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Archway to the Unknown

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Here is what I wrote for the Newgrounds Video Game Music Challenge:

The Brief I selected was:

"You're an adventurer who has travelled through a portal archway into an unknown, Psuedonatural and completely random realm in the Outer Planes. The possibilities are endless... almost likely to be disastrous. Will you fall victim to the lawlessness of the realms? Will you get consumed by cosmic horrors? Will the collapse of fundamental forces reduce you into a lesser state? It's your challenge to compose a piece as to what realm you have travelled to and what happens while inside of said realm."

For this one, I decided not to score the destination of the archway, but the process of entering it, and the uneasiness of the path ahead. Who knows what lies beyond...

In my mind, it is set in deep space where the archway was found, and the adventurer is the first to explore beyond the entrance. There is a twinge of fear of what might happen to them once they enter, but it is mostly foreboding mystery. Now that there is no turning back, the adventurer reflects on their life as they enter the archway and hopes that this wasn't the wrong decision as space debris and unknown objects/energy pass by.

Let me know what you think. This was fun!

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(VGM Challenge Category Review)
(Score is hidden as standard for all entries in the category)

The first thing which comes to mind when checking this VGM entry out for the category is 'Rogue Legacy' for some reason, in particular imagining the almost spacy-like forest section from that game in some ways. Maybe also a touch of Minecraft's 'End' dimension almost from certain design touches you've made in the piece.

While this doesn't go in the direction of a more cinematic and terror-like state like I've personally envisioned for the theme if I was to go and enter my own piece for the category (maybe sometime later in the year haha), this kind of entry does explore more on he probability of a more mystical, somewhat tangible result on the possible outcome of entering into various Outer Realms. Perhaps more decipherable, but still nethertheless a lot of danger.

Mix sounds pretty fine to me, design choices for the direction also match up pretty well. It does stand alone pretty well as a VGM piece and it can certainly fit the theme under certain circumstances. The category theme in itself has alot of chance to it, so it's sort-of the same for alot of other individual's entries where it can or can't fit depending on the environment that is on the other side!

Kassich responds:

Thank you for the detailed review! I agree that this category could go in a lot of directions and it was great to hear how you would have gone different with it!

Whimsical, and yet, still a sense of uneasiness. I can see this with the scenario you painted, but I can also see it being used while in the archway as well. What comes to mind is as soon as they enter, its a massive light tunnel that propels them forward to the other side, but the entire time they can see glimpses of the world they left and the world they're about to enter, seeing how everything shifts from familiarity to unfamiliarity and surrealness. The piece not only conveys uncertainty of the moment but a suspenseful journey as well, and that's a double win in my book, great job!

Kassich responds:

Thank you for the kind words! I love that you could see the same piece from a different perspective, very cool!

This is right up my street!

Kassich responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you dig it!

That's really immersive! The pace is perfect, the synth melody perfectly catches the mystery of the transition into the unknown, and the bass at 1:25 is thumping the uneasiness into my head. The bass also gives off a sense of epic, like what you're about to witness is far beyond your capacity to understand it.

Well made!

Kassich responds:

Thank you! I think you explained what I was going for in this piece better than I did!

Feeling of floating and a bit of melancholy. Has a really nice atmosphere! Wish it were longer though haha.

Kassich responds:

thank you! You are right, it could prob be a bit longer! maybe I'll revisit it and add some more to it in the future!

Thanks for listening and commenting!

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Jan 10, 2021
11:24 PM EST
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