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Latest NG News! Supporter Drive 1
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New posts! Webcomic - Artists/Writers/idk 0
New posts! Need Animator/VA/Writer 2
New posts! Video Editor For Hire{Paid} 2
New posts! Looking for character animators 0
New posts! Prof and Fresh Music & SFX 12
Popular thread, new posts! Sharing My Music and Sound Effects Page: 1 2 3 4 94
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New posts! Collab and Coders and artists 0
New posts! Artist searching for game collabs 6
New posts! Searching Coder For Fighting Game 0
New posts! 518 Peeps! 0
New posts! Voice Actor needed! 2
New posts! Lets make cartoons buddy 0
New posts! Looking for game devs 5
New posts! Discord for Art Collab & Developmen 0
New posts! Seeking metal lead guitarist 0
New posts! MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN ~♪~ Daniel D 3
Popular thread, new posts! Collab for Sprite/Stick Animators! Page: 1 2 41
New posts! Looking For Background Artists 0
Popular thread, new posts! A Library of Images for Everyone Page: 1 2 38
New posts! Collab for ANY Animator!!! 10
New posts! New idea need help 0
New posts! Need adventure music? 0
New posts! Looking for Background Artist 1
New posts! Looking for a Madness Combat Collab 3
New posts! Looking to collaborate 0
New posts! Group Animation Project? 5
New posts! Looking for future collaborators! 7
New posts! Looking for a pixel artist for free 1
New posts! Need volunteers for If Only (Game) 1
New posts! Scriptreading/ Scriptwriting 0
New posts! Looking for Rappers/ Singers 0
New posts! Looking for Newground Veterans 1
New posts! I need a Rapper for my track... 0
New posts! Looking for game crew to collab 11
New posts! Coder needs art and music for game. 1
New posts! Composer looking for new projects 3

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