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Latest NG News! Lots of Cool Games to Check Out 25
Important notice, please read! PSA: Portfolio threads 10
Important notice, please read! Audio Portal Cleanup Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 68 125 3,739
Important notice, please read! Ways to improve the Audio Portal? Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 16 20 579
New posts! "What's That Song?" Thread 4
New posts! Looking for happy-go-lucky music 7
New posts! anybody know the name of this song 2
New posts! looking for a thief 9
New posts! Is it a good idea...(guitar related 13
New posts! A better voting system? 3
New posts! Retro sounds 3
New posts! nexus help 6
Locked topic. Freezepop 4
New posts! Metal fans, 5
New posts! Help - Finding a song for my Video 5
New posts! Requirements for Voice Home Recordi 12
New posts! Unreal Tournament anouncements 4
New posts! ~Torsion Boneworm Music, Curious?~ 1
New posts! How many songs are in the Portal? 6
New posts! Musicians needed! 2
New posts! are friends electric? 2
New posts! Vst Thread 3
New posts! What's a good musicmaker program? 9
Locked topic. I'm in the need... 1
New posts! awaiting moderator approval 4
New posts! abit of help looking for an artist 4
Locked topic. Need two actors to volunteer. 2
Locked topic. ParagonXQ 22
Locked topic. Voice Actor Needed 2
New posts! Is .wav Better Than .mp3? 20
New posts! How to rip instrumentals from a son 10
Locked topic. need voice actors for new flash 2
New posts! Magix Music Maker 11. What Is It? 1
New posts! Help - Sound/Music needed 3
Locked topic. Voice actor for hire 1
New posts! someone help me...please!!! 6
New posts! Audio Review Mods: Retards? 17
New posts! Audio Tips 7
Locked topic. Male voice actor looking for work 1
New posts! Hooks and what not 2
Locked topic. Need a female VA 2
New posts! Ever Wanted To Work With Vocals? 1
New posts! Recording Guitar. 12
New posts! Calling All Ng Audio Artists! 7

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