection Fights ISIS 7
New posts! Russia Expels US Diplomats 1
New posts! Trump's mini me, or mastermind 16
New posts! Covfefe 17
New posts! What causes radicalism in Europe? 29
New posts! KJU's July 4th Gift is an ICBM 3
New posts! EU Opposes US Russia Sanctions 2
New posts! UK 2 Send New Carriers 2 PO China 1
New posts! China Mandates Spyware for Uyghurs 0
New posts! Leak Scandal Could Oust Swedish Gov 4
New posts! what should replace democracy? 11
Popular thread, new posts! Let's Talk About Racism Page: 1 2 30
New posts! 16-Year-Old German ISIS Fighter 3
New posts! "America was founded by Imigrants" 21
Popular thread, new posts! The Flynnn fall out. Page: 1 2 37
New posts! Oregon Passes Broad Abortion Bil 9
Popular thread, new posts! Hamburg G20 Summit Page: 1 2 41

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