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Holding on dearly

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Submission for Newgrounds Video Game Music Challenge *- bit wandering

Decided to take it in a different direction.

Our heros have just avoided death by a hair, Now they are left to wander aimlessly through a half organic half simulated techno hell where survival looks bleak. But they do not give up they do not surrender.

This song is made to loop. 120 bpm, 84 bar 21 track.

What wonderful things we see when we shut our eyes.

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VGMC, 8-Bit Wandering: "Holding on dearly" Review

Incredibly groovy song! It definitely matches the story you've set it to. I think you've created a very well-rounded tune; there are things to love about every facet of this song. While the song isn't too ambitious in its composition, the melodies you employ throughout the piece are memorable and catchy, and the chords they rest upon always complement them wonderfully. The sounds you choose throughout this piece are so full of detail: the breaks you chop up have so much texture to them, the synths each have their own distinct tonality (I particularly appreciate the fill they feature in at 1:26), and the alternate percussion, like the 808s at 0:52 and the clockwind-y sound at 1:10 keep the song fresh. The production of this is also stellar, the only gripe I have is with 1:28's main snare being a bit over-compressed.

I think my main issue with this song is that it isn't doesn't adhere to the theme of the contest nearly as much as most of the other entries. The only retro elements I can pinpoint are it being synthwave, and maybe the filtering of the synth at the very end? While I can appreciate the retro-ness of synthwave itself, it hasn't really played a noticeable role in video games' history, with its most noticeable inclusions in games cropping up within the 20th century. This is the main thing I'm docking points for - I think the song itself is really great outside of the context of this contest.

Despite its shortcomings in theme, I still really adore this entry! There are very few flaws I can gather from it. Keep it up! :)

Cebster responds:

Wow thank you so much! I really appreciate it. This contest has been a wonderful experience and I’m awestruck by the amount of great reviews/criticism that so many highly skilled music producers have left me.

With your criticism, I couldn’t agree more. For a while there I became a bit audio blind to the art, near completion I looked back only to realize that I had pretty much missed the mark. So I pretty much knew that would be my biggest short coming. Thank you for the great review. <3

Hello Cebster,

Wow, your song is good and groovy giving feellings at the same time, good changing in the arrangement and the mix and mastering are perfect, sound between S-Nes and above quality (maybe like an Amiga, the machine on wich I've learnt music...) So yeah, look like certain music of Chris Huelsbeck of S-nes game...


Listening to this really makes me feel like I'm trying to save something, giving everything I've got and trying my best. I guess I can see the "half organic half simulated techno hell where survival looks bleak" as well, but not as much. ( but hey whatever honestly , it sounds super cool )
Oh and also! This is just a suggestion, but since newground's automatic loop is kinda *funky*, i don't think anyone's gonna complain if you put 2 loops of the track in your upload :v

I see a distant cousin to the game Flashback when I close my eyes. Where cyborgs and other remnants of a hi-tech civilization long after their apex roams the globe, still trying to cling to their past greatness. The player is from a ''lower'' race of human, enslaved by the cyborgs. They try to get out of this wretched planet and reach for the stars, where survival is surprisingly more successful.

Edit: typo at planet

I love it! :)

Cebster responds:

Wow honestly thank you. I really appreciate your interpretation. Now I’m wishing I left you something so in depth. I followed you and look forward more of your work in the future! Thank you.

Fun sounds!

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4.15 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2021
3:45 PM EST
Video Game
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2 min 41 sec

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