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Twilight Jungle

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This is my submission to the video game music challenge.


I was going for a muddy, anxious and mysterious feeling. Kinda like if you were treading in a muddy jungle, where you'd have to shuffle through the branches while having wet leaves sticking to your face. I wanted to emphasize on the fact that prowlers were stalking you through the thicket with the piano, and when they make their move the piano melody starts. I kept it simple to fit the settings of a super nintendo game background music. Not too front row, but still bringing enough emotions to immerse the player with the feeling stated above.


Imagine yourself being an adventurer hunting for treasures from lost civilizations. Upon your travels in a local village, you stumble across an old man dressed in rags. He's sitting on the sandy ground, under the shade of an awning from a nearby street market. A glimmer emitted by a trinket hanging from your backpack catches his eye and immediately, he recognizes it. The man makes a subtle hand gesture in your direction, signaling you to come to him. As you approach, the old man grabs a stick leaning on a wall next to him with which he slowly props himself up. He gives you a quick glance, turns around, and starts walking towards a small back alley between two buildings.

A couple of steps down the alley he finds a bench on which he sits. As you get within talking distance, he points at your backpack and says ''The Twilight Jungle, is this why you're here?''. Never having heard of such a place, you decide to sit down with the man and share some words. He explains that the trinket you carry is more than just a bauble that might bring luck; it is an artifact made by a very old line of powerful jungle hunters. Stories passed down from generation to generation tell that these hunters used to protect the land from a threat invisible to the naked eye. Charms were crafted and infused with ancient magic so the hunters could see and fend off the unseen dangers encroaching on the land. Upon their many hunts, they managed to find the place of origin of this threat. It was an area covered with a dense jungle, so dense that during the day the sun barely managed to pierce through the thick leaves, leaving the surroundings in a constant twilight. This jungle was only accessible through the use of a very specific path that the magic charms allowed the hunters to see. The old man tells you that upon discovering this hidden place, the hunters started bringing more than just peace in the land; they brought back treasures of untold nature. Weapons and armors far sharper than any spears they could make and mysterious contraptions infused with otherworldly magic. He tells you that from there on, the stories diverges in many different smaller stories.

As the man finishes his sentence, he grabs one side of his dusty robe and slightly opens it, letting you peak at a very contrasting haft of what seems to be an odd looking knife. Upon closer inspection, you notice that there is a marking on it, very much like the one on the trinket you've been carrying on your backpack. The man tells you that lately the air around here has felt heavier than usual, and that the people of this land have been living hardships akin to those from old tales long forgotten. He is certain that the old threat is back, and that the inhabitants of the Twilight Jungle are once again roaming the land, unseen and dispensing trouble and misfortune. He then says that if you are willing to take up the quest of ridding the land off of these uninvited guests at their source, he would be willing to reveal the path into the Twilight Jungle...

To make this song I used :

Ableton Live 10

Chipsynth SFC (The snes plugin which I made all the tracks with)

Freetousesounds's sample (the crickets and frogs)

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did making it!


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VGMC, 8-Bit Wandering: "Twilight Jungle" Review

Reading the description of your song, the care you put into the story and concept of your entry is apparent. The steady pace of the song makes me feel as if I'm trodding through a cramped, humid jungle, keeping an eye out for the dangers this environment all too readily offers. I love the details you add to the song to keep it interesting - like the strings at 1:03 swelling in and out throughout the song, or the panning of the piano at 0:59 - it almost feels like you're keeping the listener on their toes. Additionally, the groove throughout this song, while its playfulness doesn't quite match the menace of the story you wrote, is filled with a moderate but persistent energy.

While I appreciate the groove of the song, I feel as if it's a bit too present in the song throughout its span. In other words, I think the song doesn't evolve enough, or should have some sections with lesser dynamics. For example, there's only one distinct section of the song where the drums drop out completely (which can be heard at 0:49), and it only runs for ~5 seconds. While this normally wouldn't be an issue for video game music, with songs often serving up only one or two distinct vibes, I feel like the story you wrote is a lot more dynamic than that, which makes the song's steadiness feel unambitious and a bit stagnant.

Overall, though, I think you've made a really solid piece! I like the approach you took to the retro nature of my theme - most people just used 8-bit sounds or bitcrushed synths to get their song to adhere. Nice work, keep at it! :)

OliRO responds:

Thank you so much for the detailed review! This means a lot to me. Everytime I get constructive feedback on my work I see this as a step forward. I agree with you, the description is way more intricate than the song itself. I kind of went overboard with the storyline compared to the effort I to put into the song. For the happy groove, I've got this observation from other people as well. I wanted to go with a Jurassic Park (Snes) kind of sound, but I understand that I could've worked it a bit more to fit the anxiousness of the song.

Thank you Stardew! :)

I'm getting a strong DKC vibe from this track, love it!

I love your use of nature / ambient sounds as a backdrop for your track!

Personally, the auto panning affect really drew attention to itself, I like to reserve that sort of affect for background elements because otherwise it tends to feel really distracting, that's just my personal taste though.

Secondly, it sounded a little weird for there to be a huge nature scene happening in the background but the drums and other elements seemed to have little to no reverb on them, made it feel like the sounds were happening in different spaces and it broke my immersion a little bit.

Overall, really cool vibe to your track, keep up the great work!

Hello OliRO,

This song make me thing about the music in dungeons from Soulblaizer, above all the first.
Good sound and groove.
And know about the melody, it's too "sympatic" and optimism for a drama/critic song...


OliRO responds:

Thank you Rafdows!

That it reminds you of a super nintendo game is a very good thing for me, and thank you for the critic. It helps me get better at it, and what you said has been told by others as well so this is something that I will definitely be careful for in the future.

I like it a lot. It captures the setting perfectly. Only criticism from me is that the panning synth at 0:22 and panning piano at 0:55 gets just a bit too loud. Adding sound effects was a great decision. It really adds to the atmosphere.

OliRO responds:

Thank you for the review!
I noticed too that they sound too loud on my headphones, but somehow they sound more okay on my monitors. I'll have to work harder to make it sound good on everything.


The rythm and sound of that bass immediately gives me the jungle vibes and the rest gives me the "twillight", anxious vibes, so yeah, first of all I definitely feel like I'm there myself and thats good! One of the little thing that kinda bugged me was the heavy pan modulation of that bassy piano at 0:56. I don't think its annoying when it happens to the other instrument at 0:22, maybe because that one doesn't gets as loud and is more high frequencies oriented, but with that bassy piano it really called for too much attention when it was completely on the right or completely on the left.

OliRO responds:

Thanks Chepaki for the review and critics! It helps me get better! :D

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3.98 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2021
11:21 AM EST
Video Game
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