_-={Precious Seconds}=-_

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This song is a masterpiece, I'm speechless.

Fits so well in the Clear Vision ending animation.

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It kinda fits with a man haunted by a curse

I'm just gonna explain this like RA did...Through a story:

A crazy looking man just sits there on a park bench...Waiting...Waiting for what seems like an eternity, just listening to nature, all the while with a demonic figure watching from the tree-tops, "Time's up, old boy." Says the demonic figure with a half chuckle, and swooped down with a transparent black knife and went into the man and came out with a screaming soul, Then went down through the ground into the fiery pits of hell and the man on the bench just slumps to the side, eyes wide open...Dead...

This is just what I got from the song...The next person that hears it may come up with something different...But thats my point of view on the song

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Essa é muito boa, não muito agitada e um pouco lenta, um tanto depressiva, meio drak, mas bem legal. ^^

5/5 and 10/10

I can't get over this song, truly an amazing work of art. this is all i really have to say about it, I am speechless.

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so simple....yet so elegent

Such a somple song but comprised of such elegance... it makes me think of

surprisingly violent, mind you...

A criminal waiting to be executed at 2:40am exactly... watching a clock... tick...
tick... tick... waiting as each second drags by.... tick... tick... tick... one minute
left. the executioner is approching, axe in hand. the guy i squirming in the chains-- not taking his eyes off that clock... tick... tick... tick... 30 seconds left. Time for regret is over, but still, he wishes with all his heart there was something he could do to get out of this.... ANYTHING... tick... tick... tick... 5 seconds: bloodshot eyes still glued to the clock... 4 seconds... executioner draws his axe... 3 seconds... 3 precious seconds for last thoughts... 2 seconds... one last breath... 1 second... his eyes swing to the clock............*shunk*........ his head rolls and stops face up..... forever watching the seconds tick by....

VERY intense for such a calm song... VERY well built... Can't thing of ANYTHING bad

truthfully I was watching the clock the whole time :)


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