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New posts! Result of my first Speed Paint 6
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Locked topic. Not scouted anymore? What happened? 1
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Locked topic. My Alien Pic 4
Locked topic. Looking For Comic Book Illustrator 2
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New posts! Hardware Discussion Thread 6
Locked topic. Sad Clown 4
Locked topic. Adobe Illustrator? 2
Locked topic. Need some crituiqe on my art. 2
Locked topic. What's a good dimension... 2
New posts! 9/11 Picture, not quite finished. 7
Locked topic. Design a Boss Fight! 21
New posts! School badge : Review please 9
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Locked topic. Sukiko fly 1
Locked topic. Design a monster bird 1
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Locked topic. Hardware Discussion Thread. 14
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Locked topic. Looking for Artist 2
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Locked topic. Trying out some new art styles 4
Locked topic. cool tails doll pic by MEH 4
New posts! constructive criticism 4
New posts! any ideas on my art? 10

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