Burning Heart [Hardcore]

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My finest hardcore work yet, powerful and passionate. Beware the Arpeggio of Doom!


I promised. :P

Reviewing all of your work may take a bit longer than a week -- or, I may never finish -- but, you recommended I check this one out, so I decided to give it a look at first. :P

At first, like the loop I reviewed earlier, I was really put off by the fast pace -- but I have nothing but praise to deliver the entire song after I got used to the pace.

I'm not going to go into too much detail because, well, there's not much to criticize -- I could probably dig up some small little thing at :29 about how the video game music stuff doesn't really fit in -- but it so does with this sort of song. I was amazed at how many times I could loop this song (over and over) and still never get tired of it.

This is some amazing stuff -- good job! :D

(About my other review where I said the Xylophone thing -- I reviewed it when I was tired. I thought it might've been a harp, but I decided to put down something that wasn't my gut guess - sorry!)

mechanoid-9 responds:

It's ok if it takes longer or you can't check out all, take your time. It's no good to hurry with reviewing a song anyway - in fact I think it's better just to listen to a song for a couple of days and as you get to know more and more details and have more ideas you can make a much better review. Hmm, come to think of it, I don't often follow this piece of advice :3 but in the future I will, I promise myself...
The fast pace does take quite a lot to get used to - but it's rewarding :P Back when I just started listening to hardcore songs I also felt it was weird, but nowadays a normal hardcore song (ca. 180 bpm) doesn't sound too fast for me at all.
Again I see the main flaw of this song (it's only a flaw for me though), I wasn't planning to achieve a video game effect with the fast arp, and it still sounds a bit like something different for me, but only because I know my original intention with it :/ That's the problem with one's own songs, you hear some things as you want to hear them, while others may not. Anyway, I'm glad you like it, and also that it doesn't get boring in your opinion. Btw this is my favourite of my works currently and will stay so unless my next piece of insane hardcore comes out better XD So the good opinions on this song really mean a lot to me - they let me know it's not only me who likes this kind of doped shit ^^

About the harps/whatever: Lol. All I can say is don't make a review when you're feeling undead XD better wait with it as I said above. No offense taken of course, actually I've experienced this a couple of times before, although mainly because of the what I make myself hear - what they hear effect, again as I said above.

Very nice!

Another amazing song. A truely spaztic song, a jug full of sugar and this would make for one hell of a hyperactive...3 minutes.

mechanoid-9 responds:

XD thanks!

pretty cool

i dont understand why it only has a rating of 3.4...

i like how it slowly builds up into something very fast

its not just WAMBAMTHANKYOUMAM beat, but its still a WAMBAM thats passionite ^_^

i liked it very much, i hope you keep up the good work.
it's always fun to try and experiment with new things

mechanoid-9 responds:

The score of my songs is usually fukked up, I'm used to that now and I ignore it as long as the reviews are this good.
"its not just WAMBAMTHANKYOUMAM beat, but its still a WAMBAM thats passionite ^_^"
Well that's an appropiate description XD with the slower intro and the large quantity of melody I was aiming to make hardcore that's not only insane brain bashing but enjoyable too. Good to hear I achieved it.
Thank you much for the review and fav, you can be sure I'll keep it up, I learn more with every song, so you can expect even better stuff :P

Super fast motherboard action? Catchy melody!

heh, I personally loved the super fast techno synths. For some reason I kept thinking of a computer motherboard going all insane on my arse while it was going on. Like an epic battle between me and Windows.

"LIKE HELL YOU WILL!!!" *spastic and really fast techno elements*
"DAMN YOU I PROCLAIM!" *shuts off, end of song*

but seriously though, the melodic line behind the really fast techno, was brilliant. I wish you had made that more easily audible, and the quick element the more supportive role.

I really didn't like that fast techno at first, now I can't get enough of it XD. It's like audio crack D:

How dare you sir! *le gasp*

The instruments work well together, that fierce bass line works really well. All in all, a very fast, very jam packed piece. Unless you have years of percussional training I suppose, it's quite great!

mechanoid-9 responds:

Haha that makes me laugh... I wasn't planning to make it this computery, but it also came out nice this way I guess. I'm always happy to cause addiction too >:D I really appreciate your positive opinion, endless thanks!


SimplY AmazinG


mechanoid-9 responds:


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Oct 7, 2007
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