Four Fucking Chords

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Gunshy gone solo acoustic with guess-how-many-chords?!
WARNING: Explicit Lyrics - Duh

"Four Fucking Chords"
by Me

it's never something new
but this is quickly getting old
no room for spontaneity
i'm just doing what i'm told
while i'm force-fed fuzzy logic
and i'm forced to feel confused
the only thing that's clear is we've been mentally abused
it's just the same old fucking thing...
you'll just have to believe me

for the broken dreams of lovers
and the frozen hearts of gods
this becomes a field maneuver
called "deflect and camouflage"
in my mind my mind makes sense
but in my heart i know i'm wrong
but from the way the gods are acting i just don't know whose side i'm on
it's just the same old fucking thing...
a raft on the open sea

the girl over whom i pine told me to my face
'it's not enough to love and worship someone for just as long as they should want'
i imagine if things were different
or if i'd gone the extra mile
but it's hard to walk with two broken legs
and still maintain a smile
it's just the same old fucking thing...
i guess you'll have to leave me



Gotta love the cretins...

The cretins like Pacter below me amuse me. Just because they don't understand Grunge, doesn't mean they shouldn't stick to their shit while we get stoned on music behind their backs...
Anyway, back to topic. This is a brilliant song. I just can't stop listening to it. How you are one of the top Grunge artists on Newgrounds speaks for itself. The song has more meaning than most music today. Grunge and Prog. Metal are the only essentially meaningful genres around today. This is going on my favourites. Make more of this, please.

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Gunshy responds:

thanks. i don't know why he hated the song so much, hoping to have an answer to that particular question... but either way, whatever. thanks. thanks, and more thanks.


Moving...and from the soul.


This is easily your best grunge song if not waiting to die. I like the intro of how you start with an acoustic, soft style, old green day intro.

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Gunshy responds:

3rd shout-out on the green day similarity... 'when i come around' right? one of those things i never noticed until somebody else heard it. completely different chord structure though, thank the fates!

I think i really love this song ¬¬

You just neeeeeed to tell me what are the four chords you played bcuz i really want to play it.

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(tappin the beat )

man i love this song the lyrics were pretty good 8/10 you kept on sayin "the same old fuckin thing" got kinda old after the 5th time it was a extremly good song but the lyrics were pretty dam good id give it a 10 NICE JOB

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